Hey everyone, been traveling alot and am worn out (thank god i have my cast off and can walk) sorry I haven't updated in while, so I'll cut this short 'cause theres nothing else to really say, but i still love you guys.

Declaimer: I don't own Plus Anima or Emergancy by Paramore but. WARNING! This songfic isn't for people who don't like blood or abuse, but read on. You have been warned. also, when you read Travis's diolog, i find it somewhat (for some strange reason) to imagine his voice as the same voice of Haku in Spirited Away (or Chase Young's in Xiaolin Showdown, same guy)

"Nana," Cooro asked. "Are you okay?"

"H-hai, I was just...thinking." Nana sighed.

"Crap girly. Apparently you're gonna tell us what's wrong this time, so, lets get it over with. What's up?" Husky groaned.

"If you act like that, I'll never tell you!" The thirteen-year-old bat plus anima snapped, standing up and storming off. But, everyone's favorite bear plus anima blocked her way.

"Tell what's wrong." Senri said simpily.

Nana huffed and sat down.

"Well, like I said...I was just thinking."

"About what?" Husky asked with false excitment.

Nana glared at Husky before looking at the ground sadly.

"My life before you guys. And my mom..."

With those two simple words, Husky, Cooro, and Senri stiffened.

"It was..." Nana began. "Bad."

I think we have an emergency
I think we have an emergency

"Mamma," called a four-year-old Nana. "Mamma! Where are you?"

She turned the corner and froze in pure shock and fear.

The only thing that Nana could see in the room was her mom laying on the ground, her father hovering over her mother, and blood everywhere.

"M-mamma?!" the little girl whispered.

Nana's father, Kohaku, turned around and saw the little girl standing behind him. He dropped the club he was holding, ran over to his daughter, grabbed her by the neck, slammed her against the wall and screamed "If you ever, ever tell any one about this, I will get you, Nana. And you will have the worst spanking in your entire life, do you understand me?!"

"Y-y-yes sir." Nana squealed as Kohaku's grip tightened. Kohaku dropped Nana, broght his hand back, and smacked her across the face.

The blow sent Nana realing back into the wall. She could barely make out the noise of her father storming out and slamming the door as her head began to ring and blood began to slowly flow out of the brand new gash in her cheek. Her dad had never hit her before! She didn't know what had happened. Suddenly, she remembered her mother laying across the room from her.

If you thought I'd leave then you were wrong
'Cause I won't stop holding on

"Mamma!" Nana cried as she ran to her mom's side.

"N-nana?" Naomi asked.

"Yes, mamma. It's me. Are you okay?"

"I thought you left and went back to bed." Naomi murmured.

"No, mamma. I wanted to make sure you were ok," Nana said as she eyed the bruises and cuts all over her mother's body. "You're bleeding. Are you okay?"

"I'll be fine, this is natural. Can you get me the first-aid kit from the closet?" Naomi laughed weakly.

Nana nodded and did as she was told and brought the package back to her mother.

"What happened, mamma?"

"I was just being a klutz again, Nana," Naomi answered. "Like I said, it happens alot."

After Naomi had cleaned herself and Nana up, she smiled and said "I'm tired, Nana. I'm going to bed. You should too. You don't want Travis to wake up wondering where his sister is, do you?"

"No, mamma. I don't." Nana said.

"Then go to bed, sweetie."

"Okay, mamma." with that, Nana walked back to her room.

So are you listening?
So are you watching me?

"Nana, Nana!" a voice whispered. A hand touched the six-year-old's back and shook her gently.

Nana winced in her sleep and slowly opened her eyes. Hovering over her was a twelve-year-old boy with golden blond hair that cover his face slightly.

"Hey, Nana." he said.

Nana pushed herself up by her arms, letting the blanket fall off her back. "Morning, Travis."

"Nana," he gasped. "W-what happened to your back?"

Nana blinked and suddenly remember the giant bruise on her exposed back from when her dad kicked her the night before.

