Welcome, to the updated (ok…somewhat) Uzumaki Girls series. Not much to say but I decided to add all of it under one. All are different situations and circumstances so nothing coincides. With that being said, enjoy the ones already done and the ones to come.

"Tsunade baa-chan. I want a mission."

Uzumaki Naruto. The village's number one unpredictable ninja was in the Hokage's office after returning from rescuing Gaara.

"I've been gone for 2 and half years. I want some action." Naruto stated.

Tsunade was just about to kick him out when she thought about the C-ranked mission she had assigned another ninja.

"Hmm... a simple retrieval mission. I guess I can put Naruto with this ninja. It's not like he doesn't know who they are." She mused.

"fine." she said "you are to accompany a ninja to the wave county for a retrieval mission." "Do you accept?" Tsunade asked.

"Wave county huh? I always wondered how Inari and Tazuna have been doing" Naruto thought.

"You got it baa-Chan. But, who is this ninja I am going with?"

Meanwhile, a purple-haired ninja was walking through the hall ways of the Hokage's office to pick up her mission. Anko Mitarashi came onto the level of the office chewing on her favorite snack- dango.

"This mission better be fun. I am tired of doing all these foolish missions with boring little Genin. Why can't any of these brats be like that Naruto kid?" She thought.

She remembered the yellow-haired, orange jumpsuit wearing punk from the mission she went on from a few years back. He was loud and brash. And Anko just loved to bother him.

As she opened the door. She laid her brown eyes on the same yellow-haired ninja she was thinking of. But he was taller, had more hair, and had black and a little orange jumpsuit instead of the mostly orange jump suit he used to wear. In other words,

"He's all grown up now." Thought Anko.

"You?" Naruto jumped back and pointed at her. "You're that weird proctor who tried to kill me." Naruto stated.

"Ha. I didn't try to kill you. Though, as of right now I'm thinking I should have." Said Anko with a smirk.

"Oh yeah! Why don't you just try me?" Naruto said with a hint of anger.

"I will hold you up on that offer Naruto. But it seems I am here for a mission and don't have time for little 'kiddies' games." Anko stated.

"Really? " Naruto said. "Well it just so happened that I'm not a kid anymore." Naruto said.

As Naruto was about to approach her, a voice interrupted him.

"I don't think that's a good idea." Tsunade stated.

"Oh?" And why is that?" asked Naruto as he turned around.

"Because this is who you'll be going to the wave country with." Tsunade said with a smirk.

"NANI!"(What!) Said Naruto, eyes wide and in shock.

"I thought you weren't a kid anymore." Anko said as she appeared right behind him as she did in the Chunnin exams all those years ago.

Naruto then grumbled something about mean ladies and kunai. But nodded his head in acceptance.

"Meet you at the west entrance little Naruto-kun." Anko said as she poofed off.

Naruto continued grumbling as he jumped right out the window instead of leaving through the exit like any normal ninja would do. Except Naruto isn't a normal holds the Kyuubi- a nine tailed demon who was sealed into him when he was just a little baby. He also has a weird aura that just makes almost everyone he meets interested in his life.

He also had a weird addiction to ramen.

"Just like his father." Tsunade thought.

Naruto and Anko began their journey onto wave country. The trip would take 1 day for them to get their so they made their trek and stop to make camp for the night.

"So little Naruto-kun. I heard you went off on a little training trip. How was it? And what happen to your little jump suit?" Anko said smiling.

Naruto, ignoring her set up their tent and sat down on a log.

"I am not a kid. Which is far from what I can say about you Anko baa-chan." Said Naruto with a smirk.

"So he has comebacks this time around." Anko said, smirk on her face still.

"That's right." Said Naruto. "And I still have not forgotten your challenge. After this mission it's you and me. And I'll show you how grown I am."

"Really?" said Anko mischievously.

She then got up and took off her trench coat. She then let her hair down and walked closer to Naruto.

"Why don't you show me how grown you really are Naruto-kun?" Anko said seductively as she licked her lips.

"Na-nani?" Naruto stuttered as he tensed up all of a sudden.

She then got on top of him and brought her face and inch from him.

"What is she doing?" Naruto thought.

