Chapter 3 from Zuko's P.O.V., some Aang's P.O.V., and some Katara's P.O.V.

After torturing the girl, I decided to walked around the ship. I had a guard take her some food and some water and then walked up to the deck. Then I began my thoughts.

How did she hold through? No one I had interrogated before had been able to hold through without telling anything I wanted to know. How did a mere fourteen-year-old girl not break to my will?

No matter, I told myself, I will get to her next time. The next time I ask her questions she will give me the answers that I want. She will.

"Why does that arrogant, stuck up, stupid, brainless twerp of a prince want with MY sister?" Sokka asked. He looked mad enough to fight with a Hornet-Bee.

"He wants me," I replied, "He's going to use Katara to get to me."

"What a low down, stupid, idiotic…" Sokka started. He started listing many things down that wouldn't be appropriate here.

"Yeah, it's a bad idea, we get it, snoozles," Toph sighed.

"It is a REALLY brainless, foolish, low, dim-witted idea!" Sokka burst out.

"Calm down, Sokka," I said as calmly as I could, "We need to think this through carefully so that we can rescue Katara without hurting her. Any ideas?"

"SNEAK ATTACK!" Sokka suggested excitedly.

"You know, that actually might work. We need to rescue Katara without letting Zuko know that we're on his trail. Sneaking may be the only way to do that," I decided.

The guard threw some food and drink into my cell. I ate and drank all of the almost inedible stuff that they had given me. I was feeling a bit better and used some of the liquid left in my cup to practice my Bending.

Even though Master Pakku had taught me many things, I still needed to practice regularly although lately I hadn't been. I practiced until I grew thirsty and drank the last of the water.

I began to think of what I might have been doing with Aang, Sokka, and Toph at that very moment if I wasn't captured on Zuko's ship. I would probably be either cooking dinner or just starting to get ready to cook. Aang would probably be following me around, begging to help me, Sokka would probably be sharpening his boomerang, and Toph would likely be picking her toes is what I eventually decided. How I wished I could have been with them then.

Short chapter, I know. I've just been sick lately. First a cold then a fever then I lost my voice and now I have a cold again. I hate this time of year. Anyway, I already started the next chapter and since it is spring break, I may be able to finish it and get it up here sometime this week.But knowing my bad memory skills, that may not happen. Thanks for reading!