hello this is my first even fanfic so dont be nice, tell me how i could improve and what you dont like pls.
i dont own any of the characters unless mensioned and i especially dont own splinter cell this is set just Sam kills the third echelon guy he then thinks about what he has done, and it goes back to after Double Agent oh yh and ive got the second version of the game where its all a flashback with Sam telling assistant director Williams what he did so if there are major differences between this and the first im sorry but i dont have the first version and im hoping there arent any major plotpoints in the 1st one that i missed.
if your sitting comfortably ill begin.

Sam Fisher ran, he had just killed a third echelon operative, and assistant director williams would be calling swat FBI CIA more third echelon operatives, anyone he could get his hands on to capture or terminate Fisher, after that Sam knew that nothing would keep him from death row or his entire life in prison. Reflecting on it maybe that wasn't so bad Sam mused he had lost everything he cared about when Sarah died and that was the reason he took on this dangerous and possibly fatal mission.

It had started with a standard mission in Iceland Sam Fisher and a fellow operative named Hisham Hamza were to infiltrate and investiage rumours of a weapon, outside the plant they had found several crates, presumably full of weapons Sam suggested waiting for retrival but Lambert told them to continue, sam had found a guard and interrogated him, Sam had learnt little except that the guard had stolen the weapons which were waiting outside in the crates. Sam and Hamza continues onwards to hear Lambert tell them to get outside, and protect the crates, by the time they got there the crates were gone, Sam knocked them unconscious and left them for retrieval instead, Sam and Hamza infiltrated the factory seperately and found clues that pointed to a biological weapon named red mercury, eventually sam had found several documents, one which was a buyers list, which gave them some info but just as Sam was about to go after Kadir the owner of the factory Lambert cancelled the remaining objectives and told them to extract, all he said was it was about Sarah, who was Fishers daughter, Sam and Hamza both extracted and Lambert told Sam his daughter was the victim of a road accident, Sam was devastated he decided to take on dangerous even suicidal missions, which lead to him being put in Elsworth Penitentionary near Jamie washington, a member of the JBA.

Sams new mission was to infiltrate the JBA and do whatever he could to find out what they were doing and put a stop to it, he had done whatever he could to try and stay in the NSA's good books and that had only roused Emiles suspicions to incredible heights.

For a start an inmate that Jamie Washington had wanted dead,called Barnham who was a key witness for something, was picking on Jamie, Sam had the opportunity to end Barnhams life and become Jamies best friend for life, but he had only knocked barnham unconscious putting the mission at risk for NSA. He then helped Jamie break out Elsworth penitentionary during a prison riot, although to try and make NSA trust him as much as possible he only knocked guards out.

Next when Sam was sneaking around the JBA headquarters Sam had the opportunity to inform Emile Dufraisne of an traitor in the group, Sam faced a choice, he could tell Emile about the traitor Cole Yeagher sealing his position in the group and removing himself from suspicion or telling Lambert so he could extract Yeagher and interrogate him about the JBA, sam once again put himself at risk, and the mission at risk also so he could stay in NSA's good books. While on this mission sam planted false information propping up his cover on the computer of Carlson Moss, who was the JBA head of security.Sam also managed to mess with the fuse boxes allowing 3rd echelon to listen, and he opened a direct connection to 3rd echelon making it easier.

His next mission was from the JBA and it was to highjack a money train, and to leave no witnesses, the catch was that Lambert ordered no casualties, sam went along with lambert and only knocked out witnesses, when sam met the station master Emile ordered in no unertain terms that he wanted the station master dead, Sam first interrogated him to find the vaults code, knocked him out on the floor, and after he found out the real code from the computer and though Sam could have easily shot the unconscious man in the head he decided against it and left the room to Emiles fury, leaving no corpses Sam snuck to the train and hopped aboard while on it even whilst being shot at by guards Sam only returned fire with non lethals, and then when he checked the front of the train for any1 he cast off the back carraidges, Enrica had told sam that Emile wasnt worried about the paper money at the back, but Emile could have used some extra 50 thousand dollars or so and he was angry at Sam, Sam then went to the drivers carraidge and took over the train. Sams only regret about that mission was that he had to leave the driver in the front to die, or it would have looked immediately suspicious. And with Emile already pissed as hell Sam decided he better not jeapordize the mission anymore.


wow my first ever chapter of my first ever story lol im doing the first couple of chapters mainly as fisher thinking back on what he did during his mission as a double agent