Yay! Last one! Okay, the song lyrics are from Lifehouse's Everything. Quite possibly one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard o.o Seriously, it'll make you cry


"Everything…you're all I want…you're all I need…you're everything…everything…" Cain sang softly, his fingers tangling in Glitch's hair as he slept next to him. The brunette was curled against his chest, his breathing slow and even and his face relaxed in sleep.

"And how can I stand here with you… and not be moved by you… would you tell me how could it be any better than this…?" He pressed a gentle kiss to the top of the smaller man's head, inhaling the scent of sunflowers and hibiscus. Glitch snuggled closer to him, sighing softly in his sleep and tucking his head against Cain's shoulder.

Cain brushed his fingers down the smaller man's arms and back, enjoying the warmth and security of having him in his arms. There were some nights where he would simply watch the brunette sleep, memorizing every feature and detail of Glitch's face.

There was nothing he would rather do and absolutely no place in the world he would rather be than here with the forgetful headcase snuggled warmly in his arms.

"Would you tell me how could it be any better than this…?"

Super short again but tooth-rottingly sweet :D Hope you enjoyed it!!