Petunia Vance had been born a bright eyed child, full of love for the world. For the first three years of her life, everything was perfect. But the June following her third birthday, things went terribly wrong. Lily was born

Lily was born beautiful, with her flaming red hair and eyes like emeralds. Petunia's parents were always talking about this glorious child. "Lily crawled today!" they would exclaim. "Lily smiled!" Soon there were more pictures in the house of Lily than Petunia. All she had was one photo album; Lily had five.

Even as time went on, things didn't change much. Lily learned to read at three, while Petunia was still doing phonics at six. Lily could paint better than Van Gogh at five; she could sing as well as an opera singer by age seven. Lily was brilliant, talented, pretty, athletic, and popular, everything Petunia was not. And Petunia hated Lily for it. The only two people Petunia hated more were her parents. When Petunia misbehaved she was yelled at, grounded, and sent to her room; Lily was hardly scolded.

When Lily was eleven she was accepted to the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. She was a witch. Lily couldn't just be talented and beautiful and brilliant, she also had to be magical. Petunia, plain old Petunia, watched enviously as her sister rose farther above her in her parents mind, in everyone's mind.

The last four years of time with her parents were awful. Yes, Lily was gone during the school year, but when she came back, boasting of friends and spells, she made Petunia feel even lower.

Lily had men just dying to go out with her, she was such a heartbreaker, but it was obvious the only one she loved was James Potter, the handsome, popular, brilliant, and just plain nice guy Petunia would have died to have. But the only man who loved her was the boring Vernon Dursley. Petunia knew he was the only one who would ever lover her, being the plain and stupid girl she was, so she married him at eighteen and moved into a house in Surrey, number four Privet Drive.

Two years later they received word that Petunia's parents had died, and that Petunia was left guardian of Lily until she was eighteen, a good year away. Vernon knew about her witchcraft and was very against letting her stay, but Lily came anyway, with her witchy ways and lovely eyes. That summer was the worst of Petunia's life. Lily fought endlessly with Vernon about every little thing, then yelled at Petunia for sticking up for him. Lily didn't know this, but Petunia saw Lily pray ever night for James and cry for her sister who hated her so. Instead of this making Petunia feel sorry for Lily, it filled her with rage. How dare she cry! She was perfect Lily! Everyone had always had liked her; she couldn't deal with the Dursleys who couldn't stand her.

The school year passed quickly, too quickly for Petunia. Soon Lily was again at their doorstep, needing a home.

Three days into the summer vacation the doorbell rang. Out on the Dursley's front stoop was none other than James Potter for Lily. They sat outside for what seemed like forever and then Petunia heard a scream. She ran outside to see James spinning Lily in the air. "Oh Petunia, Petunia!" Lily yelled, forgetting how her sister hated her. "James and I are getting married!" She squealed and threw her arms around Petunia. Her sister had never hugged her, Petunia thought in shock. She went into a trance like state. Be the time she had come to her senses James was gone and had taken Lily with him. The was the last time Petunia saw her sister, the perfect Lily. When Petunia found Harry out on her doorstep and read the note left saying that Lily and James were dead, she didn't cry. She hated her sister too much by now. Harry had his mother's eyes, her spirit. She came to hate him too.