Lick Ur Lollipop


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Summary:this is written for all my fans for Valentines day. Ichigo is walking through Sereitei sucking on a pink lollipop and gets more than he bargained for. Byaxichi (yaoi).major lemon.

The third squads captain Ichigo Kurosaki had just returned from visiting his family in the real world for Valentine's day and was walking back to his division sucking on a delicious pink strawberry lollipop when it happened.

His straps on his shinigami sandals flew open. He sighed and pushed the lollipop off to the side of his mouth , then he bend down and began to redo it , wiggling his ass as he sang a little song, pausing ever so often to pop the lollipop in and out of his mouth.

He was almost done fixing his sandals when he heard a collective groan and a loud thumping sound behind him. He immediately jumped up and reflexively reached for his Zanpakto. He turned around and his eyes widened at what he saw. Half the shinigami population was passed out on the groaned with major nosebleeds! Fearing the worst he immediately used a hell butterfly to call the fourth squad.

When Unohana- Taicho heard what happened she immediately took half her relief squad as well as her lieutenant to the scene, fearing that an epidemic of some sort may have broken out in Sereitei. She quickly examined the first man and was shocked at what she found. Then she examined a few more just to make sure that her diagnosis was correct. Finally she stood up and looked over at the lollipop sucking orange-haired captain.

"Kurosaki-Taicho, what exactly where you doing when this happened?" she asked him in her sweet and serene voice.

Ichigo scratched the back of his head self-consciously and frowned in concentration.

"Well I don't really know Unohana-Taicho." he said. "All I know is that I was walking back to my squad office, eating this lollipop right here," he stuck it out to show her. "Then my sandal's strap got loose and I bend over to fix it singing a song that I heard in the real world that's been stuck in my head all morning. I heard a few groans and then a thumping sound and turn around and that's how I found them."

"Mmm I see," she said nodding as if it all made perfect sense.

"So what happened to them?" he asked concerned, still sucking on his lollipop.

Unohana was about to inform the innocent young captain of what had caused it all when a hell butterfly flew up to them.

"All captains and lieutenants please report to the 1st squad's meeting room immediately. Repeat. All captains and lieutenants please report to the 1st squad's meeting room immediately!" it said.

Ichigo sighed and shunpod off to the 1st squad , completely forgetting about the sucker in his mouth with Unohana-Taicho and her lieutenant hot on his heels. When he entered the hall, all the other captain and lieutenants were already there except for them. He walked up to his lieutenant Rukia Kuchiki and stood in his place waiting for the 1st captain to speak.

"I was just informed that half of our shinigami has fainted from severe blood loss. It appears there may be an epidemic going around." said captain Yamamato.

The room erupted with worried chatter.

"Actually that is not the case here this time Yamamato -Taicho ." said Unohana-Taicho in her usual calm voice.

The hall instantly quieted and everyone turn to look at the serene 4th squad's captain.

"You have already found out the cause of this problem?" asked Yamamato-Taicho, surprised.

Unohana-Taicho smiled. "Yes I have Yamamato-taicho. But its much easier to show you than to tell you, so I will be using Kurosaki-Taicho who was on the scene at the time to demonstrate." she said.

Ichigo who had been busy sucking on his lollipop looked up in surprise . Remembering where he was and he immediately began to remove the lollipop from his mouth but Unohana stopped him.

"No Kurosaki-Taicho leave it in and step forward please." she said gently.

Ichigo nervously walked into the middle of the semi-circle of captains and lieutenants.

"Now," said Unohana-Taicho. "I want you to do all the things you were doing when it happened and sing the little song you were singing at the time loudly enough for everyone to hear so that we can evaluate the situation more clearly okay?" she told him.

Ichigo felt a bit stupid but nodded, blushing a bit. He sighed and bend over as he had done before. Then he pretended to be redoing his sandal straps as he had been before, wiggling his butt a little as he began to sing in a surprisingly beautiful and sultry voice:

Some guys die for diamonds,

Some guys go for gold.

But if you want the key to my heart,

Just listen to what you're told.

I don't need tonnes of jewels,

Ring and things are made for fools,

To make out two hearts meet,

Feed me something sweet.

He popped the pink lollipop out of his mouth as he had done before and gave it a long lick , revealing just how talented his tongue really was before continuing:

I crave lots of candy.

Cookies and cakes are dandy,

Let me lick your lollipop,

So you can try my lemon drop.

He gave his butt another wiggle to the tune in his head and kept on singing :

So if you dip into my cookie jar,

Then sugar daddy we'll go far.

Kisses and hugs just aint enough,

I want a lick of your cream puff,

Don't make me repeat,

Feed me something sweet.

He sang , then he gave his butt an extra wiggle and was about to straighten up when he heard a familiar thump and groan.

