Time to bring this story back i've recently got sc conviction and i remembered this story so i decided to finish it. Its gonna go up to malta and then cut off then i might make a new story of after conviction. Splinter cell and all associated characters belong to tom clancy. not me.

The boat was caught in a storm and sam was on deck waiting, he had a 9mm Baretta in his right hand and 2 clips in his pocket, everything else was in the van. Sam stood motionless while the boat rocked and sailors were thrown about. something smelt wrong, sam could hear nothing over the howling wind and it was cloudy leaving the deck pitch black. What felt wrong? Sam looked up and saw the faintest silhouette of a helicopter, it was eerie how it couldn't be heard over the storm. sam crouched down and watched as 4 shapes roped down, then another group of 4. when they were all on deck the turned on their maglites. Powerful flashlights, they would catch him if they made a long search.

The team split up into 2 groups of 4 each group made of 2 pairs who covered each other. Sam watched, they were good but not that good, not third Echelon. They wouldn't have found them yet anyway.
Sam crept closer and heard one of them call out contact! one word but it was the accent that was important British. Sam wished he had non lethals with him, these were probably just customs officers trying to seize a smuggling ship. Sam looked at his gun, no silencer the damn rain would ruin the mechanism. he would have to time this right.

Lightning flashed and sam aimed, thunder cracked and sam pulled the trigger. it blasted a guys torch right out his hand and smashed it. Sam leapt at him and punched his guts then slapped his head. then smashed his partners head against a container. 2 down. Fisher climbed on top of a container and waited until another pair came to investigate then dropped onto ones head and broke the others nose.

Sam went hunting for the next set, time to be mroe aggressive fisher, he ran up to one side and kicked his leg the elbowed his head then headbutted his friend. sam waited for a moment to catch his breath and a flashlight suddenly lit up his face. Sam dove towards the guy and grabbed his throat then threw him towards the last dude then ran at them both whilst they were on the ground and kicked them in the head.

One of the guys headsets was going off, sam held it to his ear and listened. "Alpha leader respong, what is the cargo?" sam replied keeping his voice low and quiet, hoping the storm would disguise his voice further. "This is alpha leader bored but alive, their cargo is a sugar and coconuts. over"

the guy on the radio, probably a pilot mumbled something inaudible to someone else then asked "Ok if you look up you will see i have left because I'm almost at the halfway bar for the fuel, the exfil will have to be in a couple of hours or we could send a boat. But you will have to hide till morning when they arrive."

sam thought quickly his only idea probably wouldn't work but it would be a while before anyone could check.
"its not a problem the captain is an old dude and he saw our guns and started offering to take us to london port we will be there by midday tomorrow."

The pilot was silent for a moment and murmered to the other guy, then said to sam "you were supposed to stay covert and not be seen, but we will meet you at pier 29 tomorrow at 12:15, that's if the captain will agree to that."

Sam roughened his voice to sound like an old man then said " aye we will be there, I understand you coming to check i cant afford guards on this ship so it really makes me smile to see you english gents lookin after me"
the pilots reply sounded a bit confused like he couldn't quite make out the accent."Err okaay this is crow over and out."

Sam stood stunned, he hadn't actually thought that would work, then again brits weren't as paranoid as americans.