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Summary: Total AU Takes place with a westernish background. Dean saves Sam from his abusive father. (Non related slash!) Dean/Sam.

Title from Spring Awakening

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Sam Porter woke up with a start. The fifteen-year-old could hear his father banging around down stairs in their old farm house. He brushed his long brown fringe away from his brown eyes and looked out the window; the sun was high in the sky. He dressed as quickly as he could, stumbling over his long legs. It was cold in his room as the fire had died but more importantly he could already tell his father was in a foul mood and he didn't want his father taking it out on him. He raced down stairs. "Damn it Sam." Ethan, his father yelled. "How many times do I have to tell you not to make so much noise in the morning?" Ethan yelled as stormed over to Sam. Sam could see an empty liquor bottle on his father's arm rest on his favorite chair in front of the fire. Sam met his gaze and Ethan slapped him hard. The action appeared to hurt both of them. The sting hurt Sam's face and the sound hurt Ethan's head. Sam smiled internally, 'serves you right.' He thought. Ethan walked back over to the kitchen to fix himself a drink to help with the hangover. "Get your stuff together." He called over his shoulder. "We are heading to the market today, bout time we break in that new pinto." Sam smiled, he loved the market there were so many people and so many things to see and so many different ways that he could get away from his father. Just for a little while at least.

In town Dean Winchester woke up with a groan. The sun was poring in his eyes from the open window in the inn that he was currently staying in. The sun seemed to bounce of his short dirty blond hair. "Good morning sugar." He heard a husky voice say. He cracked one green eye open and rolled over and had his first good look at the night's distraction. The twenty-four-year-old had to stop himself from shuddering. She defiantly wasn't the angle in this light or this sober. "Get out." He said. "Your money is on the dresser." And he rolled back over onto his stomach. "Alright honey." She said with a groan as she got out of bed. Dean heard the door close on her way out. He ambled out of bed to the wash basin and mirror. He scrubbed the sleep from his face and went about washing. Dean had to go the to the market fair to get a horse. He was tiered of drifting from one town to the next stowing away on a train or trying to hitch a ride. It was time for him to get a horse.

Dean made his way through the market fair. He had seen fifteen horses already and none of them where what he was looking for. Suddenly he heard screaming and saw a mass of hysterics a head of him. People where running, knocking over stalls, fences and selling booths. A huge black mare had broken free of her ropes and was trying to get free, but there appeared to be too many people and stuff in her way. Suddenly the mare turned and cantered straight for Dean. Dean barley had time to register what was going on before a kid jumped in front of him throwing up his arms trying to calm the horse down. Dean could only see the kid from the back but he knew that he couldn't have been more than fifteen, though tall for his age. The horse reared and settled right before the kid. The kid stroked the horse's nose and long neck, leaning into her whispering in her ear. She seemed to embrace him with her neck lowly wining with what seemed like pleasure. The owner of the horse finally tracked her down yelling and screaming. He gave the kid a quick nod before throwing a leading rope around her neck and pulling her away. The kid watched them go stuffing his hands in his pocket. He looked around suddenly aware that everyone was looking at him. Dean took pity on him and walked up to him.

"That was um…" Dean trailed off as the kid turned around, and Dean saw him for the first time. His breath caught in his throat. The kid was beautiful to say the least. He had incredibly graceful features, with brown hair that hung in front of his dark soulful eyes and lips that were starting to curve into the slightest smile as if he was proud of his effect that he was having on Dean. But in truth the kid was so innocent that Dean knew that he had no idea the effect that he was having him. Dean didn't even understanding it himself. Dean had never in his life had trouble talking to anyone male or female. He had been with enough women to know who to charm anyone but this kid this boy no less left him, well speechless.

"It was nothing." The kid said. He looked down at the ground and started kicking the dirt with his boot. No longer being able to see the kid's face broke Dean's hypnosis. "No, it was what you did with that horse, just talking to it." "Her" the kid interrupted. "She's a mare." "Talking to her" Dean went on, "Well you really had away with her." He stopped as he saw the kid smile. The kid had a beautiful wide smile what made it all the more appealing was the way that he pushed his tongue to the back of his front teeth almost nibbling on it like a nervous habit. Dean felt his stomach flip flop and growing sensation come from his groin, he desperately wanted to explore that tongue. Dean tried to stop these thoughts he was a good deal older than this kid not to mention that he bed women, but there it was his tongue between his teeth. Dean suddenly realized that they were just standing there.

"My name is Dean, Dean Winchester." Dean said smiling. "Like the riffle?" The kid asked. Dean smile grew wider. "Like the riffle." He answered. "And you are?" Dean asked. "Oh umm." The kid blushed suddenly nervous as hell. "S-Sam Porter, Mr. Winchester."

Dean was taken back. 'Mr?...Mr. Jesus I am not that much older than the kid!' He thought. "Call me Dean." He said firmly. "Yes sir." Sam answered. Before Dean could corrected him he heard someone shout and Sam flinch as his eyes grew wide. Dean drew his eyes brows together in confusion. Then a man came up and grabbed Sam by the back of his collar and spun him around. "You answer me when I call you boy!" The man yelled in Sam's face. "Yes sir." Sam answered. The man probably Sam's father shoved him. Dean was having a hard time containing him self. He wanted to tear the guy a new one for yelling at his son like that. "Where the hell have you been? Huh? I have been looking everywhere for you!" "I…I…"Sam stuttered. Sam's father looked like he was about to hit him.

"He saved us from damn near getting trapped to death by a wide mare." Dean piped up. Sam's father threw him a quick look before grabbing Sam by the back of the neck and shoving him forward all the while keeping his death grip tight. Dean new that it would leave bruises on Sam's neck as he watched helplessly as they walked away.

Sam didn't seem to notice that his father was manhandling him. He was still in a daze. Sam had just taken off to stop the mare but it all got foggy after that. Dean. Dean was all Sam could put together in his head. He was soothing the horse then…Dean. The first thing that Sam remembered was his low even voice, then it was those green eyes. Sam remembered his owns eyes drifting down Dean's face over nose lingering at his lips, then continuing down his neck, his broad shoulders and solid build. As he stood in front of Dean, Sam wondered what it would like to slip his hand under his shift and feel his soft skin. Then as his father gave him a particularly ruff shove into one of the make shift barns that was erected for the market fair Sam's mind cleared. He had never felt this way before he didn't know what it meant, but he was pretty sure that he shouldn't felling be felling whatever it was for older men. Besides Sam was always getting special attention for the way he looked however a good portion of that attention was directed at the new cut or bruise that he had on his face at any given time. Ethan broke his train of thought. "Well just don't sit there! Get off your ass and get the horses ready!" Ethan yelled. "And boy!" Ethan said, and Sam turned around. "What you did with that horse back there…just like your mother. She had a way with horses too." He said and he walked off. Sam watched his father go. He never talked about Sam's mother, and if he did it was never in the same context as Sam. Sam realized he had done a good job, and that was his father's sad attempt at saying so. Sam got back to work and as he was saddling the horses Dean flooded back into his mind and a smile graced his lips.