Okay, So here is one-shot number three.

This takes place right after B.C. It is a short conversation between Mick and Josef on Beth, while she was on Black Crystal.

I own none of this, it is all CBS and this is meant to be good clean fun!

Rated PG


And Then What Happened?…

Mick shifted nervously on the couch as Josef's eyes bore into him. The two were sitting in Mick's living room. Josef dressed in a work suit and Mick in his normal jeans and Henley. They both had glasses of fresh blood in front of them and the sunset could be seen just behind Mick's balcony.

"Mick, why don't you tell me what happened?"

Mick looked up at his friend, "Josef, it's nothing."

A grin crossed Josef's face, "Oh no it's not. I can smell Beth. She was here. She was here for awhile."

Mick's eyes widened with terror. Josef chuckled and repeated, "What happened, Mick?" He leaned back in the chair and sipped his drink, waiting for Mick to answer.

Mick shifted his weight on the couch and sighed, "Yes, Beth was here. She stayed the night."

Josef stopped, glass half way to his mouth. He eyed Mick, "She stayed the night? Do tell…" Mick glared at Josef. "Start at the beginning. Why was she here? When did she get here? What was she doing here?"

"After you left. She walked here," Mick answered, flinching at Josef's questioning look.

"She walked here? What happened next?"

"She said she felt good and she wanted to be 'close to me,'" Mick explained, not meeting Josef eye.

"Why?" Josef asked.

Mick looked the door as if calculating the time it would take for him to bolt from the room. He shifted on the couch again and finally looked up into Josef's grinning face. Mick took a deep breath and said, "She took some Black Crystal; the drug Lola was making."

Josef's eyes saddened for a moment, but the next the evil glint was back and a devilish smile crossed his face. He let out a low whistle. "And then what happened?…"

If Mick had been nervous before, it was nothing to what he felt now. If he had a heart beat it would have skyrocketed and his face would have been a deep red. But in lack of a pulse, his face paled.

Josef's eyes twinkled with glee. "Com' on, Mick, and then what happened?…"

"I took her to the shower," Mick muttered, hanging his head in shame.

Josef smiled and took a contented swig of his drink. "And then?…"

"She begged me to turn her." If Josef hadn't been a vampire, he wouldn't have been able to hear Mick whisper these words.

Josef sat there, mouth agape, eyes boring into the top of Mick head. He leaned forward to be sure to catch anything else his friend muttered. "And then what happened?…"

"She passed out, and I..I removed her wet clothes," Mick said, looking up at Josef.

"And then what happened?!…"

"I dressed her in one of my shirts and laid her on the couch."

"And then?!…"

"I went to my office and worked on some paperwork," Mick said smugly.

Josef was deflated, but he held out a small reservoir of hope. "And then?…"

"She woke up, sober, and we talked about what happened. Apparently the drug gives human's all the highs of being a vampire without the lows. Well… except for immortality, of course," Mick explained.

"And?" A small hope flickered in Josef's voice.

"She got dressed and left."

Josef sank back into the chair. He finished off his drink, set the glass on the table and stood up. He straightened his suit jacket and said, "Well, my friend, that's one of the most depressing stories I ever heard and now that I've wasted an hour here, I'm off to work. Have a good night, Mick. I hope somebody knocks some sense into you soon."

With that Josef walked out the door. Mick sipped his drink and contemplated, I hope so too…I hope so too…