When he turned around more than half of the senior officers were out cold with nosebleeds. All the male lieutenants as well as captains, Komamura, Hisagi, Abarai, Kyoraku and Zaraki was also out cold. All the women were looking at him with heart shaped eyes, even Soifon. Captain Kurotsuchi was looking at a certain part of his anatomy below the waist with a leer as if he wanted to give it a much closer examination. Ichigo backed up a bit and looked at the other captains. Captain Ukitake was blushing fiercely, Captain Hitsugaya was bug eyed , Captain Yamamato was his usual self as far as anyone could see and Captain Kuchiki was holding a silk white handerkerchief to his nose delicately to stop the flow since he didn't want to faint in such a despicable manner as the rest of the other captains. He was a noble after all. To anyone who knew him well enough, they could tell that he was furious.

"This is the epidemic that has been going around Soul Society Yamamato-Taicho," said Unohana smiling.

Yamamato-Taicho nodded. "Mmm, I see." he said. "Well in that case the problem is solved. It is a pity that we didn't know about this particular skill of his during the war, it would have saved many lives." he said, then he sighed. "Well no matter, everyone this meeting is dismissed."

He looked down at all the captain and lieutenants still unconscious and grunted.

"Unohana-Taicho," he said. "Please tell them that they are dismissed as soon as they regain consciousness." he told her.

She nodded and the 1st captain slowly began to leave the hall for his office, silently wishing that he was a few hundred years younger and still in his prime so that he could teach a certain young captain the real use of such a talented tongue.

Meanwhile the other captains who were still conscious began to leave as well. Captain Kuchiki gave Ichigo a pointed look and left. Ichigo sighed and followed. He shunpod to the 6th squad captain's office and walked in, locking the door behind him.

"Something you wanted to see me about that couldn't wait until after work Byakuya?" asked Ichigo.

With the exception of the 1st captain, Rukia, Renji and Ukitake-Taicho, no one in soul society knew that these two men were actually lovers. It had been that way since right after the war with Aizen, a month before Ichigo accepted the captain's seat.

Byakuya undid his Hakama as he walked towards his young lover and released his throbbing erection. He pulled the boy closer to him and captured his lips feverishly, tasting the strawberry lollipop mixed with the flavor that was uniquely Ichigo. He deepened the kiss, exploring his lover's mouth before groaning and breaking the kiss.

"Get on your knees Ichigo." ordered Byakuya, his voice thick with arousal.

Ichigo kneeled and looked up at his lover with a cute and innocent expression on his face, knowing it would inflame his noble lover even more, popping the lollipop back in and out of his mouth as he did so.

"What do you want me to do now Byakuya-sama?" he purred innocently, then he used his tongue to envelope the entire lollipop completely before licking his lips.

"Byakuya looked down at his lover with an arrogant smirk.

"Lick my lollipop." he half growled, half groaned out.

Ichigo pulled Byakuya's large 'lollipop' into his warm wet welcoming mouth and began to suck on it. He licked it up and down then he enveloped the tip as he had done with the lollipop a few seconds before. Then he sucked it all in until it hit the back of his throat and began to slide it in and out of his mouth rapidly, knowing that his lover was watching his every move. He increased his suction with each slide and began humming the song he had been singing earlier around his lover's cock as he did so , causing a vibrating sensation.

"Ichigo!" Byakuya grunted out loudly in a pleasure filled voice.

Then Byakuya pulled his throbbing cock out of his lover's mouth and reached down to pull his lover up. He quickly undid the ties that held his lover's Hakama up and pushed him over towards the desk.

"Take it off and bend over the desk!" Byakuya ordered as he took a generous amount of lubricant and began to quickly lubricate his rod.

Ichigo quickly removed his Hakama and fundoshi and bend over the desk, spreading his legs wide as his butt stuck up in the air giving a glimpse of his tight sanctum. Byakuya walked up behind him, and parting his lovers cheeks , he positioned himself at his entrance as he leaned over next to his lover's ear.

"Sorry luv, no time to prepare you I'm afraid." he said apologetically.

Then he gripped his lover's hips and slid in to the hilt.

"Ahh!!" groaned out Ichigo around the lollipop in his mouth as he felt his lover's hard rod invading his tight cavern.

"Sorry luv." Byakuya apologized again as he began to move, hitting his prostate with every thrust. "But you brought this on yourself you know. This is what you get for being a little tease. Well I hope you like having my big cream filled lollipop in your lemon drop." he grunted out , punctuating each word with a hard thrust.

Ichigo moaned with pleasure, the momentary pain completely forgotten as he felt his lover's cock deep inside, giving him a good hard fuck.

He had been longing for this for the last four days when he had gone to visit his family in the real world. He had asked Byakuya to accompany him so that they could at least tell his family about there relationship, but the noble had refused, saying no one could know about there relationship ever. It had hurt Ichigo but he hadn't said anything. He had felt as if his lover was ashamed of him.

