Chapter 3: Secrets Revealed

Harry awoke with a start. Then he yelped! He had hit his head on the head board.

Ginny was standing above him. Her face close to his and contorted with worry. Suddenly he grabbed her and held her so tight, it felt almost like they were one. She hugged him tightly as well and stroked his bed head.

"What's the matter Harry? I could hear you from my room."

Harry glanced at the clock, and saw it was only two in the morning.

"It was nothing Gin. But I need to talk to you. She sat next to him. "You know I need to face Voldemort, right?" She nodded and Harry was surprised she hadn't flinched.

"Well I'm just afraid he might use you to get to me. I'm not strong enough to lose you Gin. If you're gone, I'll surely be right after. And I've been having dreams. You're always out of my reach and I can't even catch you when you fall."

Ginny now understood why he wouldn't let go. "We are meant to be, and nothing can take that away." He looked up at her and saw the truth in her eyes. They shared a chaste kiss and when it was broken she suggested, "Why don't I stay here? Maybe my presence will give you better dreams."

And with that they fell asleep in each other's arms, dreaming sweet dreams.


The next morning Ron went to wake up Harry and Ginny for breakfast. IT was eleven o'clock, so it was more like brunch. He went to Ginny's room and found no one there. Thinking she had gotten up and was already in the bathroom, he headed towards Harry's room. But when he opened the door he stood shock still. Lying in the bed were Harry… and Ginny! They were cuddled up nice and cozy.

Ron stifled a scream and ran downstairs.

"Hey your guys! You won't believe it! Harry and Ginny are together!" he exclaimed.

Everyone's reaction was different. Mrs. Weasley was jovial, Mr. Weasley was staring into space muttering something about "his little girl," Fred, George, Charlie, and Bill simultaneously said, "Pay up!" Apparently they had held a bet on the specific timing of this occasion.

"Haha! I knew it! I knew that they would get together within the day!" Fred cheered as he received twenty-three galleons, and five knuts from his not-so-happy-looking brothers.

Mrs. Weasley was about to reprimand them, and Ron was about to complain about not being let in on the bet, when Mr. Weasley asked, " Wait Ron. How'd you find out about this?"


Harry woke up and, with his movement, woke Ginny.

"Good morning," he whispered.

"Morning," she replied.

They kissed, then looked at the clock. It was eleven-thirty! Ginny jumped out of bed and rushed to her room to get ready. Harry got ready and in a few minutes, both were running down the stairs in a race for breakfast, well more like brunch. They came to the landing, out of breathe, laughing their heads off to see the entire Weasley household, as well as Hermione, who had arrived and been informed, waiting for them.


When they walked toward the kitchen table, they could feel everyone's eyes on them. What made it even stranger was that not one of the occupants of the table had even wished a good morning yet. They sat down and reached for their food when Ginny just couldn't take the funny looks anymore.

"Ok, what the hell is so funny?" she exploded. Underneath the table Harry discreetly squeezed her hand and she calmed a bit but was still simmering.

"We know something…" started Fred.

"About you two," ended George.

"What?" asked Harry, showing a cool and collected demeanor but was sweating like a pig on the inside.

"Umm…well you see," mumbled Ron.

"Ron found you two in the same bed!" shouted Hermione, which to say the least shocked everyone.

Harry and Ginny looked like deer caught in the headlights. The same thought was running through their minds…Uh-oh…


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