First vampire story!!! I don't own Naruto!!!!!!


Sakura Haruno ran down the darkened halls of her home. Tears were streaming down her face as she realized she was still being chased by the vampire that had killed her entire family. I have to get away from this guy... she thought as she turned a corner only to see the handsome vampire in front of her. She quickly turned around to run again and was grabbed by the wrist and slammed against the wall. "Tsk... what a weak little human..." he murmered, pressing her to the wall. Sakura continued to sob and tried to wiggle away from the onyx haired blood-sucker. "You are a very pretty one though, and you smell so good... I'll spare your life... on one condition." he said.

"W-what?" she asked.

"You become a vampire and my mate." the man replied. Sakura slightly gasped and then bowed her head.

"Fine," she said, "Bite me."

"Hn, fine." the vampire replied. He silently bent over and whispered, "Be ready for a world of agony." The man then sunk his teeth into the girl's neck. Sakura winced at the pain, and then she suddenly felt a burning feeling in her body, and she soon passed out.


Sakura awoke in an unfamiliar room in an unfamiliar place. She looked around her only to find the midnight-haired vampire lying beside her. Memories of her deal with him flashed through her mind and she realized that she was a vampire. The man next to her moved and then sat up. "Hn, you're finally awake... I'm guessing you want my name huh?"

"That would be nice..." Sakura replied.

"I'm Uchiha Sasuke, and your name please?"

"Haruno Sakura..."

"Actually, now you're Uchiha Sakura..." Sakura immediatley looked down and started to cry tearless sobs "Look, I'm sorry about last night," Sasuke told Sakura, "There's an evil side to me that only comes out at times, and every other time I'm good Sasuke."

"So you're good right now?" Sakura asked.

"Yeah..." Sasuke responded, "And I definately won't hurt you anymore, and if you want to leave now, I totally understand."

"Nah... I'll stay..." Sakura responded. She smiled slightly and then hugged Sasuke, "and you're forgiven...".