He then closed his eyes and felt…….nothing. He opened them to see Anko putting back on her jacket.

"Looks like your still a kid Naruto. If you don't know what to do in these types of situations, you got a lot of growing up to do." Anko stated.

Naruto growled angrily at her before deciding to turn in to bed.

"Why did I freeze up like that?" Naruto thought. "It's not like she's pretty. I don't like her… do I?" he continued thinking until he fell asleep.

But little did Naruto know, Anko was up thinking along the same lines as he.

"Why did he freeze up like that? It's not like he ran. He actually closed his eyes as if he wanted me to…….I see. Maybe I will keep pushing him. I want to see what you're made of Naruto." Anko turned and looked at him as he slept.

"Get ready Naruto. You're in for an eventful day." She whispered as she fell asleep.

Naruto woke up first. Or so he thought. As he tried to get up he noticed a pair of arms wrapped around him.

"Nani?" Naruto thought in confusion.

As he got a better look, he was shocked to see Anko wrapped up in his sleeping bag with him. Except she wasn't asleep.

"Good morning Naruto-kun." She purred.

"Wh-what are you doing?" Naruto stuttered.

"You look like you was cold so I thought I would warm you up." Anko stated.

"Ok" Naruto said."As a matter of fact, I do feel warm. And what is this soft round thing pushing up on my…. Ahh! I knew I shouldn't have went on that trip with Ero-sannin"

Anko then got up and started to pack. "Let's get a move on." She said. "We should be arriving by evening. There we can find a hotel to stay before we pick up the mission."

"Nonsense," Naruto said.

"I know a family that lives in wave country. We could stay with them. I'm pretty sure of it."

"Ok then," Anko stated. "Let's go kid," She said with a smirk.

Naruto stated mumbling about old ladies and how he was not a kid when suddenly he dodged a kunai that grazed his cheek. All of a sudden, he felt a person behind him. Before he could attack, the person put to hands on his face.

"Brings back memories doesn't it Naruto-kun?" she said as she licked her lips.

"Not again," Naruto thought.

"Oops. Little Naruto-kun is bleeding, let me make your little boo-boo feel better." She said smirking. She then kissed the now closed up wound.

"Di-did she just kiss me?" Naruto thought as he blushed red as a tomato.

"Enough play. Let's move out." Anko said. "So you do like this Naruto? I guess I will continue. I like this myself." Anko thought.

As they were traveling, Naruto continued thinking of all the events Anko was doing. "What am I supposed to do?....wait a minute. I remember Ero-sannin telling me about this during our training."


As Naruto finished up with his sparing lesson, Jiraiya pulled out his authored book-icha icha paradise.

"Do you know what this is Naruto?" asked Jiraiya.

"One of your perverted books. Why?" Naruto said.

"You are going to read the first chapter. I think it will come in handy one of these days," Jiraiya said with a smirk.


"I knew you would say that. So, if you do not read this 1st chapter, no ramen for the next five months." Said Jiraiya mischievously.

"Ero-sennin!!" Naruto pleaded.

"Read," Jiraiya said as he put the book in his hand.


"Now if I could only remember what that chapter said." Naruto mumbled. "Ah!" Naruto thought. "Fight fire with fire. She is… flirting with me. So in order to get her back, I must flirt back. Naruto thought as his eyes narrowed and an evil smirk appeared on his face. "I'm on to your game Anko. And two can play that game."

As they arrived in the wave country area, they decided to walk since they were so close. They really were in no rush.

"Time to put my plan into action." Anko thought.

"It is hot today isn't it Naruto?" Anko asked.

"Why yes it is. Though some things are hotter." Naruto replied smoothly.

"What did he mean by that?" thought Anko. But she continued on.

She then took of her trench coat and threw it to Naruto. "Hold my jacket will you?"

As he caught it, he looked up and looked at her body. "Anko… she has such a nice …….ahh pervy sensei is messing my mind up."

Then they made eye contact for a brief moment. Naruto slowly started turning deep shades of red with each passing moment.

"What's the matter Naruto-kun?" she asked. "Are you feeling hot too?" she taunted.

