Hi there, peoples! KJ is here with another Avatar: The Last Airbender Fan Fiction.

This is set right after The Seige of the North, part II. Only, imagine that Zuko did not lose his crew or his ship and that the story is different. This will be a Kataang story with hints of Tokka, Sukka, and Zutara. Please note that since I like Zuko being the bad guy, he isn't the nicest guy in the world in this story. In fact, if you are a Zuko fan, I would suggest staying away from this story. I hope you enjoy and please R&R! Thanks!

Chapter 1 from Katara's P.O.V.

"Sokka," I said crossly, "We're supposed to be going in the other direction!" I shivered in the weather that was getting steadily colder. Even Appa looked like he was shaking.

"No," Sokka said, frowning, "We're going south to the Earth Kingdom! And we're heading south"

"That explains why it gets colder every second," I smiled sarcastically.

"My instincts say that we're heading south!" Sokka yelled, "And besides, you're holding the map upside down."

I rolled my eyes. "Yeah, because your instincts were so right the last time we followed them. And I am not holding the map upside down; it is just your position that makes it seem that way," I told my brother.

Aang decided that it was time to cut in. "Sokka," he said in that soothing way of his, "Katara is right; we're going north. Let's go back before we all turn into a giant icicle."

I tried to warm myself by getting out my sleeping bag and wrapping it around me. "I think it is a little too late for that." My teeth started to chatter.

Sokka grumbled but he turned Appa around and soon we were heading in the right direction. He was still mumbling about us being wrong and he was right by the time we could see the Northern Air Temple, a few days later. Aang and I just ignored him.

"Do you think we stop to say hi to Teo and his friends or do you think we should go straight to the Earth Kingdom to find Bumi?" I asked Aang to try to take my mind off of strangling Sokka and throwing him off of Appa and into the deep blue sea.

"I think we should go directly to the Earth Kingdom," Aang answered, "That way we don't waste time. I only have until the end of the summer."

I nodded. "You're right. Maybe Bumi could hurry up and teach you so that you can get on to Firebending." I suddenly realized that I had said the wrong thing.

Aang looked regretfully at my hands that I had planted in my lap and I knew at once what he was thinking. "I can't learn Firebending," he said slowly but firmly. I decided it was best not to argue with him at the time.

"What do you mean he won't teach you Earthbending?!" Sokka yelled, weeks later. I kept my mouth shut and didn't add to Aang's upset mood.

"Bumi just said that I should find another teacher," Aang explained for the umpteenth time.

"We don't have time to find another Earthbending teacher!" Sokka exclaimed.

I put my hand on Aang's shoulder and gave him a small smile. "We can do this."

Aang nodded as his hand slid up to where mine was. His fingers laced gently through mine. It felt good. "I know," he said tenderly, "But we'll have to hurry. Let's go find an Earthbending teacher."

"Where do you think we should start Earthbending training?" Aang asked excitedly, almost jumping up and down.

Toph, the new, tomboyish girl in our group, didn't move. She grunted something that sounded like later and moved off.

Aang looked so worried and upset at Toph's answer. I quickly grabbed his hand and asked, "Want to Waterbend?" Aang knew I was trying to help him and he accepted it and we ran to a nearby river.

We were both out of breath when we finally got to the slow moving crystal blue water of the river. "Let's rest for a moment," I panted, sitting down on the sand below our feet. Aang did the same. I couldn't help but notice that he was only inches from me. His hand slowly crept up to where mine was on the sand close to my lap and he held my hand as I held my breath.

"Katara," he finally murmured.

"Yes?" I breathed, noticing that he had scooted so close to me that we were almost touching.

"There is something that I want to, um, tell you," Aang said to me. I waited for him to go on. "Well," he said, taking a deep breath and clearing his throat, "I-I, um, well, I, uh…" This went on for a few minutes. At last he burst out, "I love you!"

I sat back to stare at him. His eyes were just so pure, a million emotions running through them. Fear. Love. Regret. Truthfulness. Hopefulness. I hesitated but only for a moment. "I love you, too," I told him, leaning forward just a little.

Aang appeared to hesitate but then leaned forward suddenly and kissed my lips. The minutes went by and still the kiss did not break. We did eventually break and we smiled at each other. Then Aang burst out laughing.

"What's so funny?" I asked, joining in on the laughter because it was so contagious.

"Nothing," he replied, "It is only that it feels so good to have that out after months of hiding it."

"I know how you feel," I said. And I did. Then we noticed that it was getting dark and decided to get back to camp. We had meant not to tell anyone of our feelings for each other but Toph and Sokka caught on immediately.

"Aang," Sokka said, being calmer than I had expected, "Why don't you and I have a man to man talk tomorrow about this." I didn't object although I don't know why.

"Prince Zuko," Iroh said softly the next evening, opening the door to Zuko's chamber, "I have some news for you."

"What news?" Zuko asked from where he was meditating on his bed.

"We have caught sight of the Avatar," Iroh told him, "And they have just landed."

Zuko stood up. "Assemble the crew," he said, "We're going after the Avatar."

Sokka and Aang left around evening leaving me and the slob of a girl together. Then Toph decided she had had enough of me and chores so she lumbered off to go what she called mud bathing.

I was sitting near the fire pit with some mending with Momo curled up at my feet when I heard a noise. I got up but didn't see anyone. Then I turned around to be face to face with Prince Zuko of the Fire Nation himself.

Well, how did it go? I write pretty quickly and providing that I don't forget, there should be a new chapter about twice a week or so. I hope you enjoyed it and please tell me what I can fix to make this story more enjoyable! I know that Zuko's last line sounded like what Zhao said, I just realized that. Maybe because I watched that episode over and over again for my brother's enjoyment last night.