Light has been mute ever since an accident on his fifteenth birthday. What if it has opened his eyes about himself and criminals, making him realize that not every criminal is bad? How would that affect him and the rest of his life? Will he give up his dream of being detective? Not to forget... what about Kira and L? HandicapLight (AU)

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By Sjezza

Chapter 1: Accident (prologue)

Dear Diary,

I dont really know why I am even writing this. It is not like I really wanted to do this in first place, but Brian said it would help. The last time I wrote in a diary was a few years ago, still before my accident. It didnt really do me any good that time... Still, Brian insisted, saying something about it being important to organize everything in my head.

Yeah right.

For a genius like me, that sounds like one of the most absurd things I have been ever told. No, wait, when Brian told me to write as if I was writing a letter to a real person that was even more preposterous. However, I figure it wouldnt hurt to give it a try. After all, I could always burn this diaryright? No way that I let Sayu get her hands on this.

I guess I better start with introducing myself. My name is Raito Yagami, though many people prefer to call me Light. I dont really care either way.

So, my dear imaginary-person-in-a-dairy, I guess I would like- have - to share my story with you. Not that that is really possible seeing as you are technically not a real living being but alright I dont really want to get started on that.

Anyway, one of the most important things to know is that I have always been considered to be a prodigy. I'm not trying to brag. It is a fact that my IQ is one of the highest in my surroundings and that I have the ability to understand things very quickly. They say I am gifted, but that doesnt mean I have always seen this ability as a gift

I've always been kind of bored as a child, since there was not much to challenge me. Not at primary school, and certainly not at high school. I have always been on the top of my class, and I've never had any competition, nor did I have some kind of rival at school either. My intelligence made everything a little - I mean, far - too easy for me, but my parents preferred me to be with people of my own age.

So unfortunately I was stuck with studying things I already understood. I never really took interest in exploring a real hobby either. Well acting perhaps, but I dont really consider that a real one. After all, I didn't do it on stage. I just used it to entertain myself and maintain my perfect image. Expanding my social abilities I always liked to call it.

My perfect image meant nearly everything to me. It was the one thing I could hold on to, a sense of duty perhaps. I was expected to be perfect, so I had to be perfect.

It started as some sort of game to kill the boredom for a while which, after years of playing, developed into obsession. Though I still dont like to admit this fact, I know it is true. And I was quite good at it. In a way, from the outside, my life looked as if I had all I could hope for. Even I myself started to believe that nothing could go wrong.

After all, I had the brain. I had the love of my family and I was quite popular on with school, especially with the girls. Even though I wasnt really interested in them at that moment, I can't deny that I didn't mind the attention. I had quite some friends, well whatever was closest to it. I didn't really care that much about them.

Anyway, my lovely non-existing-person, the point Im trying to make is that to any onlooker my life was considered to be perfect. For a long time I thought the same. However, this didn't last forever.

These things never do.

It was my fifteenth birthday when an accident happened. It was approaching 5 o'clock, and I was on my way home to celebrate my birthday with my family. I was glued to a book and was just walking by an ally, when I swore I heard a scream.

It was that scream that changed my life.

As bored as I was at that age, it shouldn't be that much of a surprise that I was subconsciously looking for an adventure. This scream had prickled my rare interest, and I could feel the possible scenarios starting to pop up in my head. My father had always said that solving puzzles had embedded into my blood just like it was in his. And this might just have been the puzzle I had been looking for.

Of course, I could also just continue my way and celebrate with my family, who were most likely waiting for me.

I can still clearly remember me standing there, feeling like I was being pulled into two directions. Like standing on a crossroad, deciding which way to go. It was a decision that changed everything for me.

As clich as it sounds, it was the decision of my life

~ Scene break – Raitos Fifteenths birthday ~

What was that?

I halted my steps and snapped my head towards the direction I thought the scream had come from. Other people passed me, some of them muttering some words of annoyance at my inconvenient timing to freeze on the middle of the pavement.

Move it boy on of them snapped, giving me a light push to encourage me to move aside.

I mumbled a soft polite apology to the man and automatically moved myself towards the side of the pavement, wondering why nobody seemed alerted like I was. I figured they hadn't heard the scream or had just dismissed it. People were so ignorant sometimes that it irritated me. As it was, I had noticed the scream and I couldn't help but stare into the dark and mysterious alley that now had my attention.

I was positive I had heard that scream.