"I, uh," rubbing the sleep from her eyes. "Was running yesterday. By the lake! And I, umm, tripped on the wet grass and fell backwards?"

Travis narrowed his eyes and looked over his little sister. Nana has a few cuts on her arms and forehead. She also had a few bruises, but they weren't near as noticible as the one on her back.

"Are you sure you're okay?" he asked.

"Yes. I'm...fine."

Travis could hear the uncertain tone in his sisters voice but turned and left the room. Before he left completely, he turned to Nana and said "If you need my help, I'll be home later. Okay?"

"Okay, Travis." Nana murmured.

If you thought I'd leave then you were wrong
'Cause I won't stop holding on

Nana, Travis, and Naomi sat sliently at the table as they ate dinner. Kohaku had gone out hours ago and hadn't come home yet.

After dinner, Naomi headed to bed and left the kids alone. A half hour later, Kohaku returned home, drunk as hell. A starred at his children for a minute, the stumbled to the couch and passed out.

Travis glared at his father and grabbed Nana's arm gently and began moving her out of the room.

"Kids," Kohaku slurred. "Kids! I wanna talk ta ya. Come o'er here."

Traivs stiffened. Nana blinked and walked over to her father.

"Yes, daddy?" she asked.

Travis growled. He walked over and put his hands on Nana's shoulders.

"Nana," Kohaku slurred. "You're such a pretty li'l girl. Y-y-you better watch out when ya get older, lotsa boys'll be after ye."

Kohaku rolled his head towards his children and starred at them.

"Don'tcha agree, Travvy," he asked. "She's a cutie. She's gonna be a great bitch for some guy someday. I got alot of mm friends who agree. Ol' Howard said his son's lookin' fur a bitch. I think she's ready ta be a bride, whattda you think?"

Nana's eyes widened in shock. She couldn't be a bride yet! She was only six and he was, like, nineteen! Travis's grip tightened on her shoulders.

"No," he snapped. "She's to young."

Kohaku growled for a minute. He stood up and slapped Travis across the face. Travis held his fathers glare.

"Fine," Kohaku spat. He bent down to Nana and jabbed his finger into her chest. "You listen to me, missey. You aren't aloud to leave this house until you marry Howard's son. Now, I'm giving you until yur, I dunno, nine at the most. But, if you refuse to marry him, you're not gonna ever get married. Understand?"

"I-I-I," Nana stuttered. "Y-yes sir."

"Atta girl." Kohaku said, slapping her cheek. "Now, get the hell outta my sight, you ugly whore."

Nana felt tears come to her eyes, but not one fell. She had been threatened if she ever cried, she'd be punished.

Travis pulled his sister backwards and walked her to their room.

This is an emergency So are you listening?
And I can't pretend th
at I don't see this

Nana sobbed slowly and quietly. She couldn't be to loud because of her father. She froze when she heard a noise across the room.

"Nana?" Travis whispered.

Nana faked like she was sleeping, but it didn't work. Her breath was coming out shaky from crying. She felt a weight on the side of her bed and Travis's hand on her shoulder.

"Nana! What's wrong?"

Nana shook her head.Travis pulled his younger sister up into a hug and cradled her against his chest.

"Travis?" Nana murmured.


"Am I pretty?"

"Of course you are, Nana," Travis exclaimed. "You're one of the prettiest girls I know! Just because dad tells you some bullshit lie doesn't mean you should believe it!"

"R-really?" Nana sniffled.


Nana's eyes began to droop. She was falling asleep again.

"Thanks, Travis." Nana breathed.

"No, problem, sweetie."

It's really not your fault
And no one cares to talk about it
To talk about it

Naomi and Nana were walking around the market place, shopping for food.

They stopped at an apple stand where a happy, plump lady was standing.

"Well, hello, Naomi," The woman greeted. "How are you doing?"

"I'm great, thank you, Karley." Naomi smiled, reaching for an apple with he bandaged hand.

"Goodness, what happened to you?!" Karley asked, noticing the bruises on Naomi's face, too.