"Oh Byakuya , fuck me harder." the orange-haired captain screamed out loudly in pleasure at a particularly forceful thrust, as he pushed back to meet his lover's firm thrusts.

He tightened his inner walls whenever he felt the hard rod slide deep inside him, just the way he knew his noble lover liked it.

"Oh! Ichigo!" grunted out loudly, delirious with pleasure as he pounded into the boy. "You feel so good, so tight, just the way I like it."

"Touch me Byakuya!" pleaded Ichigo as he began to rapidly approach the point of no return.

Byakuya reached around and flicked a thump over his lover's highly sensitized weeping tip and the boy shattered screaming his name. As he came his inner sanctum tightened even more around Byakuya's thrusting cock and he came with a powerful thrust, screaming Ichigo's name as their combined pleasure filled reiatsu burst out of them and went through all of the Sereitei.

Byakuya emptied himself completely into his lover's firm ass and pulled out, then he stood up and licked his fingers clean of Ichigo's salty sweet essence.

"Hm," he said as he began to clean himself up and straighten his clothing. "Your 'lemon drop' is quite delicious."

Ichigo grinned and pulled up his pants, knowing that he would have to hurry home in order to wash off the dust from his trip back as well as his lover's cum. He looked up at his lover and smirked, the innocent naive look that he had been wearing all morning completely gone. That was when Byakuya realized what his naughty little berry boy had done.

"You planned this didn't you?" growled the noble, wide eyed.

Ichigo snickered. "You think?" he said laughing. "Well at least you wont have to worry about everyone finding out about us anymore since you just broke your own rule and fucked me hard in your office, screaming my name as you came."

Byakuya scowled at his naughty lover. "Naughty boy !" he growled at his lover, becoming increasingly angry. "So you deliberately flirted with other men as well?"

"Oh shit!" thought Ichigo. "I am so in deep shit. He'll probably fuck me raw tonight." he told himself, but couldn't bring himself to feel upset about that. After four days of not getting any he was really looking for it.

He turned and looked his lover in the eye. "I just wanted to show you that if you don't want to claim me that there are lots of other people who would love to try." he said.

Byakuya frowned as he realized what this was all about, he hadn't even realized that he had hurt the boy by his refusal to acknowledge their relationship to everyone. He remembered all the men, including captains who had passed out at just the sight of the orange- head's butt wiggling and realized what he had to do in order to keep him.

Just then a frustrated Ichigo limped over to the door and open it, thinking that Byakuya's silence was a rejection. As he opened the door Captains Hisagi, Abarai, Kyoraku and even Kurotsuchi erupted into the room like a human avalanche completely unconscious with nosebleeds. It was obvious that they had been leaning against the door listening to the two men make love. A lot of other shinigami were standing around outside as well, looking at Ichigo with lust filled eyes as they held rags to their noses, trying to stop their nosebleeds.

Byakuya growled, knowing he had to claim his koi immediately or lose him forever.

"Ichigo!" called out Byakuya, causing his lover to stop and look at him. "Go home and pack your things up immediately. Be ready to move into my home in an hour permanently." he said.

Ichigo smiled and nodded. "Sure thing Byakuya." he said, then he turned and saw the group of men still leering at him.

Byakuya growled, ready to stake his claim on his mate with Senbonsakura but Ichigo stopped him.

"Let me handle it." he told the angry noble as he swirled the lollipop around in his mouth before pulling it out and handing it to his entranced lover, who had been watching his tongue move over the lolli. Then he cleared his throat and began to sing in a sultry, husky voice:

I crave lots of candy.

Cookies and cakes are dandy,

Let me lick your lollipop,

So you can try my lemon drop.

So if you dip into my cookie jar,

Then sugar daddy we'll go far.

Kisses and hugs just aint enough,

I want a lick of your cream puff,

Don't make me repeat,

Feed me something sweet.

All the men who had managed to stay conscious before immediately fainted, blood gushing out of their noses. Ichigo turned and grinned at his lover before shunpoing off to his apartment.

Byakuya watched his lover go and absentmindedly popped the lollipop into his mouth, thinking off all the ways he would be taking his naughty berry tonight. The berry would definitely not be able to walk tomorrow.

"Mmm," he thought as he continued to suck on the lollipop. "It taste just like my very own little berry."

Just then all the men lying around began to regain consciousness and started to look around for his berry so they could all go hit on him. He pulled the lollipop off to the side in his mouth and pulled out his Zanpakto.

"Chire Senbonsakura." he said then. "Bankai! Senbonsakura Kageyoshi."

Screams could be heard from all over Sereitei, coming from the 6th squad building.


authors note: hello everybody, I hope you all have a wonderful valentines day tomorrow. If you want me to continue this funny little fic please review and tell me so. This is after all written just for you. Thank you all for reading. Ja ne