Inumaru12: My first ever yuri fic! Yay! Yes, many people know me as the crazy-yaoi-obsessed-chick but I also like yuri too! So here is a little one-shot of NamiXVivi. Besides doesn't it seem like Nami is in denial of her sexuality? XD

Pairings: NaVi, NamiVivi NamiXVivi

Warnings: Shojo-ai, Yuri, girls kissing. Hints of ZoLu All that stuff.

Summery: Luffy thought it was obvious, but it was really shocking to everyone else.

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It was a normal peaceful day on the Merry Go as the headed towards Alabasta, Vivi's home.

Everyone was doing something or another, but most were just be lazy and relaxing.

"Nami-san! Vivi-chan! Here are your drinks!" Sanji sang, handing them their drinks.

"Thanks Sanji-kun." They both said as they went back to talking about whatever. The two of them were sitting in beach chairs very closely and their hands would brush up against the others every now and again.

"Ahh, I think I'm in love." Sanji said, with hearts in his eyes as he spun around on the deck.

"Oi! Shit cook, keep it down. I'm trying to sleep!" Zoro said from where he was leaning against the mast.

"Shut the hell up baka marimo! Can't you see that Nami-san and Vivi-chan love and adore me?" Sanji said.

"They don't love you." Luffy said, with his simplicity that only he had.

Zoro and Sanji stopped and stared at their captain. It was rare when Luffy would interrupt or stop their arguing, but when did Luffy become so cold and heartless to say something like that?

Sanji was the first to react.

"What the hell do you mean by that dumb ass?!?" Sanji screamed and kicked at Luffy.

Luffy gave a quick squeak and dove into Zoro's arms to avoid Sanji.

"I mean that Vivi and Nami already have someone they love." Luffy said.

Sanji calmed down a little and looked at Luffy with a arched eyebrow.

"Then who, per say, are they in love with?" Sanji asked.

Luffy blinked. "Isn't it obvious?"

The blonde and green haired man blinked and shook their head.

"Oh. Well they are in love with each other." Luffy said happily.

Zoro and Sanji gaped at Luffy, then Sanji got angry.

"Idiot! Nami-san and Vivi-chan aren't like that! They-". Sanji stopped and nearly choked on his cigarette when he turned to look at Nami and Vivi.

The two girls were in a slow passionate kiss.

Nami had her arms around Vivi's waist while Vivi had her arms around Nami's neck.

Zoro raised an eyebrow.

Luffy smiled.

Sanji gasped then nearly fainted.

Sanji then walked away towards the kitchen, trying to figure things out.

Zoro smirked and Luffy giggled as he put his arms around Zoro's neck and buried his face into Zoro's neck.

Zoro chuckled and put his arms around Luffy's waist.

Maybe his oblivious Captain wasn't so oblivious.


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