Okay..... I owe everyone a bit of an apology... Namely for taking so long to update.

One part of it, is the fact that I know how I want to continue the story, but have yet to find a way that dosn't make it lame.

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The third part..... I picked up World of warcraft.

So.... As an apology for the wait.... since chapter 10 STILL isn't how I like it yet, and, to show that I still remember some things.... Here's a bonus chapter.

Special Request Story. GaoGaiGar Aganist.... Megas XLR. Watch out for that waistline folks.

Part one. Japenesse Food Is Awesome.

"BBBBBUUUUUUUUURRRRRRPPPPPP!!!! WOW! This stuff is pretty sweet!" Coop said as slammed his empty bowl of ramen down on the restraunts counter.

"Gee.... Dunno why'd you say that? " Was the reply from the gothic Jamie sitting next to him. "That's only your tenth bowl."

"The food IS good though. " Came the reply from the Red-headed warrior, known as Kiva. "And it's alot more nutrious than burgers, shakes, hot dogs...."

The two looked at her.

" ....... It's pretty good tasting. " She said.

"ROCK ON!" Was Coop reply, before looking at her. "You gonna finish that? "

As Kiva pushed her half empty bowl towards Coop, Jamie popped up, "So what country is this stuff from anyways? China? Korea? "

"It's from Japan" Was her response.

Coop finished the bowl. "I always wanted to go to Japan. Check out the newest video games, see the giant robots. I could never afford plane tickets though.... And then you need a way to get around, and a place to stay...."

"Don't you just need a place to stay?" Was Jamies question.

Kiva, seeing where this was going merely put a hand on her face in exasperation.

"Huh?" Was Coop's response.

"Dude.... You own a giant robot, that can fly across the galaxy.... You REALLY think you can't go to Japan?"


Kiva let out a sigh. "Lets just go.... and lets try NOT blowing up Japan."

"awww..... But...."

"NO BUTS! God I don't even know how Jeresy puts up with you."

Coop and Jamie looked at eachother, before Coop piped up. "Well, geez Kiva.... It's Jeresy."

"Pfft. Yeah Kiva."

Since Kiva had no idea what killing Coop and Jamie would do to the future, she restrained herself once again. Little did she know, Coops descendent would pilot a giant robot, march it around a city and get courtmartialed for property damage. Jamie's descendent would look at the glofrt invasion, steal all the money he could, run like hell to a different planet, and spend the rest of his days the Hugh Hefner of this section of the galaxy.

If only she knew....


"Sir!" Was the cry from the blond woman at her station. "We have an unknown signal coming from the ocean."

"What?! Is it a Zonder?"

"No sir." From a white skinny guy, scratching his head to clear the dandruff. "No traces of Particle ZX detecated. But it dosn't match anything we've seen before... It's coming at us at a seriously fast spee..... It's going to hit the tower!!!"

The giant room they were in shook, and the members of this secret organzation had to graspe their consoles to keep from falling.

"It looks like it just grazed us." Said an old bald man, with rocket shoes. "However we can't let that monstrosity get to Japan."

"Agreed." Came from the blond haired man standing behind the center desk. " Lets send out Guy and Galleon. This man shall not have his way with our home!"


"Coop you need to be more carefull!" Shiva said. "You just grazed that tower their."

"Hey, I didn't 'graze' it. I rubbed it. And it's still standing. It's all good." Was Coops reply.

"Pfft. Yeah.... He destroys Jeresy once a week. No one going to cry about rubbing a tower." Came from Jamie.

"We're not in Jeresy anymore. We can't blow up the city." was Kiva's stern reply.

"Oh Oh Oh! What if were attacked by giant japenesse robots? Like er... I know, a gundam. Yeah, what if were attacked by a gundam? Can I blow it up then?"

"NO!!.... Just the Gundam!"

"What if it has, like, a super nuclear reactor in it? Can I still blow it up?"

"....... Pfft, fine, do what you want. Just don't expect me to pick up the pieces."


"What about a giant robotic lion with a red haired guy riding on top?" Jamie asked.

"Where did you get an picture like that in your head?" Was Kiva's confused question.

"Theirs one coming right at us."


Galleon rammed it's head into Mega's knocking it off course and into the dirt, Megas leaving an oversized trench behind as it skid.

"You... You have no right to be here!' Guy Shisioh yelled out. "Go back to where you came from!"

However, Coop was having none of that..... "Huh?"

Namely because he didn't understand Japenesse.

This....was going to end badly.

:End Bonus chapter 1: