A/N: I come bearing part 2 at the request of Kathmak some time ago. I hope you like! :D

In The Middle (Pt 2)

They meet underneath a large tree with wide and dappled leaves, like they have so many times before. Despite the familiarity of the situation, her heart speeds up when she sees him and when he pulls her to him, she is lost. She is falling, harder, faster towards the ground.

His lips brush against hers, soft first and then harder. So warm. She melts into him.

His hands are rough but oh so gentle and she clings to him, devours him.

Her eyes flutter open at their own accord and it is then that she realises she's standing in the doorway of John's bedroom.

Her dream has ended.


She peers in.

John is sprawled on the bed, sheets covering his limbs. She takes a moment to paint the picture he makes in her mind. He groans softly and her dream re-enters her mind in an instant.

She pushes it away.

Perhaps he's having a nightmare? Surely not, judging by the sounds he's making, but she doesn't want to risk it.

She knocks and calls out his name. "John?"

He stirs.


Taking his response as an invitation, she gingerly makes her way to the side of his bed. She studies him intently. "How're you feeling?" At his blank look, she adds, "you sounded like you were having a nightmare."

His face tinges red. "Yeah. Some nightmare."

Oh. Oh wow.

Perhaps it wasn't a nightmare she woke him from.

Perhaps it was a dream more along the lines of the one she'd just been having.

A small smile reaches her face and as she turns and leaves, she wonders what it was that he was dreaming about.