Knowing that my family was waiting for me, I knew that I actually should head home. I continued standing there for a while, debating, knowing how unwise it was to explore a scream in a dark alley alone. Still, my curiosity soon got the better of me, my heart calling out for some kind of adventure. Curiosity always kills the cat, as the old saying goes, and I can't help but agree with it.

Still, I wouldn't be able to blindly continue my journey home without feeling uncomfortable. Neither would I be able to forgive myself if I would read in tomorrow's newspaper that something had happened, knowing that I had just walked away. Besides, there was nothing wrong with just taking a fast look, right?

Yeah, right

Still trying to convince myself of these thoughts, I walked into the shadows, feeling the epinephrine slowly started to run through my body as it prepared to run away at a moments notice.

It was then when I saw a boy leaning casually against the wall; he was biting his lower lip and staring at the opposite wall with unfocused eyes. All in all, it looked as if he was having a major inner conflict with himself. He snapped out of his reverie as soon as he heard my footsteps approaching.

The first thing that caught my attention was the fact that he had white hair, most likely dyed. A pair of sunglasses sat idly on his head.

It had a curious design. Its frame was black with small silver carvings at the side that made me think of those Chinese dragons designs. The sunglasses kept a portion of his spiky hair out of his face. He had two ear piercings in his right ear. They were small rings, one dark grey and one black. I couldnt really distinguish the color of his eyes but they seemed very dark. Nearly black, I guessed. To finish it off, the boy wore a black leather-like jacket.

The observation took merely a couple of seconds.

As soon as he noticed me, he straightened himself into what I assumed was his intimidating pose, shoulder broad, head high and standing firmly on the ground. He studied me and I allowed his eyes to roam over my figure as I examined him more closely in return.

I estimated that he was about seventeen or eighteen years old. He had a nasty-looking bruise on his cheek that was partially healed. He was biting on his lip again, which he seemed to do unconsciously. I was now sure that he was bothered by something, and I responded by narrowing my eyes in suspicion.

This gesture seemed to snap him out of his stare, maybe assuming that I was feeling threatened by his manner.

The guy sighed in annoyance and leaned back against the wall, with an air of confidence and indifference, as if I was no real threat. I wasn't fooled by the faade, though. He was still standing too firm on the ground to be completely relaxed.

He spoke, and I noted that his voice was a bit deeper than the other boys in my class, making the chances of him being as old as I had estimated him to be nearly an eighty-nine percent.

"Turn around and walk away brat. You don't want to be here." He drawled as if it was a practiced line, while he looked around and glared further into the alley.

I frowned at the situation.

What is going on here? I thought and continued to walk further into the alley, ignoring his order. I passed him, and he suddenly grabbed my arm. I tensed and tried to shake him off. In response, his eyes narrowed, and he grasped my arm tighter.

My eyebrows furrowed at his hand. I couldnt deny that he had a good strong grip. I estimated my changes of winning a fight with the boy, should things get ugly, and came to the conclusion that it had a forty-five percent chance of succeeding. Eighty-five percent if I were to succeed in taking him by surprise.

"I'm warning you. Turn back; it's dangerous." His drawl was gone, and there was a firm edge in his voice.

My eyes bore into his, and I easily caught the troubled glint. He might be not that bad in acting, but I still was far better.

"I know." I answered, acting determined, and pulled myself loose with my own strength. I could proudly say I was no slouch, either.

He looked at me a bit surprised, then closed his eyes, took his sunglasses out of his hair and ran his hand through his hair. Sighing, the white-haired boy put them on his nose and shifted them back into his hair.

He glanced at me again, and suddenly his attitude changed. He looked at me tiredly and turned around, albeit slouched and uninterested. I took a step further into alley and another and another, testing him. He didn't do anything to stop me. He just looked over his shoulder, staring at me.

"I warned yoube carefuldont interfere just call the police or something please." He muttered the last part as he looked back at the opening of the alley. I nodded, even though he couldn't see it, and continued. I couldn't help but feel nervous.

I reached into the pocket of my jacket and removed my mobile phone, just in case, as I walked to the garbage containers that blocked the scene from the other side of the alley.

"I-I don't have any. Please, let me go. I don't have any more money!"

My eyes widened as I heard someone begging.