Naruto smirked. "I sure am." He replied. He then began zipping down his jacket and took it off. But he didn't stop there. He also took off his t-shirt and put them into his bag. Showing off his chiseled body (author's note: I figured after two and a half years of training, Uzumaki's body would probably be well packed up no? and I am not gay… Sasuke might be though)

"Na-naruto!" Anko stuttered. She couldn't believe her eyes. She began blushing as she looked at Naruto's well worked body.

"Hmm. So I guess it's working" Naruto thought.

"This feels so much better," Naruto said as he began jogging to make it to wave country. "Are you going to keep walking?" Naruto asked Anko who was still dazed.

"Co-coming." She said. "What is this weird sensation?" Anko thought "Am I actually getting feelings for this boy? Well he is older. Maybe he isn't a kid anymore."

As they finally reached the bridge, something strange caught his eye. As they walked over to the beginning of the bridge. Naruto looked at the name and was shocked with what he found.

"Th-the bridge." Naruto uttered.

"What's the matter Naruto? Never seen a bridge befo-"

She was cut off as she saw the name of the bridge.



"I can't believe it!! He has a bridge named after him. Naruto you never cease to amaze me." Anko thought.

"Well look at that. Congratulations narut-"

She was cut off as Naruto hugged her, picked her up and swung her in the air in excitement, forgetting about the way they were dressed.

"His body is so strong." Anko thought. "I wonder what else he can do with these arms of…. Wait I can't think of him like that. He is way too young." Anko thought as she started to blush.

Just then, Naruto stopped swinging her as his brain finally registered just where his head landed. He blushed a new shade of red and instantly his nose started to bleed, but he sucked it back up. But this did not go unnoticed by Anko.

"I see training is not the only thing you received from Jiraiya is it Naruto?" Anko said with a smirk.

"Wouldn't you like to know?" Naruto answered with a glint in his eye and a foxy grin.

Anko, not trying to be outdone, countered. "What if I said I do want to know?"

"Game, set, match" thought Anko.

"Well then Anko, you know what they say actions do speak louder than words." Naruto replied.

Naruto is a spur of the moment kind of guy. He will do what he feels right. So in this predicament, and from being around constant perverts such as Jiraiya, the late Sarutobi, and his own sensei Kakashi, it was only natural his body reacted before his mind could.

So when he kissed her. You really couldn't blame him. Can you?

(Two hours later)

As Naruto and Anko approached Tazuna's brand new house, things got a little bit too awkward for the two of them after the kiss. Seeing as how right after… well. See for yourself.

(Two hours back)

"Is……is he really doing this?" Anko thought "is Naruto really kissing me?"

"Am I really doing this?" Naruto thought. "Am I really kissing Anko?"

"Her lips feel so." "His lips feel so"

"soft." they both thought

After they broke away from that kiss for breath, they couldn't even make decent eye contact.

"Le-let's go-go o-on sh-shall we? Naruto stuttered.

"h-hai." Anko replied.

As they went through the village, Naruto realized that the country looked real decent compared to the last time he was there. Stores were crowded, shops were selling fresh fruit. Business is booming.

"Wow. Everything's changed." Naruto thought." I wonder if tazuna moved."

Naruto soon found out that answer as he approached the house he stayed many years ago. He knocked on the door. And found out from the new people living there that they had moved. So he and Anko went to the new location

"I wonder why she's so quiet?" thought Naruto. "Ever since that… kiss, she hasn't said a word. "

Anko on the other hand was thinking the same thing. "How come Naruto hasn't said a word to me since that… kiss?" "It's like he's scared or something. I guess I'm going to be the one to break this silence."


As they approached the gates to where Tazuna lived, Anko grabbed his arm.

"Naruto," She said.

"Yes?" he asked in a worried tone.

"We have to talk about what happened sooner or later."

"I know. How about we talk about it over dinner later on tomorrow when we return to the village?"

"Are you asking me out on a date Naruto Uzumaki?" asked Anko suspiciously

"As a matter of fact I am," Naruto replied.

"Well then I accept," Anko said

"Excellent. How about 7?" Naruto suggested.

"7 o clock it is." Anko replied

Then the awkwardness disappeared into thin air as Anko looked into Naruto's blue eyes. If they weren't on a mission, who knows what would have happened.

