An eternity separates them.

Her life will be over in no time at all – especially if she continues to spend her time with him – and his life will go on forever.

She will grow old and die and he will retain his 30-year-old body for the rest of time.

It's a relationship doomed before it has even begun and yet they can't stop. Neither of them will break away from the other despite the inevitable heartache that will result and they go on, dancing this waltz life has thrown them into like nothing else matters.

Frankly, nothing else does matter.

In their world, it is just the two of them: Mick St John and Beth Turner, with their friends and family and bad guys (criminals) on the side.

There is black and white.

There are grey patches in between.

There is time: their worst enemy.

And there's something powerful between them that has yet to be destroyed by all that would tear them apart.

An eternity separates them in the physical world, but in the spiritual, they are bound together forevermore.

That bond makes some of the dangers they face seem less threatening.

That bond gives them hope.

They'll survive.