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Captain's Log, Stardate 3147.9:

Mister Darr has completed repairs to the warp drive, and we are currently on an intercept course to collect a reconnaissance drone. As soon as we pick it up, we will be leaving the system at warp six. The information we already have is far too important to the security of the Federation to delay; only the fact that we needed to make the repairs before we could depart allowed me to justify the launching of the probe.

The transporter whine faded, and the probe materialized on the cargo transporter stage. Salazar immediately began attaching leads to the probe, and downloaded its contents to his padd.

"Four Klingon cruisers. An old D6-type light cruiser, Federation reporting name Mirror-class. Three D7-type heavy cruisers, Federation reporting name Akif-class. Wait." He tapped the padd, enhanced one of the images. "This one is not quite consistent with the D7. Looks like a new type of some sort. Extra phaser emitters here and here. Forward spinal-mount disruptor is missing, and it has a torpedo tube there instead." He glanced over at the Captain. "My intelligence reports don't mention any new Klingon cruiser types."

"Not a problem, Mister Salazar." David nodded. "We don't expect you to know everything; just next to it." He punched the intercom button, waited for the familiar whistle. "Bridge."

"Weber here."

"Mister Weber, Deep Space Station K-3 is under Klingon control. We can't do them any more good here."

"Aye, sir. Warp speed at your discretion."

"Make it so." He closed the circuit. "Mister Salazar, I believe that we have bridge duty."

"Yes, sir." Salazar switched off his padd. "Sir...does this mean that there's going to be a war?"

"No." David shook his head. "There's already war. The instant that Taj fired into and destroyed Hermes, a state of war existed between the Federation and the Klingon Empire. When Taj fired into us, and we got away, the state of war was declared. All that is left now is for the Federation Council to make it official."

"So we are at war." Salazar sounded rather glum.

"Yes. We'll be back at Starfleet Headquarters in two weeks, and I don't doubt that we'll be sent back out again almost immediately." David sighed. "With luck, the Federation Council can avoid hostilities, find some way of keeping the peace. But if not...Starfleet is, at least in theory, a military force. It may fall on us to force an end to hostilities."