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"Inner Sakura/"Text"/'Thoughts'



"WHEEE!!" Yelled a brunette as she swung form branch to branch. The long haired Hyuga grunted in annoyance.

She did a flip in mid-air and landed gracefully on the ground. She grinned at him as he sat under the shade of a tree, eyes closed and hands crossed across his chest.

"Tenten" he said monotonously.

She pouted "Aww Neji, your no fun!" He simply shook his head.


"Fun sucker" Tenten grinned as he glared at her.

"Fun what?"

"Fun sucker, you need to loosen up Neji." Tenten walked over to him. She sat next to him, side-glancing at him as he meditated.

"Not like that...Neji?" Said man opened one eye, only to find his female teammate up in his face. His eyes widened at how close she was. He could feel her minty breath on his cheek.

"Your eyes...oh wow there lavender!" Neji felt his eye twitch.

"What did you think they were?" Tenten blinked innocently.

"Pearl white"

"Ah" he closed his eyes again.

"You know? They would look good if they were pearl white." He stayed quiet.

"And your hair is soft" Tenten grabbed a strand of hair and twirled it playfully. Neji grunted in response.

"It would look better if it was tied into a low pony tail" Neji opened his eyes.

"Why are you observing me?" She giggled, causing Neji to stiffened.

"It's fun" She said as she leaned closer to him. Neji instinctively leaned back until his head collided with the tree.

'What is she doing?' He thought. Tenten's eyes gleamed with mischief and she grinned.

"You know what else would look good on you?" He shook his head no. Tenten smirked, he raised his eye brows.

Tenten leaned more into him until she was centimeters away from his face. He, surprisingly, didn't push her away.

'What is she...?' Neji's eyes got wide as he felt a pair of warm, soft lips on his own. He tensed as he felt her pull away, regretfully. He quickly wrapped his arms around her petite waist and bring her closer to him. He felt her gasp in surprise.

He took advantage of that and plunged his tongue into her mouth. He smirked into the kiss as he felt her completely freeze then slowly kiss him back. Tenten put her arms around his neck and Neji tightened his grip on her.

It was awkward at first but then it became a passionate fight for dominance as there tongues ravaged one another's mouth.

They broke for air and Neji smirked at the dark red hue the surrounded the bridge of her nose. Tenten's blush deepened as he put his forehead onto hers. He looked into he chocolate brown eyes and smiled amusingly.

"Your right. That would look good on me"

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