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1. Citrus

"Ugh." Blue groaned with her head resting on her desk. Spring colds were the worst. The bell rang signaling the beginning of class. Obnoxious bells equaled obnoxious headaches. She buried her head into her arms hoping that no one would talk to her for the rest of the period.

The class filed in sharing the last bits of gossips and jokes before the teacher could come and yell at them to sit down. The poor girl tried to tune their annoyingly loud voices out. She couldn't stand this torturous routine today. What she wouldn't have given for a nice warm bed and a cup of hot chocolate to soothe her sore throat? But no. What she got was a full day of lectures, unbearably noisy classmates, and a constant ringing in her ears.

She heard the clunks and shifts of a person sitting down in the seat in front of her. Her nose shriveled as the strong smell of citrus filled them. Glancing up she saw that the person who sat in front of her was peeling an orange. What was his name? It was a color, right?

He made grunts of annoyance as he tried to peel the layers of white gunky underskin. Blue raised her eyebrow. From the squealing and hushed gossip she heard from the girls in her class, he was popular for his cool I-don't-give-a-damn attitude. He made a rather unattractive noise as he continued to struggle.

"Just dig your fingernails in deeper." Her voice came out raspy and hoarse, but she really didn't care.

The spiky brown haired boy looked at her at the sound of her voice and glanced back down at his hand. He held up his hand for her to see it clearly.

"No fingernails." He then continued to pick at the orange.

"Oh," she simply watched his attempts with a tired look on her face, "I would help, but I'm sick."

"Hmm," the boy responded with most of his attention concentrated on the orange. "A grapefruit would have been harder to peel. Glad I didn't grab that this morning." His voice was nonchalant as if it was quite natural to talk about citrus fruit. Blue thought carefully about his statement not quite sure how to respond. She wasn't quite sure if he was talking to her or himself. Surely he wouldn't have said it so loudly if he wasn't referring to her, right?

"Well I think the skin is harder to peel," she started slowly uncertain on how to continue, "but the layers underneath are easier, aren't they?" She got a shrug as a response.

"I should have grabbed a tangerine." A frown adorned his face as he continued to struggle with the underskin. "They have thin skins."

She quirked a smile at his rather unusual observation. "I personally like clementines. They're small, and they're the easiest to peel."

He snorted at her comment.

"Of course they're the easiest to peel. They're designed that way." At last he stripped off the last of the skin to meet the poor bruised slices.

Blue corked an eyebrow. "They were designed that way? You mean, people specifically grow them like that?" He nodded in response. "How do you know this?"

"Oh you know," He began as he split the orange in half, "There are books on this kind of stuff." He popped a piece into his mouth as he waited for response. Blue, meanwhile, looked away in bewilderment. There were books on citrus fruit?

"Here." She looked at him to see him offering half of the juicy fruit. She shook her head not wanting to take the treat he worked so hard for.

"Come on. Just take it." He gave her an exasperated look as she still hesitated. "I don't want the whole thing." He held his hand out even further, insisting that she take it.

Blue looked at the strange boy unsure whether she really should take half of the food he had slaved over for the last five minutes. After quickly making her mind up, she raised her hand slowly to take them.

"Green! Blue!" The two teenagers jumped in their seats and realized that their teacher had called them. The teacher looked down at the two with a prudish expression on her face. "I don't allow food in the class. Hush!" She held out a finger as if to cut off any objections from them. The two classmates shared a baffled look; they hadn't made a sound.

"I don't care if it's Orange Day. If you want to share oranges, do it after school." With that, the teacher turned around and began writing the assignment on the board.

"Che," Green turned around in his seat to face the front while whispered gossip and hushed giggles spread throughout the room.

Cerulean eyes gawked horrified at the teacher's back and then glimpsed at the calendar. Sure enough April 14th stared back at her in big bold letters. Blue groaned as she returned to her position with her head in her arms. She knew she should have stayed home today. If she knew the girls in her class even a little bit, she was certain a bothersome rumor would go around the school about Green and her as a couple.

Her face blushed red at the thought of the boy offering the oranges in a more-than-platonic-gesture. "Now's not the time to be thinking about that." She mumbled into her sleeves.

"Blue, Heads up. No sleeping in my class." The teacher's shrill voice rang in her ears causing her temples to throb. Blue reluctantly propped her head up on her elbow and planted a sour look on her face. The teacher was seriously getting on her nerves today.

As she looked down at her desk, her attention suddenly latched onto four wedges of orange. A warm smile spread across her face as she picked them up and quickly popped a piece into her mouth before the teacher noticed. As she chewed happily forgetting about the dilemma of the possible rumor, she noticed a scrap piece of paper caught onto one of the slices. She peeled it off of the sticky fruit and squinted to read the muddled message.

The book said oranges help you feel better when you're sick.

She smiled fondly at the scribbled message and carefully folded it. After sticking it in her pocket, she finished off the rest of the slices. Maybe tomorrow she would bring a few clementines to share with… His name was a color, right?

By the way Orange Day is a holiday on April 14th on which lovers share or exchange oranges.

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