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I woke up and stretched. My bones creaked and Edward laughed. He wasn't driving, just lying on his seat. I sat up and rubbed my eyes, narrowing my eyes and trying to look out.

It was impossible to see. The huge downpour closed off the whole place.


"Oh my God, we're here." I whispered. Everything looked the same. The houses, the street, the cold, the rain.

"We're here." He sighed, brushing a lock of hair from my face.

"Oh no." I muttered, suddenly remembering something.


"Bella Italia."

"Excuse me?" he asked, his eyebrows pulling into a frown.

"It's the place I work for and I was supposed to start tonight at five! What am I going to do? I need that job more than I need blood!" I hissed, rummaging in my pocket and pulling out a tattered leaflet with a number scribbled on it. I sighed as I started dialling the number, hoping the man wouldn't fire me for missing my first day. Edwards hand rested lightly on mine, but strong enough to prevent me from pressing the 'dial' button.

"Sorted. I already called in when you were sleeping and they said it was fine if you couldn't make it today. They hope your father is OK." I gaped at him in awe. What made this man love me? He was so perfect and careful that it was hard to imagine if you told someone he was with a girl who was a total cow and had hated his guts for a measured length of time. I looked away from his eyes and opened the door, to be welcomed to a draught of air that made me shut the door again. Edward laughed and turned the heating on.

Now that we were here, I had no idea what to do. Should ijust barge through the door, calling for my father? I would kill him that way. He hasn't seen me in two years! He reckons me DEAD! Maybe I could just pretend to not know him, but know what might happen to him if he stayed here any longer.

Maybe we should pretend top be FBI agents and tell everyone to evacuate the town.

"Bella, you don't look like an FBI agent. You look too young. And your father will have a coronary if he sees you now." Edward murmured. He was looking out of the window to the forest where he had abandoned me all those years before. I knew he didn't forgive himself for what he did and I don't know if I forgave him totally for what he did. I still remember the cold grass under my face as I willed my self to die. I still remembered the horrible pain in my torso as he turned and left, the breaking of my heart, the sound of it shattering to the ground. I could still remember Jason's arms around me as he helped me to my feet, and took me away. the memories of those blinding nights and screaming days. The pain ripping through my body, the fire running through my veins.

"How do you know what I was thinking? And ideas do you propose? We can't just go crashing in!" I folded my arms over my chest, typical huffy body language. Edward scoots over so he was sitting close to me and wrapped an arm round my anger- quivering shoulders.

"I know what you were thinking because you let your guard down. You are a vampire, now, Bella. Not human. Maybe we shouldn't go see him at all, but just run round guarding and making sure no one is hurt." He whispered, running a hand through my hair.

"That's easy for you to say. You see your family everyday and whenever you need them they're a whisper away. I haven't seen my father in two years. No letters, no phone calls, no e-mails . . . and you expect me to sit around whilst a crazy vampire is murdering? Yeah right!" I huffed and jumped out of the car, casually leaning on the door.

"bella, I am NOT trying to keep you away from your family, OK? I am merely trying to keep you safe! Get in the car and we'll talk things over. We need to sort out a place to say where they won't know us and we have to think a plan over if you don't want your father dead!" he hissed throughb the half open window. I was about to shake my head when I saw the look in his topaz eyes. It was a mixture between anger, sadness and confusion.

Since I had met the wonderful Edward Cullen, topaz had becom my favourite – if not only – colour and gem.

I looked at Edward carefully before stepping in the car and shutting the door quickly behind me. Edward leaned back and pinched the bridge of his nose. He did this when he was stressed or was being stressed. I immediately felt guilty for acting like such a stuck up bitch. He was right. I coulkdn't just wander in the house and expect him to believe I was his long lost daughter. He was right. We needed to think a plan over.

"So, what are you thinking?" I asked, wrapping my cold arms – I am still half human! – around his hard waist and planting a kiss on his cheek. He melted and loked at me, sadness flickered momentarily in his topaz eyes. I can't stop SAYING it! Topaz, topaz, topaz, topaz, topaz . . .

"Mmm, I was thinking of staying in the Red Lion hotel, in Port Angeles." (A/N: I have no idea if the hotel exists, but I types 'hotels in Port Angeles, washington' in google and it came up with a whole list, so I picked out the one that sounded more interesting. Anyway, don't forget to REVIEW!)

"isn't that, like, really expensive?" I asked, snuggling closer to him. He looked down at me like I was nuts and laughed.

"Bella, believe it or not, I still do have that money I saved over the centuries!" he kissed the tip of my nose lightly and laughed again, his warm voice – like warm honey - filled the car.

"Sorr-ee! After all, I HAVE lived two years with a bunch of vampires that work their butts off to bring a few dollars home!" Edward went suddenly still at the mention of my 'family'

"Oh, sorry." He put a finger to my lips and drew me to his chest.

I suddenly knew.

We were not alone.

A shadow swept past the car window and the darkness in the sky thickened to almost black.

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