First Love

Chapter 2

It was 11:30 amd Ren was sleeping until she got a phone call. Ren left her head up and looked at the clock.

"Who would be calling this late at night?" She reached for the phone and answered it " Hello?"

"Hello Ren" Ren's eyes widen as she heard the voice of her sister. She sat up and turned on the lap.

"Luna?" Ren whispered.

"Yes, its me little sister, I've called to let you know that I'm coming over" Luna chuckled.

"Coming?! When?!"

"Tomorrow. And I'm going to live there with you." Ren's eyes widen even more. "Well I've better hang up now, bye little sister. See you tomorrow." Luna hung up the phone. Ren put the phone down. She held her pillow to her chest. Luna is coming?...We haven't talked to each other ever since mother and father died when we were childern...NO! I don't want to remember it, Ren though and she shook her head lightly. Ren layed back down and tried to get some sleep.

The Next Morning

Ren was getting ready for school. She was happy that it was Friday but she wasn't so glad knowing that her older

sister was coming. Ren and Luna never saw eye to eye, they would fight and argue and their father would come and either yell at them or beat them. But one night, they were in a accident and her mother died. Her father had blame everything on her, just because her mother tried to save her, even if it meant giving up her own life "If it wasn't for me...

mother would still be alive..." She shook her head and got her school bag and left for school. On her way to school, Ren though about what happen yesturday at school...her encounter with Cain and Ash. She thought that they were both very cute. They were so cute. Cain had the most beautiful green eyes and Ash was very dashing she though.

When she arrived at school, she was still thinking and daydreaming that she wasn't looking where she was going.

She bumped into someone and felled down. Ren rubbed her head. "I'm very sorry I wasn't looking where I was going"

Ren looked up and saw a mirror image of Cain. Rion stuck out his hand.

"Here, let me help you up" Rion smiled.

"Tha..thank you" She took his hand and he pratically pulled her to her feet.

"I'm Rion"


"Its nice to meet you, Ren" Rion had orange hair, blue eyes, he wore a white shirt with a zipper in the middle with black sleeves, along with a pair of red pants to the knees and his ever fashionable belt around his neck. The bell rang and the students were going inside the building.

"Well we better be going, we don't want to be late" Rion smiled.

"Ye..yeah" They both walked in the building and Ren went to her locker. Rion's locker was right next to hers, she got her Science and Social Studies text book. Rion got his Algebra II notebook and his English notebook.

"Well I better get to class, see ya later, Ren" Rion walked to his class and Ren closed her locker and went to her class. She had Science now, she was a whiz in Science, so she knew that it will be boring. She entered the class and

took her seat. The teacher came in and announced something.

"Class, we have a new student here and lets welcome her. Come in sweetie."

A tall silver haired girl walked in and she smirked. Ren looked up and her eyes widen, it was her sister Luna. The

teacher gave Luna her seat which was behind Ren. Luna smirked and walked to her seat. "Why hello, little sister"

"H..hello Luna" Ren got out her pencil and started to do the worksheet the teacher passed out. Luna was finished within a few seconds, Ren always knew that Luna was very good in everything. Soon after the last person was done

the bell rang and Ren went to her next class which was Social Studies. She entered the room and she saw Cain sitting

in the seat next hers. Ren sat down in her seat in the back and Cain smirked.

"Hey Ren"

"Hi Cain" Ren smiled at him.

The teacher came in and started to lesson, Ren had finished the work that was passed out in the beginning of

class, so did Cain, so they sat there until the class was over. Cain looked at Ren, she was reading the book that she

had yesturday at lunch. Cain smirked slightly.

"Hey Ren"

"Yes, Cain?" Ren put down her book and looked at Cain.

"Do you want a ride today? Because Ash is not here, hes sick"

"Um...sure Cain" The smirk on Cain's face grew then he leaned over and gave Ren a quick kiss on the cheek. Ren

looked at him and she lightly blushed. The bell rang and Cain got his things then looked at Ren.

"See ya in our next class" He waved and walked out of the class and Ren was staring at Cain's well formed ass. She shook her head then she got up and left the room (sorry I just had to write that, I couldn't resist lol ) Ren's next class was Algebra II which she had with Cain. She sat down and got her Algebra II notebook, then Cain walked in and sat down next to her. Ren looked at him, he looked at her and gave a normal smirk.

"Another class together" Cain got his notebook out.

"Yeah.." Ren started to do her work, when she was finished, she kinda felled asleep in class. Then a binder slammed

on her desk, and Ren who just had a heart failure looked up to see Cain.

"Come on"