Revenge is Sweet

Mrs. Jones glanced at the fourteen-year-old boy sitting across from her. He had finished one of his missions quite successfully and Blunt was pleased. But there was something wrong here, in his eyes. They were cold and empty it reminded her of Yassen Gregorovich and she shivered. She knew he had gone through a lot especially on this mission. She looked at her folder sighing to herself; it wouldn't have been so bad if Sabina Pleasure and his caretaker, Jack Starbright died. To make matters worse Alex was tortured on information about MI6 he didn't even know about. They thought he had clearance about the Nuclear Weapon and the result of that were injections that would inflame his airways until he couldn't breathe, then administer the antidote as he was on the brink of unconsciousness. Mr. Blunt even concealed the information that Yassen Gregorovich was alive and survived the shot on air force one. Finally she voiced one of her thoughts," I am sorry Miss Starbright and Miss um Pleade had to pass away so quickly, I hope you are coping well." Alex replied rather coldly " I am fine, funny you asked" Mrs. Jones couldn't help asking why he thought she wasn't serious even though she had a sneaking suspicion why. " Really why is that?" "Well" Alex started again, over the past year you haven't given a single thought of how I feel or my wellbeing. You only notice when people die and only care about how useful I am, and to me you are as good as Scorpia if not worse." Mrs. Jones winced inwardly at that statement and didn't know what to say. Alex's voice brought her back from her thoughts" Can I go now, you are obviously done with me ". Mrs. Jones said rather quietly, "Yes, I guess we are finished we will give you your check for your services and before you go, do you have a guardian?" "of course I do , I am staying with one of my friends" He said. And the conversation ended. Suddenly.

Alex Rider smiled as he left the building, MI6 were idiots. Did they actually think he would tell the truth to them? He didn't even have any friends left. Tom had to move because of his divorcing parents and everybody else thought he was from the mob or something. All he had to do was to hack into the databases and change his age so he was legal to withdraw money from his uncle's bank account and he could take care of himself, Ian made sure that he related bitterly, the smile sliding of his face as quickly as it came. Everything started and ended with MI6. They were the ones who ruined his life and turned him into what he was today. A person who couldn't trust anyone and had no one to love . They didn't care about him or his life and they would have happily left him to rot if he wasn't useful.

Alex was not angry; he knew he couldn't afford to be in his line of work.

But he wanted revenge, badly and sadly MI6 were the ones who would pay. Alex Rider didn't care anymore, he had nothing to lose and he would happily kill anyone in his way. He could plan MI6's downfall and all he needed was a client who hated them too, and that was easy.

In other words MI6 had just created their worst enemy