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"The Teddy Bear He Couldn't Give Away"

A Sixty-Two Line Poem


Malcolm Yuy


Some time ago, in the month of February,

The days were warmer then they were in May.

A boy named Roxas held indescribable feelings,

For a fellow blonde-headed girl known as Naminé.

She enchanted his heart, had since they first met,

And now Roxas was entranced in fever and sweat.

The female artist was so caring, so enchanting

For once the boy felt confident and daring.

Many times past Roxas had squandered in love,

But, for just this once, he wanted to feel moved—

So with the enthusiasm of his friends,

Roxas came up with a plan;

A dealing that where he would hopefully end up

As more than just the blonde female's friend.

The first part of the plan was to give the girl a surprise,

An event that would epically bring happiness to her eyes.

The youth wanted to surprise her on Valentine's Day,

And give her a present that would make her heart sway.

He one day went errand shopping, and at the local grocery he found,

A dirty-blond teddy bear, with a red-laced bow tied around.

Noosed around his neck, with little white hearts,

Dotting the decoration's landscape, plotting it like darts.

Roxas' blue orbs smiled as he realized that it would be,

His main gift, his symbol, for his girlfriend-to-be.


The boy was angry.

Oh, how furious he was;

Depressed, saddened

From his own little cause.

He couldn't fathom why this had to happen;

Why he couldn't perform this one important action.

The bear though seemed to smile,

Irony flowing all-the while.

Roxas looked at it in longing.

What could he do with it now?

He had once asked his mother,

And she stated: "Give it up somehow."

He could give it to his niece,

Newborn and beautiful;

But to him it would be wrong,

It wouldn't be fruitful.

He could give it to his godson,

But that wouldn't be right—

It was destined for a girl,

A person that represented his light.

So after all the figuring,

Contemplating through and through,

He decided to keep it,

As a memento of his views—

His feelings for her,

What they represent—

Though his love and tears

Were naught all but spent.

He observed the black orbs,

The yellow-brown texture of the creature;

And a hint of a sad smile alighted his features.

The bow still red, and white with meaning,

Time aging emotions, decaying, fleeting.

And to think, how it all revolved so suddenly,

Two Saturdays before the loving holiday.

When Roxas viewed his loved one's profile with a jingle,

Only learning with shock that Naminé…

Was no longer single.


This poem is based on a true story. I've got nothing else to say. I just hope you find interest in it.

Well, 'till next time, later.- Malcolm Yuy