Naruto rang the doorbell. He then heard pots and pans clattering and a distinct voice that sounded all too familiar.


Naruto sweat dropped as the door open to reveal tsunami

"So sorry about that, Inari constantly thr- NARUTO!!" the mother shouted

"Hello tsunami." Naruto said.

"Naruto?" a man said. The door opened up to reveal Tazuna: the bridge builder Naruto had to protect during one of his toughest missions.

"AH! Tazuna! How have you been" Naruto said happily.

"I have been doing GREAT! Business is booming, bridges are being built as I speak, life has really gotten better. And it is all thanks to you and your friends Naruto."

"That's great" Naruto said.

All of a sudden, a kid came out of nowhere from behind them and tossed a kunai at Naruto. Naruto sprung into action and caught the kunai between his fingers.

"Nice throwing…Ina- oomph" Naruto hit the ground as he got tackled into a running hug by inari.

"NARUTO!" inari shouted.

"Hey Inari." Naruto replied as he got back on his feet.

Inari looked at Anko after he got back up. He then put on a devilish grin and asked Naruto: "Is this your girlfriend Naruto?"

Naruto and Anko both began blushing.

"Uh ...uh uhm... No" Naruto mumbled.

"Yeah right Naruto. If she isn't your girlfriend, then why are both of you blu-" Inari was cut off as his mother out her hands over his mouth chuckling.

"Co-come on in you two. We don't want to keep you outside for long." Tsunami said

As they entered the house, they seen that the house was indeed two times bigger than the one they used to live in a furnished very nicely.

"Wow." Naruto said. Your house is pretty nice.

"Why thank you." Tazuna said. "But when you make as much money as I do, how could I not furnish this house."

"Speaking of money." Tazuna said, "You two must be the ninja hired to retrieve the money for the Hokage." He said.

"That's' right." Naruto replied. "So then are you the one who's giving us the money?" Naruto asked.

"Yes I am." Tazuna replied. "But you two look kind of tired, why don't you two spend the night and I will give you the money tomorrow?" Tazuna said.

"Sounds like a plan to me," Naruto said.

"Excellent. But for now come and eat some dinner with us. I know you must be hungry," Tazuna said.

"Thank you. As a matter of fact we are," Anko said.

So they ate dinner and talked about what has been going on for the past couple of years and stayed at Tazuna's for the night. When Naruto and Anko were too tired to talk, they decided to go to bed.

"Well good night Anko-chan," Naruto said, completely aware of the insert of chan in her name

"Did he just call me Anko-chan?" Anko thought.

"That's right I called you Anko-chan all right. What are you going to do about it? Naruto stated proudly.

"Wouldn't you like to know Naruto? Wouldn't you like to know? Good night Naruto-kun ,"Anko said as she closed the door behind her.

She then took a shower and went to bed thinking of the day's events.

"Wow. If someone was to tell me Naruto would kiss me and call me Anko-chan, I would have laughed at them." She thought. "Guess I can't laugh anymore."

Naruto on the other hand, was trying to remember just what Jiraiya's perverted book had told him to do once you have gotten this far.

"What was it that it said? Oh yeah! Now I remember."


Jiraiya tossed a book into Naruto's lap.

"NANI!!!" Naruto said. "I wont read this book anymore ero-sennin. I refuse to become a pervert like you and Kakashi-sensei."

"Oh?" said Jiraiya. "Then how would you like it if I just told you the story while tying you to a tree?" Jiraya said with some weird Genjustu of a dark, cloudy background with mountains and thunder coming down on them and Jiraiya giving him the evil eyes.

"No, no, no I think I'll read the book." Naruto said sweat dropping and waving his hands frantically.


"Now that you have reached…1st base." Naruto mused, "you must reach second base… called…"the trust stage,"

"This is too much for me. I'm going to bed," Naruto said.

And sleep he did.

The next morning (day of the date).

Anko awoke feeling a little giddy. Needless to say, she didn't really like it. "Why am I so….giddy? I don't like it." Anko said.

She got up and put on her ninja clothes and left to see if her "Naruto –kun" was awake.

