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Ehng. Fuck school. Fuck SATs. Fuck college apps. Sulk sulk sulk.

It was nearing 6 A.M., and Pura had gone reluctantly to bed hours ago. I was lying in my coffin, eyes closed, thinking.

I had made the most of the last evening I had with the girl before she was handed over to those Iscariot bastards. She shouldn't be the one sent. Yes, she would be hard to provoke into starting something, but she was also incredibly skittish around those she perceived as serious threats, and Father Anderson fits that description nicely. Knowing she's from Hellsing, he's bound to terrorize her (much as I do, but he'd have no motivation keeping him from slaughtering her). All it would take is one panicked twitch, a sudden turn or slip from Pura, and then she'd be slipping on the blood pouring from her slit throat.

As the ways my little one's life could be ended by a hand other than mine piled up, I became aware of the heartbeat outside my door. Undoubtedly it was Pura, the pattern of her heart and scent never failing to betray her.

I waited a moment before rising to discover what she was bothering me about. I opened the door, expecting to find her staring up at me, attempting to look as pathetic as possible, and easy task for such a fragile creature.

Instead, the girl was curled up under a blanket beside the doorway, asleep.

She's done this once before. The night's mission had gone badly, and she had experienced what casualties on our side were like. Three soldiers were lost in the attack, and Pura had seen it. She had tagged along with a small scouting party to find a vampire's hideout, when three of the undead attacked. Pura, struggling with a vampire herself, was unable to do anything as the men were torn apart.

When I discovered her like this last time, I simply left her where she was. I wasn't about to comfort her for witnessing the death of men who undertook this line of duty. A quick search through her mind had revealed that she didn't expect to be even noticed, the little fool.

Now, I turned to close my door, know she was content to sleep there. But I stopped. The girl could very well die tomorrow, or at any point in the next week. The chances were high that this is the last time I would see her breathing.

I stood there, watching her for a few moments, then sighed.

"Come on then." I murmured to her, leaning down to pick the pathetic thing up.

"Neh?" she asked, not quite awake, her unfocused eyes blinking in surprise.

"Yes." I answered, closing the door behind me. Uncharacteristically, she didn't struggle at all, however futile the effort may have been.

I knew her compliance came not from exhaustion, but from a desire to be what she considered 'safe'.

I laughed quietly at the thought as I lowered the girl into my coffin. Finally, she displayed a negative response. Once her sleep-addled mind registered that she was in a coffin, she cringed. Even having slept inside my coffin once before, she still was unable to shake the human revulsion of the structure. I climbed in next to her, smirking at her thoughts: 'Should I be less nervous, or more?'

I slid the coffin lid closed, blinding the girl and sharpening my own senses. I pulled her closer, wanting her heat.

She twisted around for a moment, getting comfortable. She never seemed to mind having her body heat sapped. She'd begin shivering in a moment, but she never moved away or curled up by herself. Before she had a chance to shake, I formed my coat to cover her.

Pura toyed idly with a button on my undershirt. I could sense the fear that was making her ill, her attempts to hide it useless.

Her voice was quiet, trembling. "I'm…gonna die…"

"You've survived far worse than this." When she received fast medical attention, that is. Of course, sending her off in a panic would get her killed.

She closed her eyes, wanting to forget for a while. I slid my hand down to feel the little puncture wound on her arm. She had taken the gauze off, and a bruise was beginning to form. The girl had donated blood- in the event that she returned missing a few pints? There was plenty of her type in stock, she wouldn't miss that donation.

Such a shame she was already slightly anemic from the blood loss; I could have offered her some…help in getting to sleep.

I opened my eyes at a slight whimper; I had pressed too hard on the needle mark. I released her arm and licked the too-small spot of blood off my thumb. Her vein's already pierced; I would merely have to draw the blood out…

I traced the gently pulsing blood vessel up her arm, goosebumps rising along the path. Her heart rate went up, and I frowned against the craving for her life. Bringing the weak and frightened creature into my coffin is always such a test of my restraint. Pura relaxed, finding the darkness comforting. She cuddled against me with a short, content hum. I closed my eyes, wrapping my shadows around the girl to take in the heat she gave off.

I opened my eyes. Asleep…I had fallen asleep. I looked down at Pura; she was lying on me, her ear over where my heart would beat had I been alive. Her breath lightly stirred the dark hair that fell over her face.

I put my fingertips to her warm neck, memorizing the feel of her pulse. A muscle in her neck shuddered in response to the unexpected chill of my touch. The girl's eyes opened slightly, her current state nowhere near 'conscious'. Her hand twitched on my shoulder and she curled her fingers around my hair. Pura slipped back into sleep the second her eyes fell closed; human enough to forget what awaited her in a few hours.

Once centuries have passed before your eyes, hours are nothing. Sleep was not going to come to me; instead I waited for the short time to ensure she didn't oversleep and anger Integra. In no time I was gently shaking her awake, ignoring the whimpers that begged for sleep.

"Get up, Pura." I growled, making her nervous to break the drowsiness.

She opened her eyes and the realization of what today meant dawned on her quickly. My arm around her was all that stopped her from sitting up and bashing her head off the lid of my coffin.

It didn't take her very long to get herself ready, and she was back at my door in half an hour. She had a messenger bag holding whatever was fragile enough to keep with her slung over her shoulder. She appeared simply nervous, rather than outright frightened, though her scent suggested otherwise.

Pura looked up at me, her emotion changing immediately from anxiety to…pain. She had come here to say goodbye, and she was…upset. Was this girl, this pathetic little creature I had too many times mauled beyond human survival, actually going to miss me?

That sentiment so common in humans was not something I had ever experienced. Even when I was mortal so long ago, no human had mourned my absence.

"I-…" she began, the words becoming lost to her. Whether it was just fear that made her dread leaving or actual attachment, she was on the verge of tears. She didn't believe she would return alive, a perception she refused to change despite the insistence of others.

She took a breath to compose herself, and started again. She never got to finish whatever it was she was about to say.

I picked her up and kissed her, the action doing nothing to calm her. She tensed at the surprise but relaxed quickly, cautiously sliding her arm around my neck. She leaned away with a gasp after a moment, her breathing fast and her heart slamming.

"A week is nothing, little one. You'll come back here after a few days, perfectly intact."

I set the blushing girl down, ready to catch her. Amusingly, I had badly affected her sense of balance, but she recovered without collapsing, much to my disappointment.

She looked up with a slight smile. "Don't forget about me or anything." She said, still remorseful but on better terms with leaving then she had been moments ago.

"An impossible feat, my dear. Don't let that Judas Priest think he scares you. Now go, Integra's getting impatient."

She hugged me, a surprising act on her part; she's usually so hesitant to touch me, for fear of being pushed away or worse. She turned and hurried off, not wanting to see my reaction.

I watched her go, happy I could taste her before she left. Down the hall, she lifted a hand to her lips, her fingertips coming away bloody. She stopped, looking back, seeing nothing; I had melted into the shadows. Pura smiled.

Perhaps I'd miss her as well.

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