I leaned against a container, hiding myself. Forcing myself to think clearly, I took my mobile phone and first made a photo of the situation. My eyes widened as the screen displayed a man being pushed against a wall by another man. At the other end of the alley, another man was on the looking out. I saved the photo and slowly and carefully peeked the edge of my hideout.

The man being shoved against the wall looked like a doctor or professor or something. It wasn't difficult to see, by the amount of sweating and his expression, that he was scared shitless. A hand seized at his throat and his collar, and the man had to stand on his toes to be able to breathe. His hair was an inky brown and short, and he had dark eyes. His long coat was light brown suede.

He appeared familiar, but I failed to remember from where. My mind was already going through the lists while I studied the assaulter.

The man holding the doctor was most likely a street fighter of some sort. He was a bit filthy, had a large and strong built, and did seem like the type to be a criminal or junky. He was probably both.

He had black hair, which was mostly hidden by a blood red bandana with a strange repeated zigzagging black pattern on it. His jacket was ebony and a big devil had been drawn on the back with red ink. I just hoped it wasn't blood. I looked studied the jacket for a moment and recognized it as the one the first boy also wore, only he had one without the devil.

The other man, most likely his lackey, stood with his back turned to me at the other end of the alley, so I couldn't see him very well. He had light brown hair and wore a red baseball cap. He also wore the same jacket as the others, his too with a devil on the back, though smaller.

Maybe they're from a gang?

They could be from one of those crime organizations I had heard about recently, assaulting people for money. I peeked a bit further around the container to get a better look.

A small beam of light that was reflected by a metal shone on the wall, and it caught my attention instantly. The first man pushing the doctor against the wall was holding a knife.

I felt the nervous sensation build up in my stomach, and my brain was telling me to turn around.

I was proud to say that I have always been a person of logic. However, when the man was being threatened by a knife, a chill went thought my body. I couldn't make myself turn around and run off like a dog with his tail between his legs. I had my pride.


Deciding that it was probably the best to call the police as long I was still was thinking as clearly as possible, I quickly dealt the number of the police.

"I know you have it! You fucking idiot! Give it to me or feel the consequences."

I saw the man with the bandana lowering the knife to the belly of the man. I could feel the atmosphere getting immensely tense.

"I-I told you I don't know what you are talking about!" the man cried desperately.

I knew I couldn't possibly take that guy on my own. I was fifteen, and judging by the look of it, he was nearing the end of his twenties. He was far bigger and looked far stronger. I might have been able to take the other boy on, but this was on a whole other level.

Come on pick up! Pick the damn phone up!

"Hello, this is the emergency line of the police. What can I do for you?"

Slightly relieved, I immediately snapped my attention to my phone. I whispered the place of location and described the situation.

"Okay, help is on the way. Please tell me your name."

"Yagami Light."

She tried to say something else, but I hung up. I didn't want myself be discovered. I shifted into a crouching position against the container and waited. I carefully spied around the corner, hoping that my hair would blend in enough with the old brown container giant trashcan. The old, brown, and dirty trash can.

Yagami, this is not the time to get all neat and tidy, I reminded myself.

"No? It's not like someone will miss you. Just tell me where it is, and I will let you live maybe," The street fighter added the last part with a sick, smug smile.

That was the moment when I knew the man wouldn't get away alive if I would not interfere. I could run back and get help, but there was a high chance, about seventy-nine percent, that the man would already be dead when I returned. My second choice or option was to attack when the man didn't expect it and hope that I could somehow knock him out.

Two choices. One option.

Damn, this is supposed to be a happy day without any trouble, I thought, glancing at the sky, as if it's was its fault.

I looked back at where I had come from, and I saw the boy with white hair watching me from the end of the alley. I moved my hand, indicating that I was going to attack. His eyes widened, and he shook his head furiously. I frowned and looked turned back to the conflict, doubt once again invading my mind.

"Well, I hope you have led a good life because it ends here! Have any last words to say?"

This had been the moment when my body decided to move on its own. It all went in slow motion as I charged forwards and punted the knife out of his hand with an agility I thought I never possessed before. Then I kicked the man in the face. The sudden attack threw him off balance and caused him to fall on his back.

In a slow-motion-like state, I saw his cocky expression change into one of confusion and shock. Somehow, I was able to snatch the knife out of the air, but accidentally cut myself in the palm. Not feeling much pain, as the adrenaline rushed though my body; I threw it back in the direction of the container, attempting to get it out of reach. It hit the ground a meter in front of it.