She knocked on his door and her mumbling. She then opened the door and found Naruto layed out on the bed with a severe nose bleed

"Hee hee. Stop it Anko – chan." Naruto mumbled in his sleep.

"So I see he has learned something from that pervert of his. Maybe I will find out what it is he's learned. But for now…" Anko pulled back her first and commenced operation "beat the living perverseness out of Uzumaki Naruto."

The screams Naruto committed really wasn't of pleasure.

When all the child abuse and bruises were done, and they ate their breakfast, Tazuna gave them the money and wished them a safe trip. Tsunami gave them some food for the road, and Inari gave Naruto another tackle of a hug. Then the duo left for Konoha.


At the gate.

As Naruto and Anko finally made it back, they tried to find a place where no friends would interrupt this date of there's. They agreed that keeping this a secret from the others would be highly safe. So Anko suggested they have the dinner at her house.

Given the way she suggested it, who was Naruto to say no.

Anko's house.

Naruto arrived at the said address with a different outfit. He wore an orange shirt, black jeans and his sandals. He picked up some purple flowers and a big huge back of dango. He then rang the doorbell. When the door was open, Naruto almost had a nosebleed. But sucked it back up once remembering what happened last time he had such thoughts.

Cuz on Anko was a fishnet dress that dropped down to her ankles and… that's it.

"w-wow." Naruto said as his jaw dropped.

"Are you gonna stand out there all day or are you gonna come inside for some fun?" Anko purred.

Naruto didn't have to be told twice and came in pretty fast. As she closed the door, Naruto gave her the purple flowers.

"Why thank you." Said Anko. She then smelled her favorite snack.

"Naruto-kun, what's that smell?"

"Oh you mean this?" Naruto said as he held yup the mega bundle of dango.

Anko then looked at him with heart shaped eyes. "Naruto-kun is this for me?"

"uhh.. yeah" Naruto said leaning back a little and sweat dropping.

Anko then tackled him and took the dango drilling through 3 in less then 5 seconds.

"I they say I eat ramen a lot." Naruto thought.

"Sit down while I get something to drink." Anko said.

She then put on an evil face when she turned around. "Time to see how you react when I give you some…SAKE." Anko thought.

Naruto, obviously oblivious, looked around at her pretty big apartment two times the size of his but still had a 1 bedroom 1 bathroom much like his.

Anko then came over with the drink and tapped his cup with hers "cheers." Anko said.

"Drink it real fast." She said "it goes down faster that way."

"Ok." Naruto said as he drank the sake. He then felt a weird bubbly feeling in his stomach. But paid it no mind.

They then sat down on her couch and talked about what happened in the village for the years he's been gone. Naruto, sake influence, began getting real flirtatious. Not that Anko was sober either.

"Anko …(hiccup). I think I lo-love (hiccup) you." Naruto mumbled.

"And I think I (hiccup) love you too Naruto." Anko stated

The whole night was played as a game. In her bedroom. Called the fox chases the snake.

Two months later

Kurenai, Sakura, Kakashi, and Ibiki were approaching Anko's house. Lately she has been in a weird happy mood for the past two months. When asked about it, she would giggle and say nothing was wrong. But Kurenai and Ibiki knew better.

The same can be said for Naruto. He no longer asked Sakura out for dates and asking Kakashi for tips and sometimes reading his book. They were pretty worried.

So as they walked on to Anko's house, and knocked on the door. They put the ears to the door and heard some disturbing stuff.







All four of the peepers were absolutely stunned. As if the door was possessed, the door suddenly opened and they all crashed onto the floor. Immediately, Anko and Naruto ran out the bedroom butt naked covered in ramen and dango peels.

"WH-what have you been doing?" Kurenai asked.

Seconds turned into minutes of awkward silence and horrible tomato-red blushing as the girls looked at Naruto's package and the guys Anko's assets.

Finally Naruto broke the silence.

"We were playing animal wars. Snake vs. fox. "

"I won." Anko said.

"Really?" Naruto said looking at her.

"Yes. Unless, you want a rematch." Anko said looking back at him.

"Well let's go." Naruto said ignoring the crowd as they went back into the room.

The four spectators still have not moved a muscle. They then chased after Kakashi after he broke the silence with the dumbest question:

"Who was the fox?"