Marluxia was bored.

Not always a good thing for the rest of the residents of the castle, Although there was this one time with that lamp and bananna tree...(1)

There was nothing to do, so he continued to just lay there. Thinking, Daydreaming, and overall shirking anything and everything he was meant to be doing at the time.

He sighed as he stared up at his vine covered ceiling. It had taken a great deal of coaxing and bribing to convince his plants to grow in this dreary lifeless place, but he had nevertheless persuaded them that this would be a wonderful place to live.

If only he could believe that himself. It was depressing in the world that never was. Not that he really felt depressed, just the memories of it. His mind trying to convince his body of a reason to live. Trying to convince him he could feel, that he still had a heart.

It never worked.

There was always a hollow feeling inside, slightly aching. As if someone had ripped something out of him, which consequently is exactly what happened.

Sometimes he wondered, what would have happened to him if the heartless hadn't come. Maybe he'd be leading a perfectly normal life right now, instead of lying in a overgrown room in the middle of nothingness.

Marluxia quickly shook these thoughts away. His somebodies life had been even worse than this by his standards.

He'd never had a job, didn't have any friends, couldn't sustain a relationship, he'd been a college flunk-out. The only good thing he could say about his past life was his garden. It had been his pride and joy, but even that was pitiful it had practically just been a small patch of dirt with a rosebush or two.

It didn't matter anymore. He had a new garden now, full of friends, bigger and better than before, he even had a job, albeit working for the organization wasn't much of a job. Being reborn in a sense, had also somehow filled in lot of the blanks in Marluxia's education.

The only thing he was lacking in this life was a relationship.

Funny how the instinctual habits like lust and attraction were still present, where as things like love and affection were completely gone.

Marluxia didn't need a relationship. He needed an outlet for his more instinctual needs.

Sitting up, The Graceful Assassin let a smirk slide across his face.

He could only think of one being worth the time of day when it came to breaking boredom.


Somehow Marluxia couldn't help letting out a soft laugh. Vexen with his stoic exterior, just waiting to be shattered into a thousand little bitty pieces.

Oh and how Marluxia love poking at that icy man. Seeing how far he could push him before he'd crack, The fact that Marluxia was Vexen's current lab assistant just made it all the more fun for the Assassin.

Yes Vexen would certainly alleviate his boredom.

Vexen peered through the microscope and very carefully adjusted the small
tissue sample he was trying to examine.

He had gone through a lot of trouble to get that small flake of skin and was
not willing to lose it. Besides he didn't think Xemnas would miss it too

Groping around with his right hand, Vexen frowned and stood up straight, glancing around his lab.

Said lab was white. If possible it was even whiter than everything else in
their godforsaken castle. Everything in the lab was neat and tidy, everything
had its assigned spot and was always kept impeccably clean.

That was how the scientist liked it, and so that was how everything was

Well, almost everything. There was one small section of the lab that was
always covered in papers, equipment and plants.

Scowling, Vexen stared angrily at the offending area, as if merely by will
alone, all the mess and clutter would instantly disappear. Though of course
that would never work.

Vexen frown deepened when he realised the petri dish he was looking for was in said mess, which meant he'd have to sterilize the thing. Instead the Chilly Academic walked briskly over to a nearby cupboard and pulled out a fresh dish.

He would have get number XI to clean his mess up when he

Marluxia smirked openly as he glided over to the Scientist, taking care not to make a noise.

"Number XI, If you have nothing better to do why don't you go clean that up."
Vexen stated, waving his hand in the general direction of Marluxia's work

The Graceful Assassin paused, slightly put off, It was beyond him how the man seemed to always know when someone was in his labs.

Shrugging off the minor setback Marluxia decided to play a little game with the scientist.

"But Vexen," he pouted, "That's not what I wanted to do at all."

"What you want to do is completely irrelevant as to what I have told you to
do." Vexen hissed. He really had no time for the neophyte's antics, "As your
superior I order you to clean up that so called office."

"But Vexen" He whined.

"You will Address me either as Superior or Number IV."
Marluxia humphed silently, Vexen was being no fun at all. Not that he had expected anything different.

A small smile played across
his lips, before he hid it behind a bland expression.

"Yes, Number IV." Marluxia drawled before heading for his desk, Vexen's head
shot up.

"What did you say XI?" The Graceful Assassin merely gazed at him before
answering blandly.

"I said 'Yes, Number IV'...Superior." Vexen's mouth popped open, Marluxia
never listened to the Chilly Academic ever.

Regaining his composure Vexen merely huffed and turned back to his work.

Marluxia smirked.

'This is fun.'

Vexen had to restrain himself from turning around and smacking the smug grin right off of the neophytes face. The main reason he could not do this was because Marluxia wasn't doing anything.

None of his sharp insults, his accidents with the chemicals not even his reluctance to do anything and everything Vexen told him to. He was being placid, easy...nice.

Vexen shuddered. The man had to be sick, there was no other explanation for his behaviour.

The Chilly Academics thoughts were cut off by said mans voice;

"Sir where did you say you wanted these boxes?"

Vexen couldn't take it anymore, Marluxia was scaring him. Yes scaring, Vexen wasn't sure if he could even feel scared but nonetheless that was how he thought he felt.

He would get rid of him. That was the only solution

'But how?'

Marluxia was getting impatient, sure this whole being nice thing had been fun in the beginning but now the act was really starting to test his patience. All he wanted to do was slam Vexen into the nearest table until all the man could do was cry out Marluxias' name in pure pleasure.

A smile twitched at the mans lips as he thought about all the fun he could have with his superior.

The smile quickly turned to a scowl upon hearing Vexens next words.

"Marluxia I need you to retreive something offworld for me".

The scowl continued to deepen whilst the scientist explained exactly what he needed and from where.

Three Mermaid scales from Atlantica, A dragons tooth from the land of dragons, seventeen sea salt ice-creams from twilight town and a papoa fruit from the Islands.

Marluxia was pretty damn sure that Vexen did not need ice-cream for any of his experiments.

The man was trying to get rid of him. This would not work for Marluxia.

Screw being nice, he was going to have some fun.

Vexen had to hold back the huge grin that was threatening to plaster across his face as he saw the spark of annoyance flicker across his subordinates face. Marluxia wasn't happy about his latest errand, and it was becoming increasingly obvious now the man had stopped trying to hide his scowl.

Vexen couldn't help but smirk. He quickly wiped the expression from his face though when he saw a spark in those deep blue eyes and a small quirk to the others lips.

Marluxia started openly grinning as he slowly advanced towards the scientist

"But Sir I really think I could be of much more use here"

Vexen couldn't help but notice that those simple words dripped with malice and sarcasm.

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