The white-haired boy from earlier ran to the weapon and quickly kicked it, making it slide under the container, out of reach. The man with the bandana, who was now lying on his back, completely missed what had happened.

He's on my side? I thought confused, referring to the white-haired boy. Why was the young man helping me? He belonged to their group, right? He was a criminal! Confusion crept into my mind, but I decided to ignore it for now. I had more important things to focus on.

I jumped back and dragged the doctor with me, whipping the blood on my pants at the same time. The doctor was shaking and looking at me in shock.

Seems like facing death isn't a very pleasant experience, I thought sarcastically as I tried to drag the doctor with me out of that damn alley. I was too late though, as the man I had attacked picked himself up and growled at me. I couldn't help but tense at the venom in his voice that were matched by his eyes. He had these crazy blue eyes that made you shiver just looking at them. Yes, he was definitely insane. I didnt dare to turn my back to him anymore.

"You little fucking sick gaki! What the fuck do you think you're doing?"

I didn't say anything in response, not really caring what he called me, and took a fast subtle look on my watch. They should arrive here soon, so everything I had to do was survive for the time being. I gulped at the thought.

I glanced at the doctor, who was shaking a little bit less, but still nervous nonetheless. He put a shaking hand on my shoulder and squeezed it softly. Thanks. I just nodded absently.

The man with the bandana spit a little bit blood in our direction on the ground and glared at me with a crazy stare.

"That wasn't very smart, stupid gaki. You'll fucking pay for that." My attention turned back to the leader of the group, who was currently studying me with his narrowed insane eyes. I didn't let the man show just how much his gaze was creeping me out. His eyes roamed over my figure, and he started laughing madly in a high pitch tone.

"Oh, you look like a perfect school boy. I know your kind, gaki! Arrogant, cocky, and oh so brilliant. I hate those people." He spat at the last words with even more venom. I frowned, but didn't reply.

"No answer? Is my presence to low for you?" He mocked angrily. "You fucking brat. I'll teach you to show elders some respect!"

Suddenly, before we could realize it, he charged at us. His lackey with the red baseball cap had seemingly noticed something happening and followed him.

The lackey tackled the doctor and held him against the wall once again. The doctor struggled against the look-outer and they both dropped to the ground, wrestling. Fighting for dominance, they started rolling over the ground. The white-haired boy was just looking a bit helplessly at the scene, having no idea of what to do. At this moment, his decisions could change his life completely. I scoffed, ninety-three percent sure he would continue his criminal path.

However I couldn't think about this for long, since I was forced to focus my attention at my 'opponent'. I ducked under another punch and was hit by a kick for my head. The crazy blue-eyed man tried to hit my stomach again, but I blocked it and punched him in the face, giving him a painful bruise. I was silently thanking my father for letting me follow some self-defense lessons and not letting me go from it before I had been officially able to defend myself. It might save me from some real damage.

I walked back as he strode towards me, trying to keep a safe distance between us. I accidentally tripped over some trash and lost my balance, causing me to hit the wall. I hurriedly jumped away, but I wasn't fast enough. I hissed as he grabbed my arm and turned it around. I tried to keep the arm close to me but he was stronger and forced me to turn around.

I saw him smirk as he held my arm on my back. He pulled, and in response, I hissed in pain, but refused to scream. Thinking quickly I roughly kicked against his shins, stomped down on his toes and then tried to reach higher, forcing him to let my arm go. I then shoved my elbow in his stomach, giving me enough time to create some distance again. My flight instincts went crazy as I attempted to run towards the opening of the alley but he blocked my way.

The feeling in my arm dissipated as it hung in a slightly strange manner.

Shit, it's broken. I deduced as I tried to kick him once more as he came towards me. I backed away from the wall creating a large gab between us.

Looks like he also knows how to fight and has more experience, too. Why am I not surprised? I thought as I glowered at him. The muscles were easily seen under his jacket.

My attacker started towards me again as I shifted into a defense position. A punch landed in my stomach. I could feel something crack. Another kick was aimed for my throat. I moved to dodge, but wasn't fast enough, so it hit me just under my chin where my vocal cord was situated, knocking the air out of me as I fell back to the right.

Aaah! I mentally cursed the pain shot through my throat.

My throat hurt like hell as I struggled up and coughed up some blood. I could feel blood drip down my chin.

