If there was one thing that Chase loved to do, it was watch her. Cameron.

When she was working, she wore a cute expression on her face that he had absolutely adored since the first time he'd seen it. When she was arguing with House, Foreman and sometimes even him on behalf of a patient, he loved to see the red flush creep into her cheeks and he loved the passion in her voice.

He loved her strength, as it was also her vulnerability.

He loved the way her hair fell over her face while she was bent over one of the benches in the lab and his fingers always itched, wanting to reach out and push the loose strands behind her ear.

He loved to watch her, but he knew that was all he could do. Anything more could push her over the edge and further away from him than she was now. Taking down the walls they'd built between them would have consequences he knew she wasn't ready to face quite yet.

Until that changed, he was happy to just be in the same room. He knew her and he knew that eventually, she would be his.