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Mikan:So who is in the lead with the votes?

Heirii-Chan:...Ummm... Natsume..

Natsume:Tch... Great I'm paired with Polka dots...

Mikan: Hey! your lucky Someone like me even looked twice at you! ... Ne Ruka-pyon?

Ruka:(blushes) I'm scared...

Heirii-chan:Of What?

Ruka:YOU!... And Mizuki-san...

Mikan: I looked pretty hot as Mizuki!! ^^ Thanks Heirii-chan!

Natsume: That reminds me... WHY THE HELL DID I GET TURNED INTO A GIRL!!

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Natsume:Like hell I did!

Heirii: Yeah You did!

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Mizuki's/Mikan's Pov

I sat down at the Sakura blossom tree. Memories of the past rushed back to me.

'My bubbly personality in the past... Wasn't mine... It was Saya's. It's feels like I just stole her life... It's funny, I'd never thought I was the serious, cold type.

Saya was the person I unconsciously pretended to be. The people who trained me just kept reminding me I'm just a copy of her.'

Tears flowed down my face. "Damn it!" I touched my lips.

'My heart is beating rapidly now... It hurts.. Natsume didn't fall in love with me... it was Saya...' I got up & wiped my tears... 'Even in guy form I can't hide my feelings... Shit..'

I just sat there for a while staring at the sky above me. My eyes close and I was swept into the dream world.

''Baka you never learn..." A female voice said to me. I looked back, left and finally right. "Who's there?!" I asked in suprise... 'That voice... It can't be...'

"Yes it can Mikan... Because it is me, Mi-Onee-Sama." "SAYA-ONEE-SAMA!!"

'A path of light opened up to me and I followed it felt as though it was calling to me.'

"Onee-chan... BAKA... You are not a copy... Onee-sama is Onee-sama!! Follow the path and open that forbidden door; the door to your memories you idiot. And you better keep your PROMISE!!" 'My sisters words echoed as I ran, tears streamind down my face. I saw a door chained, covered in white and blue roses. I stopped.'

"White roses... I thought... Mom used to call me... 'her little red rose' not white...." I said as I remembered the bits and pieces of of memory I had of my mother. "Open the forbidden forbidden door and up unlock the mistory of the past..." Saya's voice said again. I put my hand to my chest, I felt something odd. I felt around it. "A key..." I said looking at the design of to roses in full bloom entertwind in each other. I turned the key in the lock. Darkness was no longer visable as I opened the door.

A woman covered with cuts hugged a shocked child and a child on the verge of death. "Mikan I want to tell you that you are my little shiroi rose bud child that is pure and loving, but you could also could be tainted by grief not if able to save us. Saya your my little blue rose bud child who is mysterious in many ways and seems to attaining the impossible. She placed a black in a bow with a white rose into one of mikan's pigtails, and place the same type of ribbon but with a blue rose into one of Saya's pigtails. "But if both me and Saya don't make it out of here Mikan I want you to forget." Tears streamed down the children's faces along with their mother.

Yuka ( A/N mikan's mom) place a round stone into Mikan's hand. "Mikan, This will make you forget the pain..... But never forget to remain pure and not tainted with hate of your self.. Live on for both of us, be happy for both of us! Promise us!" Mikan nodded as the stone sank into her body. Yuka held both of them tightly.

"Onee-sama has been fooled.... Your heart was once pure and Innocent hence the nickname shiroi Bud, but as it grew It was turned red and passionate, the cause of this was love.... Your love for Natsume and everyone! I- no we have been watching.... You began to think it was all your fault... Confusion and suffering overwhelmed you.. You bloomed into a Black rose.. Your heart is dark and confused, but your pain has made you strong.. All is not lost remember Nee-sama you are loved...."

"By Natsume, me and your friends and our family!"

'I've been lied to by the academy! These words filled me with happiness, but also pain. Was the past four years was for nothing?...... No those four years made me strong.... No one will have to protect me.... But instead I will do what they have done for me in the past... I'm not weak like before, I can protect them unlike in the past.'

"Protect the ones I love....Innocence of the white bud....The Passion of a red rose in mid bloom.... Strength of a black rose in full bloom...'

'I want to become a Blue rose like Nee-san, Someone who can overcome the impossible.... The past roses blended into a new blue rose. Unique, strong, passionate, Innocent and last and most imporant never willing to give in...'

I suddenly opened my eyes. I looked around. I was back to being Mikan again.

Tears poured out of my eyes.... Natsume was sitting right next to me... "Na-!" I couldn't finish my sentance do to the crashing of our lips. We stayed like that for a while. It felt like forever.... We parted due to lack of oxygen...

"Idiot, don't kiss other guys or girls in front of me...... Especially that Ikuto guy.... " His beatiful crimson pools pulled me in... I was no longer able to resist him, he could tell me to do anything at this moment and there was a 99 percent chance I'd do it.

"it's unfair to do that to someone who fell so hard for you...." Confessed while blushing. I blushed. I probably looked like a tomato. "Was that a confesion form theNatsume Hyuuga?" I asked to make sure I was hearing what he said right.

"Well, is that a Yes I'll go out with you from 'the' Mikan sakura?" He asked. I was speachless so I just nodded.

"Well then it was a confession." Natsume cupped my chin. His eyes bore into mine. It felt like the perfect moment. He kissed my tears away. I felt it, my heart pounding out of my chest. Alot harder than when I kissed the girl Natsume.

He then stared at my lips... "May I?" He asked politely. "It's not like you would listen if I said no." I answered back. He chuckled. "You know me sooo well.'' He said right before kissing me.

"Today is the happiest day of my life. It feels like that thick mist has cleared up and most of all I got to speak to Nee-sama. Plus I became your Girlfriend." I said filled with releif.

"Nee-Sama?" Natsume asked. I told him everything about why I left and the pain I was in.

an hour later after my story ended. Natsume huged me. "I'm sorry I should have been there for you. and I acted so coldly that day." Natsume leaned into kiss me.

End of pov

Mikan suddenly turned into Mizuki. Mizuki froze. Mizuki put his hand in front of natsume. "Wait!!! Wait a second! Oi, i'm not homo Damn it!!!" Mizuki shouted at a very frozen/shocked Natsume. Natsume sighed. "I Was hoping I wouldn't have to do this." Natsume sighed as he put on a ring.

Natsume suddenly turned into a girl. Mizuki hungerly stared his girlfriend. She felt him look at her in that way, she blushed deeply. "My girl name is Natsumi." Mizuki looked into Natsumi's crimson orbs. "Well, Natsumi-chan May we continue what Mikan and Natsume started?" He asked in a husky voice.

Natsume nodded shyly.

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