I pushed some hair away from my eyes and noted with disgust that it was wet. My hair was sticky because of the blood at the right side of my head, probably caused by a kick he landed on me earlier. His boots were sharp, I noticed. Did he have spikes or something?

In my dazed state I was too slow to react as a hand grabbed my collar and pushed me roughly against the wall. I gasped as he grabbed my hair and pulled my head up. I could not help but stare in those psychotic blue eyes.

They scared me.

I couldn't help but to attempt to glare at him, though I didn't know if I was able to, as my vision was dizzy and I saw some dots forming here and there. I forced myself from spitting blood in his face, which I might have done, if I weren't in such a vulnerable position.

Of course, you'd never think something like this would happen to you. It would always be someone else. Yet I had made this choice myself. I had known the possible consequences and scenarios. I nearly cursed myself for helping this doctor.


I was forced to listen as he yanked my hair hard, wanting to catch my attention. I stared icily at him.

"Nice hair, a pretty face, beautiful eyes." He said and went with his hand through my bloody ear, and then smeared some of its blood the places he named.

He made a circle around my right eye and worked with such awful tenderness I couldn't help but flinch in disgust. He was looking at his work in fascination, and did the smeared the rest of my blood over my cheek and nose. I felt like throwing up.

Maybe if I did my best I could throw up on him?

I struggled and the tenderness disappeared instantly. He punched me in the face with force I was surprised by. My head felt like it exploded, and he had to pull my head up again for me to look him in the eye again.

He's sick

"I bet you also have a perfect charisma, don't you? You're the most popular guy in school, and you take all that shit for granted! You ignorant son of a bitch! I hate people like you so much! They always want to help people, but if you aren't pretty or if you aren't good with words, they throw you away like trash."

His eyes glazed over for a few seconds. Sadness and hatred flowed through his eyes. He seemed lost in his memories for a moment. Then, the sadness was gone and only the anger remained. He pushed me higher against the wall and I was nearly lifted off my feet. I found myself struggling for breath in order to get enough oxygen. My hands automatically grabbed his own as I tried to pry them off my throat.

I struggled to kick him, but a punch in the stomach prevented me of doing so. I tried to claws his hand but he only increased his grip on my throat more if I did. I was simply helpless. My eyes started to become watery from the pain and fear of uncertainty that washed over me.

He reached for his pocket and got out another knife. My eyes widened.

Oh, shit! Oh shit, Oh shit! I felt unbelievably ill when I saw him grin at the reaction on my face. He shifted the knife closer to me, and I struggled in fear. He was about to say something when the white haired boy cut him off.

"Stop it, Shiro-san! He has nothing to do with this!" I heard the white haired boy yell, surprisingly determined. The so-called Shiro glared at me before he cocked his head at the white-haired boy and glared. The boy stood a bit uncomfortable, but determination shone in his eyes.

I was surprised that he wasnt afraid.

"Shut the fuck up, Soka-chan! This little punk interfered, and that's your fault. You had to keep watch. This gaki will pay for hitting me." he yelled back as he unconsciously tightened his grip around my collar.

I gasped for air.

Then in the distance, a siren was heard, rapidly becoming louder. The man holding the doctor cursed as he threw him on the ground. I could hear the doctor groan as he hit the pavement.

Shiro cussed as he let me go roughly, causing my head to hit the wall. My vision blurred even more. Coughing at the sudden amount of air available, I slid down the wall on the ground. I immediately tried to stand up, but my legs felt like jelly and were not responding to my calls. I desperately leaned forward on my hand and knees, trying not to vomit. Meanwhile, Shiro stepped back and turned to the others, growling.

Then, turning back to me, he flung his foot in the air, hitting me squarely in the ribs. I gasped when I fell back into a sitting position against the wall, my arm trying to shield myself from another kick.

"Stupid fucking cops. You little shit, you called them, didn't you? I hope you rot in hell!"

Fear overwhelmed me when I saw him turning back once again, swinging the knife to me. I closed my eyes as I screamed. I couldn't though, because no sound came out of my throat. I only coughed up blood. My throat felt as if it was on fire.

I-I don't want to die!

Time seemed to stand still.

Fear gripped my heart.

Then, I heard a hiss above me, and I weakly opened my eyes in surprise. Soka was standing in front of me blocking the knife with the one I thought he had thrown to the container. It seemed like he had gotten it back while we had been fighting. Blood streamed out of a cut of his jacket. He hadn't been able to block it properly.

