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Marluxia slowly advanced towards the Chilly Academic, watching in wry humor as tendrils of vines slid across the others legs, too thin to be noticed, as they reached Vexens torso, Marluxia ordered them to thicken. They did so, Vexen suddenly realising his predicament, started thrashing, and frost quickly spread over the vines.

Tutting Marluxia, tapped his chin as if in thought.

"Now, why would you want to hurt my poor little plants" He simpered, as he said this, the vines grew thorns and tightened to dig sharply into the scientists skin, creating small trails of red that immediately seemed to captivate the Assassin.

Bending slowly towards his prisoner, a hand escaped the space of Marluxia's person to gently caress one of the wells of blood.

"Marluxia" Shuddering at the unwanted contact, the scientist hissed through clenched teeth, "Release me at once"

Snapped from his trance like state, a sadistic grin spread across the others face as he slowly rose to look the other in the eyes, scant inches apart.

Vexen could feel his subordinates warm breath ghost across his lips, and immediately tried recoil, but was stopped by the vines and a too gentle hand placed in the nook of his back.

"Marluxia what are--" The man's stuttering question was quickly broken off as the younger of the two smashed their lips together in a bruising kiss.

Moving to portal away from the awkward and terrifying situation, that too gentle hand suddenly dug into his spine.

"nuh uh" was the breathy command, "None of that my dear, otherwise you'll miss out on all the fun"

Vexen drew in a shuddering breath as suddenly that hand was, once again, moving. Fingers danced across the leather confines of his jacket, tracing and weaving sensual patterns all over the scientists body. Soon enough, the hand found the zip on the elders clothing and started toying with it.

By this time Vexens full attention was on the exploration of this hand, everywhere it went sent shivers coursing through his body, so the man was thoroughly startled when a sensual chuckle broke from the Assassins lips.

"My my Vexen, enjoying the show are we?" The teasing question earned the man a low growl from his prisoner.

Sooner than expected Vexen was shoved roughly to the ground, still tightly bound, as the other proceeded to straddle him.

"Marluxia what are you--" The elder was once again cut off by those fierce lips causing him to gasp. Marluxia, taking the proven opportunity slid his tongue into his prisoners mouth, exploring and mapping out every part of that luxurious cavern.

Shocked again by the neophytes abruptness, Vexen just lay still, not that he had much of a choice with more vines appearing from...wherever they appeared from, and let the other ravage his mouth.

He did however let out a startled yelp when Marluxia's hand was suddenly in his pants, and how dare that stupid Neophyte and...

"Nnh!" That had felt good, not that he would admit to it, no way in hell he would ever admit that to that big headed, pompous foo--

"Mmmf" He groaned into the mouth, that had once again planted itself firmly over his after his last outburst, eliciting a chuckle from the pink haired man above.

And then his pants were gone, and he was naked and hard,and where was Marluxia going!?

At the glare he was receiving Marluxia just laughed outright, "Now now I'll be back in just a moment my dear"

And then he was gone, poof, swirling portal of darkness and everything. Leaving Vexen hard and erect pinned to his own laboratory floor...and this was not, in any sense of the word, ok!

Gritting his teeth he tugged and the vines constraining him but they merely tightened, ice brought back those pesky vines and he would not bring himself to try and chew through those stupid vines.

Eventually the scientist settled on glaring at the spot where Marluxia had disappeared and speak of the devil! Black tendrils rose from the floor in instants to create a black veil, which in itself quickly receded leaving behind a, stupid idiotic insubordinate, assassin.

Strolling over like he had all the time in the world, 'He might as well have!'Vexens traitorous mind supplied, Marluxia stopped and kneeled next to his superiors head, eyes roving over every inch of the blonds body. Eventually his eyes stopped at the vines he himself had coaxed into restraining the scientist.

Tutting he ran his fingers along the protruding thorns, and instead of saying anything his hands just kept moving, down down down and then he was touching, and god, this was not pleasurable, NO NO NO!

But his body was betraying him and yesss it did feel oh so nice when he did that and god he was moaning freely now and that stupid assassin was laughing, but he couldn't bring himself to care because it was just. so. nice.

But then the hands were gone and Vexen couldn't help but whimper slightly in loss. Soft rustling and a resounding click, before, cold!

Cold fingers were probing and no no no!!

Too far! Not there! Oh no no!

"Marluxia!" He hissed, "wh-what are you--"

And there was a finger wiggling and urk! It felt wrong, it wasn't meant to be there!

Marluxia frowned in concentration as he stretched the academic, trying to find that place so that Vexen would cry out in pleasure"

Prodding and searching, he smirked when the scientist suddenly gasped and his eyes rolled straight back into his head.

"nnnhhh..." The man groaned, and Marluxia smirked, he'd found it, but Vexen wasn't wailing yet and that's what he truly wanted, not these smothered groans.

Roughly he pushed a second finger into that right ring of muscle and started scissoring, causing the man underneath him to groan loudly, this time in pain, as his insides were forced to expand.

But the pleasure was starting to take over now, and Vexens hips were squirming trying to get more of that feeling and now he was panting, but he couldn't care anymore, because now Marluxia's other hand was pumping him and--

"G-gods M-Mar...Marluxia" Vexen ground out, this time he didn't laugh though, instead he was kissing him, tongues fighting for dominance, Vexens hands in his hair, when had the vines gone?

"Nngh!" There goes that thought process, because he was doing something, twisting and pumping and probing and kissing and he was going to...!

But then he stopped and Marluxia was panting above him, both of them naked but neither care because Marluxias fingers were gone and he was pushing into that tight heat.

And it hurt so much, he was too full and the tears were soaking his face because it hurt so much!

But Marluxia was there, petting his hair, whispering nothings into his ears, kissing him and wiping away his tears.

It didn't hurt so much now, the stretching feeling was almost gone and as Marluxia shifted he brushed that spot and--

"Oh!" Vexen cried, vision turning white, "B-bastard...J-just... MOVE!!" He was crying, and then they were and oh so so nice and good and pleasure!

Marluxia was kissing him again, it was wet and sloppy, but neither cared, lost in their passion.

And vexen was close, so so close and Marluxia knew it, and he was pumping him in time with his thrusts, and it was all too much, and it all went white with pleasure and he was crying out, and constricting and god, Marluxia couldn't hold out, thrusting to the hilt he latched on to the scientists neck to muffle his own scream.

And they were sticky and hot and lying flush against each over, but neither cared, they both lay prone for a few minutes catching their breaths.

Marluxia was the first to gain control of his senses again and chuckled, ripping Vexen from his blissful state, and he was glaring, too exhausted to much more, but this made Marluxia laugh harder, again causing Vexen to scowl angrily.

Sobering up a little Marluxia smiled somewhat gently at the nobody lying under him, and brushed sweat soaked hair out of his face, and despite himself Vexens glare faltered and he leaned slightly into the touch.

Marluxia's smile broadened into a full fledged smirk now as he chuckled ruefully, "Feeling more agreeable now my dear?"

And Vexens scowl was back and he was angry and going to yell, and hurt Marluxia's poor eardrums.

So instead of having to deal with an angry scientist he bent his head foreward and kissed him gently, once, twice and he was nipping at the scientists lips and...he let him in. This time as Marluxia explored the moist cavern he had access to it responded to his ministrations and was kissing him back.

And when they came up for air and lay panting and staring at each other Vexen smirked and shoved Marluxia so that he was straddling the pinkette. Then he smirked down at the slightly shocked assassin, leaning forward so that his lips were pressed against his ear and whispered;

"My turn XI"