"Daddy hit her last night." Nana answered instinctivly.

Karley and Naomi gasped in unison.

"He hit you!" Karley cried.

"It was nothing, I deserved it. I didn't have dinner done by the time he got home and it burned. It's my fault." Naomi said quickly.

"That's not your fault, Naomi! It could happen to any-"

"We really have to go," Naomi replied, cutting Karley off. "Goodbye."

As soon as they were out of earshot and view, Naomi kneeled down to Nana.

"Nana, listen to me," she scolded. "Do not tell anyone about your father hurting us! He told you you'd be punished, but I'd be punished too. Please, hunny, don't tell anyone. Alright?"

Nana blinked and nodded sadly.

Cause' I've seen love die way too many times
When it deserved to be alive
(When it deserved to be alive)

Nana and Travis hid in their room while Kohaku beat Naomi in the other room.

Nana winced and covered her ears.

"Should we help mom?" Nana asked.

"No," Travis shook his head. "I can't risk you getting hurt. Mom's a big girl. She's been dealing with this for a long time. She can handle it."

The stayed silent for a long time. The only noise was the sound of their father screaming at their mom.


"Yeah, Nana?"

Nana raised her head.

"Did mom and dad ever love each other?"

Travis winced.

"Actually," he said. "They did. But, that was before you were born. I was about five when he started beating us. I don't even know what happened, really."

I've seen you cry way too many times
When you deserved to be alive

"Mom," Travis said once their dad left. "You okay?"

"Oh, I'm fine, Travis," Naomi smiled through the tears. "Just the same as always."

"You sure?" Travis asked.

Naomi looked at her son and frowned. She let her head droop onto his shoulders and sobbed.

"I-I'm s-so stupid," Naomi sobbed. "Why c-can't I be smarter, Travis? I wish I could. Like I used to. Then, you're father would love me more, like he used to."

Travis dropped his gaze to the ground and hugged his mom.

For the first real time, Nana saw how bad her life was.

So you give up every chance you get
Just to feel new again

A year later, Nana woke up to the sound of the door slamming. Nana slowly climbed out of bed and crept down the hall. Luky for her, Travis had gotten a seperat room from her when he turned thirteen. Nana looked in the living room but found no one there. She turned the corner into the kitchen, and let out a horrified scream.

Travis ran out of his room and started yelling "NANA? NANA!! WHAT'S WRONG?!"

He ran into the kitchen and followed Nana's gaze.

Naomi was on the ground surrounded by blood that was comming out of different parts of her body. Glass was shattered everywhere and things were broken.

"MOM!!" Travis cried. He ran to her side and craddled her head in his lap. Tears formed in his eyes as he looked at his mom's bruised and bloody face, then noticed her arm was bent in an odd form.

"Nana," he snapped. "Get four sacks. Pack your stuff as well as mine and mom's in three of them. Pack money and food in last one. We're getting out of here."

"N-n-no!" Naomi whispered.

"Mom, be reasonable! He's beaten you to a pulp! You could've died!" Travis argued.

"No," Naomi said as firmly as she could. "Just clean me up. We aren't leaving. I deserved this. Just give me another chance."

"Another chance for what?! If we give him another chance he'll beat you harder!! When are we gonna get another chance?! When you're dead?!" Travis snarled.

"Just do it, Travis." Naomi begged.

Travis glared at the ground.

"Nana," he growled. "Go to bed."

Nana shook slightly and ran out of the room.

I think we have an emergency
I think we have an emergency
And you do your best to show me love
But you don't know what love is

"Nana, your necklace looks pretty." Naomi complimented.

"Thanks, it's fun to make jewlery from acorns and flowers."

"It sure is." Naomi laughed.

Travis was out with Kohaku on a fishing trip, leaving the girls alone.

"You know, Nana," Naomi said. "I've always thought of your future. And, maybe, if you're lucky, you'll fall in love with a strong and wonderful man. Like your father."

Nana blinked. She honestly didn't know how marrying someone like her father could be wonderful. It was almost like Naomi didn't even know what love was.