"This is enough, Shiro! The cops are coming, and you're bringin us in danger!"

Shiro growled at Soka, leaning over him. I saw Soka tense, but he remained in front of me. I heard the police cars coming closer, and even heard someone doors open and close and orders being shouted.

"Protecting the gaki? Are you fucking out of your mind? Do you even know which side you're on? I'll make sure that you'll be thrown out of the gang, and then I'll murder your scrawny ass! Just wait! You'll get your payback. I always knew you'd be a damn hindrance," Shiro threatened as he punched Soka roughly in the face and fled, his loyal dog following him.

I blurrily saw Soka stumble back from the force. My vision swam as I heard some someone yelling. I lifted my gaze to Soka standing in front of me, looking slightly relieved when he saw I was still responding.

"Thank you..." I whispered hoarsely, coughing up blood again and trying to slowly breathe in and out.

"I did warn you, didn't I?" He said half jokingly as he looked at the doctor, who was knocked out but fine otherwise. I recognized it was his way of acknowledging my gratitude, and maybe even apoligising. I couldn't help but give him a small smile. He smiled back sadly but soon bit his lip again; it seemed something like a habit of him.

More shouts were heard as well as more opening of doors. He snapped out of his daze and turned his attention back to me, and gave a fast, rushed, small bow.

"Thank you...for stopping them." He whispered as he too fled from the cops. I didn't bother trying to stop him, and didn't think I would have, should I have been able to. My vision blurred as I slumped to the side, feeling tired. The voices got louder. I heard some people run past me and looked tiredly at the doctor, who was lying crumpled on ground looking at me, and nodded. He was fine. I closed my eyes in relief and let my chin fall down on my chest. Rest did sound like a good plan.

I felt someone push me up against the wall and flinched at the contact. Someone was asking me to open my eyes. The urgency made me obey with difficulty and I saw a distorted face hovering over me. White and black clothing was just visible. A cop. I would be okay, now. I heard someone yell at me to stay awake. I tried to listen, but I found out I couldn't. Darkness overcame me.

'This is the worst birthday of my life.' was the last thought that went though my head before I passed out.

~ Scene Break – Raito ~

When I woke up, I felt strange. I felt my head throbbed, but it didn't really hurt; it felt numb, just like the rest of my body. I heard voices, but I couldn't follow what they were actually saying. My throat felt like it was on fire, and I had a metallic taste in my mouth. My eyes were heavy, and they refused to open.

What happened? I tried to remember, but everything was fuzzy.

Wait, there was a scream Everything was slowly coming back to me.

"Thank you" Soka gave a small bow and ran away.

Yes, that, as well. I frowned inwardly. He was a criminal, but at the same time he wasn't. Was he forced to be a criminal? The situation was too confusing. My brain wasn't in the right state to think about such complicated matters.

I slowly felt my senses come back to me a bit. I felt someone holding my hand. A finger was moving circles at the back of my hand. I suspected it was my mother. She always did that when she was worried about someone. I was immediately calmer than before I was safe, most likely in a hospital. I could hear two voices talking. I recognized one as my father's.


I couldn't pick up all words, but I tried to do so, anyway. It sounded like my father was asking someone something. Perhaps a doctor.

The doctor answered. "Damaged blood years gone lucky." I frowned as tried to hear something more. But their voices became softer, indicating that they likely moved away or were talking quieter.

My brain went in overdrive by the new information.

VoiceLongNeverBlood? I grimaced when I went over the words again.

Voicedamagedbloodyearsgone? Voice damaged? Is my voice damaged?

long? Voice gone? My voice is gone!

My brain finally grasped the words. My voice was gone? I couldn't think for a moment. My voice was gone, damaged. How would I be able to become a detective if I was mute? A headache started to come up from the stress, and I groaned. The rotations on the back of my hand suddenly stopped and by the tensing of my mother's grasp.

"Raito honey? Don't worry; everything is okay. Are you all right?"

I couldn't answer nor could I open my eyes. I panicked slightly before I felt her squeeze my hand softly.

"Just go back to sleep, sweetie. Everything will be fine." She whispered, though I didn't think she knew whether I was awake for sure.

Still I was thankful that she tried to reassure me. I gradually felt myself getting tired. I attempted to fight the feeling, but I was soon consumed by sleep. My finger twitched as I felt the hand holding my own hand squeeze once more.

Then I was goneagain.

- TBC -

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