I do not own wedding peach or anything to do with it neither do i own any of these caracters except rose and keke. This is based on an actualy on going internet roleplay and the anime wedding peach.

A stinging wind blew across the faces of the people on the crowded new york street. Samantha walked along behind the rest of the group lagging slightly behind and allowing the investigation to continue with out her getting in the way. Her father Edward was an ordained Christian minister and so asked to join the paranormal group the had traveled from Georgia with. She was excited to be apart of the investigations but being unsure of how to help stayed back. The shop they were looking into small and stuffy. Smantha didn't like it much so she was content to go to the book and coffee shop next door. Suddenly there was a large commotion next door and she rushed over to see what was going on. Standing there before her very eyes was nakamura, in the flesh. This couldn't be right, nakamura? She role played on the computer with him the character played by her friend couldn't be real but this hope was quickly dashed. "Rose you will come with me" he said looking around the shop at the stunned people.

"L- lord nakamura?" she asked not really sure. When he nodded she almost fainted but kept her composure when suddenly another figure bursts in and picks her up bridal style. "Bh?" she looks up to find yet another friend from the role play holding her is his arms. This was the guy her character used to be paired with if he was here and so was naka there was bound to be trouble.

Samantha's POV:

"Give her to me bh." Nakamura said flashing his sword dangerously at bh.

"No chance nakamura you didn't get the rest of us on your side and you won't get her either"

"um guys whats going on?"

"some how our game became real rose and now we really have all the powers we had on the game theres a rebellion in the kingdom" bh said still glaring at nakamura.

"Your joking?" I looked form one to the other hoping one would laugh. Neither one put away their sword.

" I am warning you one last time bh put rose down"

"No chance".


"back off naka"

"Fine we'll do it the hard way" with that he blasts fire from his sword and bh dodges and carries me out the door.

"Bh whats all this?"

"Never mind rose nara and haseo will explain it to you when we get to the base."


"Rose" he just gives me a look that begs silence and I concede.

I couldn't help but wonder though how was all this real? Why is it happening to me? Who all has it affected? Is my father all right? What was nakamura doing? Who started this little rebellion and why? We arrive at a small town that looked as if it was a ghost town but then remade into a community. Everyone I knew was there. My role play parents my friends my boy friend, even some akatsuki. Bh set me down and I walked beside him not sure of what else to do. As soon as I set foot in the "base" I turned into my role play character.

"HEY ITS ROSE !" I heard someone shout and suddenly everyone turned around.

"hey everybody, what going on?" I tried to sound casual but I knew my mouth was hanging open in surprise.

My "parents" came forward at this point.

". . . . . . . ." and a sigh was all I got from haseo.

"Rose lord nakamura has gone berserk. He even attacked lady desphiria at their wedding. We have her now –"


"Calm down rose ,we don't know how she is but we do have her safe, she is in there" bh points to a house to my left " second door on the right"

I rush in and find des lying in bed breathing heavily. "oh my gosh" I can't stand the sight but I go forward any way.

Behind me in the door nara and bh watch, "rose if you have your powers from the role play like we do then we need to know."

I stare at them a moment then nod. I wasn't sure how but I knew it. I kneeled by des's side and held out a hand over her injures a light pink glow enveloped her body and her injures healed immediately. She stirred.

"Des? You alright? "

"Rose? They found you?"

"Yea des I'm here. You doin' ok?" At this she jumps up and sits next to me.

"does that answer your question sis?"

I smile. "yep sure does."

"How did they find you?" she loooked confused

"Naka did first bh apparently had no clue i was there at first. Wait what were you diong bh?" i look at him confused myself.

Bh's POV:

I don't answer but i see the confused look on rose's face,"i was patroling. Speaking if which i'd better get back to that." i turn and walk out the door not paying attention to the fact that everyone thought it was rude. I didn't care. So much had happend and i would explain none of it. Not now. Rose hadn't forgotten me like i asked her to but she had gotten a boyfriend. She would be better off everyone would. Nakamura had driven everyone to me with out meaning to. How i don't know but i was once again surrouned by people i had hurt and here they all were trusting me without question. How is it they can do so? I have done many things and not one of them deserves forgiveness. Yet my sins are forgiven by them over and over agian. I don't understand it if they knew what i have done in the past, what i am they would all be killed from either fear or heartbreak. I shuddered to think about it. I try to find away to keep away from them. Keep them from getting hurt, yet they come after me always. Eventualy I am going to have to show them my true self Eventualy. I walk around the new york street and run into rose's "real" father. He looks madder than a hornets nest getting taken down. He spots me and rushes over.

"WHERE IS MY DAUGHTER YOU-YOU?!" clearly this man is not one to control his temper.

"She is safe with my companions don't worry-"


"I did not kidnap her if you noticed she knew both i and the other boy that was there."

He thinks for a moment and i take this as my chance to speak."We will return her as soon as it is safe. She will explain to you as soon as she is returned. There is war and I will not have her out in the open."


This is getting tiring so i simply knock him out with a small vial of plant extract. I continue my patrol keeping to my thoughts.It is a long shift and i am glad of that. It means i won't have to watch rose getting greeted by everyone in sight. But my biggest worry was a past event that if it happend here i would not allow to be repeated. Not ever.

I get back late at night hoping to find everyone asleep. No such luck, sitting by the bonfire that is kept burning at night sat rose, staring into the flames thinking over all that had happend today. Hoping she wouldn't notice me i sneak into m own home at the end of the street. She didn't bother me but she looked straight at me with sad confused eyes as if she were still looking for an answer. Ok so her facial expression was more like a dear caught in head lights, i said nothing and walked on closing the door behind me. Sighing i walk to my kitchen to take out a pack of instant ramen and i see a note on the door. "Bh we had a real big dinner in the dininghouse I didn't want you to miss it so i made you a plate.




Bh we didn't get much time with rose either, Her boyfriend kept hauling her all over the place showing her everything he could think of."

It was des's handwriting. Why would she be concerned about that. I had made it clear i wanted rose to forget me. Though she apparently didn't. I took the plate of food and put it in the microwave. Soon after I went to bed trying not to think of what tomorrow would bring, could bring.