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Rose's POV

"Rose honey! I didn't mean to total your car!" Emmett pleaded. Of course he didn't mean to… but he still totaled my M3!

"You should have never taken my M3!" I shouted. God! Sometimes, I wondered why I married him.

"Hey! Edward challenged me to a race and your M3 is way faster than my Jeep!" he pleaded with me.

"Why would you race him? Don't you love me! Don't you care about what I care about?!?!" I yelled.

"Of course I do! I just thought that you would be able to fix it! If you can't I'll buy you a new one." he begged. I turned around to tell him off, but once I looked in his eyes, I knew I was fighting a losing battle.

I sighed, frustrated. "OK, I forgive you, just don't do it again!" He smiled too and brought his lips onto mine. A few seconds later our lips were locked passionately and his hand was moving towards my bra strap. I was still a little mad at him about the M3 so I tried to stop.

"Emmett, I don't want to do this right now, maybe later." I said, moving away from him.

He lost his grin from earlier and started pouting. I couldn't believe him! I refuse to have sex and he pouts! After what he did to my car! Did he love me just because I had sex with him? Without another word, I went into the living room with the rest of the family.

"Rose! Where'd you go?" He climbed down the stairs and sat on the loveseat next to me.

"I'm sorry Rose! I didn't mean to . . . uh. . . . What did I do this time?" he asked, confused.

"Ugh! I can't believe you! I refuse to have sex with you and you start POUTING! You have no right to be upset, you SEX FIEND!" I shouted. By now the whole family was listening in.

"Come on, Rose! You know that's not true. I could last without sex!" he said. The nervous look in his eye gave him away though. From their seats on the couch, I heard Jasper and Edward snort.

"What are you two looking at? None of you guys could last without us women!" I said.

"Yes we could! It's just that Emmett here is a special case!" said Jasper. Now it was time for the girls to snort.

"Edward, you haven't been able to keep your hands off me for ten minutes since
I was changed!"

"Yea Jazz, you're no better! I bet that you guys couldn't last a month without sex!" declared Alice. The twinkle in her eyes told me that she was up to something.

"Yes we could! You girls underestimate us sometimes!" said Emmett just at the same time that Edward had screamed NO! He sat down then, looking absolutely horrified. His topaz eyes were wide and his mouth was hanging open.

"Ok, then it's a deal!" said Bella, with a smug look on her face "We won't have sex with you guys for a month and if you guys lose, we get to make you do ANYTHING we want!" Emmett and Jasper joined Edward on the couch, looking as if someone told them they would die in a month.

"Girls, let's meet in my room! We have some things to discuss." said Alice. We all left the boys in their position, knowing that this would be an easy victory.


As soon as Alice shut the door behind her, she and Bella collapsed onto her bed in hysterics.

"That was even better then the vision!" said Alice. She looked as if she would have died from lack of oxygen if she were human. Bella was no better, she actually looked worse.

"Did you see Edward's face. I almost feel sorry for him. . . Actually, I don't cause this is too much fun!" Bella replied. I had no idea what they were talking about and I didn't like being left out of the conversation.

"WHAT are you guys talking about?!?! You better stop ignoring me or I will walk away from this bet RIGHT now!" I screamed and to my satisfaction, they shut up. They shared a brief look before the whole story came out.

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