So are you listening?
So are you watching me?
Well I can't pretend that I don't see this

Two years later, Kohaku stormed into the house. He took two steps and starred at Nana. Nana froze. Her father had gone to Howards house to settle the agreement that Nana would marry Howard's son.

Kohaku glared at Nana. Suddenly, he charged at her, grabbed her by the throat and slammed her against the wall.

"You stupid, ugly, good for nothing, fucking whore!!" he barked.

"Wha?! What did I do?!" Nana cried.

"Don't fucking ask what you did, you know what you did," he pulled Nana back and slammed her harder against the wall. "You refused to marry Howard's son three years ago! Now, he's moved on and found another brode to marry! You were supposed to be his wife and I was supposed to get money from marrying you off! It's all your fault."

Kohaku dropped Nana and began kicking her. Nana felt her head begin to ring and everything started fading to black. Suddenly, the kicking stooped.

It's really not your fault
And no one cares to talk about it
To talk about it

"It's not her fault, you bastard!" Travis yelled. Nana looked up and saw Travis on Kohaku's back, stranggling him.

Kohaku shook Travis off. When he turned to face his son, Travis punched him in the face. Kohaku reeled back and crashed into the wall. Travis ran over to Nana and picked her up.

"Are you okay?" he cried.

"Yeah, Im okay." Nana replied to the fifteen-year-old.

"Good," Travis turned and saw Kohaku getting up. "We gotta go, now!"

Travis grabbed Nana's hand and they ran out the door.

Cause' I've seen love die way too many times
When it deserved to be alive
(When it deserved to be alive)

They ran as fast as they could, but Kohaku was right behind them. Kohaku reached out and grabbed Nana's hair, but slipped and fell to the ground. Then, he grabbed her anckle and Nana fell.

Nana shrieked and jumped up, but, not before the tip of her dad's axe sliced from the middle of Nana's side to her hip. She screamed in pain and Travis kicked Kohaku in the face.

Kohaku groaned, but stood up and threw Travis to the side. He hovered over Nana as she bled and raised his axe over his head. Nana squeezed her eyes shut and prepaired herself for the blow.


Nana opened her eyes when she heard that noise and screamed in shock. Travis had grabbed her and huddled over her when Kohaku went to kill Nana. But, he'd hit Travis instead.

Suddenly, the world seemed to be spinning as the smell of blood flowed into Nana's nose. then, everything was black.

I've seen you cry way too many times
When you deserved to be alive

Nana's eyes fluttered open, she blinked and realized that she was in her room. She attempted to sit up, but a searing pain in her side stopped her from doing that. Suddenly, a surprised gasp came from Nana's right. She turned her head and saw her mother staring at her, wide-eyed and tear-stained cheeks.

"You're alive," Naomi whispered. She stood up from the stool she sat on and hugged Nana. "I thought I lost you, too."

Nana smiled and hugged her mom back. But, what her mom said suddenly hit Nana.

"W-wh-what do you mean by too?"

Naomi starred at Nana and started crying. It was then Nana remembered everything that happened.


But, Naomi just shook her head and cried harder.

(The scars they will not fade away)

Everyone remained silent for a long time.

"H-he died?" Cooro asked.

Nana nodded. She lifted up her shirt slightly and revealed a scar on her left side. "I still have this from when he died."

"Nana," Husky whispered. "I-I'm so sorry."

"There's nothing anyone can do about it now." Nana replied.

And no one cares to talk about it
To talk about it

Cooro and the gang were walking through the woods. They had been walking for about an hour, but the woods were already clearing.

"Hey, guys," Cooro called. "I think I see a house!"

"Finally, maybe we could find a town, too." Nana cried. It had been about a week since she told her friends about Travis, she was still sad, but she knew he wouldn't want her to be upset.

They continued for about five minutes before Husky pointed and said "You were right, Cooro. There's the house."

As they approched the house, Nana stopped dead in her tracks.

"Nana?" Senri asked.

"No," Nana whispered. "Why did it have to be here?!"

Cooro and Husky stopped. But, it suddenly dawned on them. This house, the one in front of them, was Nana's.

Cause' I've seen love die way too many times
When it deserved to be alive
(When it dserved to be alive)

"Nana?" Cooro asked when he saw the girl shaking. He stepped closer to her and put his hand on her shoulder.

But, Nana was shaking from tear. No. she was shaking from rage.

"Nana," Husky asked in shock, catching a glimps of her face. "W-what's wrong?!"

Before any of them could get and answer, Nana's wing burst out of her back. She flew towards the house and bangged on the door. And, to her slight fear and anger, Kohaku answered the door.

"Huh," He asked. "Whatta you- aragh!"

Nana grabbed her father by his shirt and flung him across the field. Kohaku blinked in shock as Nana hovered over him.

"N-n-n-nana?!" he cried.

"Where is she?!" Nana demanded.

"Where's who." Kohaku questioned.

"My mother you son of a bitch!!"

Kohaku blinked and raised a shaking hand towards the house.

Nana turned and yelled "Naomi! Come out here!!"

She waited for a long time. But, a tall, thin, woman walked out.

"Nana?" she gasped in disbelief.

Nana's eyes swelled in tears and her mother ran to embrace her.

"Mom," Nana whispered.

I've seen you cry way too many times
When you deserved to be alive

"NANA LOOK OUT!!" Husky cried.

Nana spun around and saw her father coming at her with an axe. No, not an axe. The axe. The same on that was used to kill her brother. Nana's blood started boling as she grabbed her mom and jumped in the air. She put Naomi down next to Senri and charged at her father. Kohaku turned around, but was surprisingly met with Nana's fist. The blow wasn't hard but it surprised him enough to stumble back and drop the axe. When he looked up, Nana had the axe in her hands and raised over her head.

"I want you dead," She snarled. "You hurt my mother. You killed my brother. I. Want. You. DEAD!!"

She was about the bring it down when someone ran in front of her and yelled "NO!!"

Nana froze in shock. She couldn't believe her eyes. Slowly, they began to fill with tears.

"Mom," she whispered. "Move. Please! I don't wanna hurt you. You could have a better life without him! Please. Just move."

Naomi shook her head.


"Because," Naomi said simply. "I love him."

Nana let the tears trickle down her cheeks. She dropped the axe and turned away. But, Kohaku pushed past Naomi, grabbed a jagged rock and aimed for Nana's head.

"NANA!" Husky cried.


Everyone froze. The sent of fresh blood filled the air. The only noise was a chocked gaging and a thud to the ground.

Nana turned around slowly and her eyes widdened in pure shock. Cooro was standing behind her, hatchet in hand and blood dripping off it.

"Cooro?" she breathed.

She got a look at Cooro's face and was shocked. It was twisted in rage and anger. At his feet was he father, slowly gasping for breath. Cooro bent down and grabbed Kohaku by the shirt.

"Don't. Ever. Touch. Her. Again. GOT IT?!"

Kohaku's eyes widened. Suddenly, Naomi screamed.

"MONSTER! GET AWAY FROM HIM! YOU COULD'VE KILLED HIM!!" She ran between Cooro and Kohaku and threw herself over her husband.

"Mom?" Nana gasped.

"Don't call me that," Naomi shouted. "You're not my daughter! You're a monster! Please, just leave me and my husband and go with the other monsters! You're not my daughter anymore!"

Nana felt faint. Cooro walked over and wrapped his arm around her waist. He looked over at Husky and Senri. They nodded and started to leave. He scooped Nana up in his arms and slowly started to fly.

They were silent for a long time. Finally, Nana broke the silence.

"She hates me."

Cooro looked down, he could see Nana shaking. He landed on a tree branch and looked at her. She looked up at him and began to sob on his chest.

"It's okay," Cooro soothed. "You don't need them. You have us. We're your family. It'll be okay."

He wrapped his arms around the younger girls waist and held her as she cried.