First Love

The school bell rang and Ren left her class and went to her locker. It was only 11:20 and she had three more

classes until the end of the day.

"I just want this school day to end." She got her two binders from her locker, closed it and got her backpack. It was

almost lunch and once again she was going to sit by herself just like her first two days of school. I hate being the new

student she though. The bell rang for lunch, Ren put her backpack in her next period class and walked over to lunch.

The lunch room was crowded with students and Ren entered the cafeteria and sat by herself. People stared at her and talked and snickered. Ren stared at them with her gold eyes.

"Bunch of morons." Ren whispers to herself.

"Who are you calling a moron?" Came a voice behind her

Ren dropped her book that she brought with her to read. "I'm sorry I was ju...," She turned and her eyes widened as she saw a orange haired boy standing behind her. Cain smirked slightly and picked up her book and handed it to her. He leaned closer to the leaning back Ren, with their faces inches away.

"Hello. I believe this is yours." Ren took her book and looked back at Cain.

"Umm...Thank you" She stood up and faced Cain.

"I'm Cain!" He gave a normal smik.

"Ren" Ren said slightly.

"Your the new student right?"

"Yea..." Ren sighed, "I really hate begin the new student"

"I see" The smirk on Cain's face grew.

The bell rang. "Well I better be leaving, see ya" Cain walked away and Ren looked at him as he left. Ren shook

her head lightly and went to her remaining classes. Ren kept thinking about her encounter with Cain. He was very

cute she thought. She shook her head lightly Come on Ren finish your work. Ren finish her math sheet, gave it to the

teacher then the teacher dismised her and she went to her locker. It was 2: 28, her teacher allowed let her leave early. When she was done at her locker, she closed it and when she was going to get her things, all of her books felled from her backpack.

"Arg! I hate this!" Ren bend down to pick up her stuff then when she was going to pick up her Science textbook, she saw a other hand touch hers. When she looked up, she saw a silver haired punk dressed boy. The boy picked up her Science textbook and gave it to her.

"Here you go." Ash smiled.

"Thank you very much" She looked at Ash, he was wearing pure black baggy pants like low riders and a partial mid-drift showing a small portion of his stomach. His shining silver hair was partially covering his gold eyes and his lips were also silver, same as his platinum hightlighted hair. Ash smiled.

"Hey are you walking home, Ren?"

"Yes, why?"

"Do you want a ride home?" Ash smiled.

"Sure" Ren smiled at Ash as they walked to Ash's car which was a silver corvette. Ren got in the passneger seat and Ash got in the drivers seat and drove out of the school parking lot. Ren was quiet and she looked at Ash a few times and Ash would look at her back and smile.

"So where do you live?" Ash asked as he stopped at a red light.

"On Spring street"

"Alright!" Ash drove to Spring street and parked in front of Ren's house. Ren got out, thanked Ash for the ride and walked to her house as Ash drove off. Ren opened the door and sat down on her couch and sighed. She layed her head back and felled into a peaceful sleep.