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The tall blond man stood at the front of the bridge, his gaze looking towards the blue and green orb down below. His eyes were scanning the planet he, and others on this white battleship, called home. Then the trailed to the deck of the battleship, where the brave men and women who had fought with him, lay in various states of horror.

The purple one... Impaled by multiple swords, and unable to look up. The green and yellow giant... Missing an arm. The smaller blue robot, tied to the giant... he was ripped apart in most places, his armor barely holding. The blue and red robots... both missing an arm, with their cheasts torn open. The pink and black robots... Barely any of their armor intact. And lastly... the black robot, with the lions head on it's chest... It's armor nearly destroyed... one of it's drills shattered to nothing...

The battle ship itself was in similar condition to the rest of the robots... However despite everything... They made it home.

Taiga's eyes darted again to the Black robot... GaoGaiGar... The command staff had no contact with him, since he used the Goldion Crusher to destroy Pisa Sol. Taiga's eyes narrowed, but he believed that Guy was alive...

Kosuke walked up beside him. "Sir... The J-Ark is descending towards Japan... "

Taiga regared Kosuke for a moment, with mixed feelings of admiration and regret... The man had lost the love of his life, twice in such a short period... But had continued to perform his duty, as well as any member of the Gutsy Galaxy Guard.

Taiga smiled. "Thank you... Make sure the others know, that our courage, has brought us home."

Dr.Liger zoomed past on his hoverboard before landing next to the two, his board landing smartly on his back. "I instructed Tomoy to make our descent slow, so as to not further damage the Braves... However..."

"Hm?" Taiga let out. The proffesor never used the word, however unless it involved something that would mess things up.

"However... The Orbit base in nowhere to be found."

"What?!" Taiga said surprised. The 3G orbit base had been their home... True it didn't have the facilities to handle this level of damage, but the fact that it was MISSING was something of great concern.

"We'll have to run a search in the database after we land." Came from Kosuke's lips, even as the red flame from re-entry dissapered...

Only to be replaced by an explosion that threw all the 3G members to the deck.

"WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?!" Hyumma cried out as he stood, and ran to the window.

"What... What is going on here?" Taiga said, his eyes wide, as he looked down below.

What had fired on them seemed to be a grey mobile unit. One of hundreds. Their were countless numbers of them, some with shovel arms, others with ladders, all with their weapons pointed at the J-Ark.

A form in the back struggled to rise. The silver J, leaned aganist the wall. "Prepare Anit-meson and Anti proton cannons."

Taiga looked at him with alarm. "NO! IF YOU FIRE, YOU'll DESTROY THE BRAVES!"

J looked straight at him, "And if I don't we all die."

Taiga's eyes widened again. "No..."

The ship shook again, and the cables holding GaoGaiGar snapped, dropping him to the city below. Taiga looked at the falling mech, at the enemy units targeting it. "GUY!"

Hyuma cried out as well, "GAOGAIGAR!"

Unheard to all the others... a third voice rang out... "Guy... Please... Wake up."

Gaogaigar continued it's headlong plunge before a voice was heard...


Gaogaigar's wings snapped out, and the headlong plunge turned into a flight straight at the mobile units. "BROKEN MAGNUM!" Was the cry, and the right fist shot off , tearing into the individual units.

More than forty fell, the rest turning their attention to the reborn King of Braves. Aiming their weapons they opened fire.


The shots impacted aganist the barriar. However, even though weakened from the battle before, the protect shade was too much for the units to penetrate.

"This... This is the power of Genesic" Taiga found himself saying in amazement.

Then suddenly... The attacks stopped. Each and every mobile unit ceased fire, although they kept their weapons trained on Gaogaigar. Taiga could see how tense guy was, even through the mighty armor of Gaogaigar, he could see it. He knew it well, for he shared it.

"... J-Ark... Take us down to the ground, and land." J said after a moment.

"Roger." was Tomoy's response. The white battleship soon touched down in behind Gaogaigar, it's only defense.

A helicopter was soon seen approaching. It flew once around the King of Braves, and J-ark, before landing on it's deck. A brown haired man in a black buisness suit stepped off, The three G symbol on his left breast. His hair stuck out ahead of him, and was greying at the temples. He walked forwards without fear of the mechs to either side of him, or the J-ark's cannons which could disintigrate him, and the chopper at a moments notice.

Taiga, uncertain, descended to the deck, his senior staff following. When he exited the battleship and began walking towards the man, he noticed that the mans attention was more on GaoGaiGar than anything else.

"As the Leader of the Gutsy Galaxy Guard, I demand to know why your units opened fire on us!" Taiga stated when in front of the other man.

The man looked at him, and Taiga stared back in shock. This older man... was crying with a smile on his face. "You'll have to forgive my men... things have changed drasticly since the days of EI-01, and the 11 souls masters. When they couldn't contact you, the Gutsy Geoid Guard had to take you as Hostiles. Fortunitly I got to the main order room before too much damage had occured."

"YOU OPENED FIRE WITHOUT PROVOCATION!" Guy shouted from Gaogaigar which pointed at the man. "WHEN WE DID NOTHING TO THREATEN YOU!"

The man stayed silent for a moment. "I'm sorry Guy... If I had been at my post at the time of your arrival none of this would have happened."

The groups eye's slowly widened as the man said Guy's name. Taiga was the first to speak. "ho...Who are you?"

The man smiled again. " My name is Mamoru Amani. As head commander, of the Gutsy Geoid Guard, I welcome you all back to Earth... After forty years."