Car. You. Now.

"I'm not drunk," Daniel protested, pushing uselessly at Jack who was attempting to guide him to the car. "Really, I'm not. Jack. Please. Let me go."

Jack rolled his eyes and shared a look with Sam. "Ahh! Daniel," he warned. "Car. You. Now."

Sam sniggered, covering her face with her hand. "Do you need some help, sir?"

Beside her, Teal'c smiled wanly in agreement. "Perhaps you would like me to assist in getting Daniel Jackson in the car?"

Jack raised an eyebrow.

Sam grinned.

Within about five seconds Daniel had climbed inside. "Fine, fine. I'm in. But I'm not drunk," he insisted, eyeing Teal'c warily. He slammed the door and wound the window down.

The Jaffa smirked at him.

"Teal'c! I'm not!"

Reaching over to buckle his seatbelt for him, Sam nodded. "I'm sorry, but you really are, Daniel."

"Yes!" Jack agreed. "You're very, very drunk. Very."

Daniel looked at each of them in turn, all of their faces suddenly serious, and pouted. "I'm not."

Teal'c made his way to the front of the vehicle and got in, pulling the door closed behind him. "Indeed you are," he put in.

"Not," Daniel argued. "Why, why, why would you say that? All of you. Why?"

Sam, Jack and Teal'c exchanged amused glances before turning to Daniel.

Sam took a step forward and leaned towards the open window.

"Daniel?" she said gently. "You do realise that you're wearing my dress, don't you?"

Daniel's eyes flickered from hers to Jacks' and then to Teal'c before he looked down quickly at his clothes. "I'm…I am not!"

He looked back up to find both Sam and Jack in hysterics, nearly doubled over. Teal'c also had a huge grin on his face that he found more than a little disturbing. "Guys? What's going on?" he asked them.

Jack reached through the window to pat him affectionately on the back. "We got you big time, Daniel," he explained, extracting his hand quickly as realisation formed on his friends' face.

Daniel glared as they all took off. "You…you…I'm going to get you for this!"