New chapter…

" Our marriage will happen whether or not you like it Ichigo as according to the laws of the Soul society, you became mine the minute you began carrying my heir." He said coldly. " There will be no escape from this. For better or worse we are now in this together."

Ichigo said nothing, he just continued to lay there quietly . But deep inside him something began to grow even darker, darker than even his hollow. It was something that even scared his hollow .

Ichigo laid there quietly until Byakuya went to sleep. When he did , Zangetsu flew up into the air as if it had a will of its own and changed to bankai form before coming to hover over Byakuya. Ichigo immediately understood what was happening as it had happened before.

"Don't Zangetsu." Ichigo said through their bond.

"He will not stop until he destroys us." Zangetsu said in protest. " Regain your resolve."

"I haveta agree with da old man on dis one king." Ogichi said from within him. " if he keeps treatin ya dis way we may lose our babies man."

"Please. I don't want my children to grow up without a parent like I had to." Ichigo said reasonably.

Neighter Zangetsu or Ogichi could argue with that as they knew that deep inside him Ichigo still blamed himself for his mother's death.

"You're changing inside because of him Ichigo." Zangetsu told him. " And not in a good way. We'll stand down for now but we're watching him."

"Thanks partners, I really owe you one." Ichigo replied.

"Che, its our baby too king." Ogichi replied. "We'll stand down fer now but if that asshole try at hurt ya again we'll kill him."

Ichigo said nothing and he slipped away into a dreamless sleep. When he was no longer there Senbonsakura joined them in his soul.

"Thank you for not killing my foolish child.' the proud Zanpakto said. " We have serious problems ahead of us if those two don't make up soon and we will have to find a way to get some help for our Ichigo."

The other two nodded as they were aware of what she meant. "What did ya have in mind Sakura-chan?" asked Ogichi.

The next few hours were spent with the Zanpakto and hollows coming to an agreement that would benefit all of them and help Ichigo.


The next morning…

Ichigo inwardly groaned when he walked into the dining room and saw that it was going to be another family breakfast. Personally he felt they should name it the criticize Ichigo meal. greetings were exchanged all around and as he sat down he saw Shika smirk at his now obviously bruised face. She had obviously forgotten about her getting in trouble for being rude the day before and was ready to continue her attack.

"Ichigo-san, how is it that your reiatsu is so weak when you're a captain?" she asked coyly. " Is that all of the spiritual energy you have?"

Everyone looked over at Ichigo to see how he would respond since they had all been wondering the same thing. Yesterday had actually been the first time that they had actually ever had dinner with him. Ichigo didn't respond at first , instead he looked at Byakuya who nodded in his usual arrogance. This did not go unnoticed by most people who snickered while Ichigo, Ogichi and Zangetsu gritted their teeth at what they had to put up with.

"That's simply because I'm wearing these two bracelets that work the same way Zaraki-taichou's eye patch does and absorbs my residual reiatsu." he replied stiffly.

"But surely since you're not a noble your spiritual pressure cant be that much ." Shika said disbelievingly in her ignorance.

Ichigo scowled and turned to Byakuya who said. " On the contrary his reiatsu rivals mine if not more and that's without his hollow." he replied.

Most people were surprised by that but Ichigo just continued to eat quietly , occasionally exchanging disgusted looks with Rukia.

"Well seeing as he never went to the academy , I doubt that he's all that powerful even if he is a captain." she said mockingly.

"Just because he didn't go to the academy doesn't mean that he is weak Shika." Rukia growled out. "and about what you said , more than half of the captains we have are not of noble blood so what you said before makes no sense. Only a truly ignorant person would make the assumption that you have to be of noble class to be strong. Since he also killed Aizen and Gin as well as most of the espadas single handedly , I'm sure that he has more than earned his place as my captain . Not to mention all the people he had to defeat in order to stop my execution." she said frostily.

Shika glared . "Well had you not been stupid and disobeyed the law , you would not have almost been executed , I stand by the decision of area 64. They were right to try and execute you for breaking the law." she said rudely.

Everyone stopped eating at that and Ichigo had simply had enough of the bitch. " She did what she did to save my family and quite frankly if its that easy to execute a member of a noble clan , even an adopted one then I'm surprised your still alive. My fukutaicho is not stupid and I think everyone at this table that the stupid one here is certainly not her. In calling me weak you're also calling Byakuya weak since I did manage to beat him even as an untrained shinigami during Rukia's execution. For someone who knows nothing , you certainly have a lot of opinions. Unless you can run our squad , face the dangers that we do everyday to protect your noble lifestyle , please refrain from insulting us. We all work very hard and we put our lives on the line every time we put on our uniforms and go to work , we don't need to be talked down to by people like you. I'm sure that even the elders of this family can agree that shinigamis are a necessity and that we do not deserve to be insulted by someone who does nothing else but sit around , run her mouth off and waste the clan's hard earned money." he told her coldly.

"Kurosaki-taichou is right." said an elder of the clan. " We have had enough of your insults Shika and you owe the thirds squads taichou and fukutaichou an apology for your rudeness. You're a noblewoman act like it. On behalf of this family , I apologize for the ill that has been done to you by the members of this clan Kurosaki-taichou as I'm well aware that had it not been for our actions, you would not have felt the need to leave the soul society to protect yourself and the young one." the kind old man told him.

"Thank you Kuchiki-dono." Ichigo replied respectfully. "And I apologize for the way I left that day . I was so distraught by finding out that I was pregnant and Byakuya almost dying along with the fact that I could feel his pain that I just had to get away for the my sanity's sake."

All the elders and noble's arched a brow at that. "You felt his pain?" said one of the old men.

Ichigo nodded. " Hai kuchiki-dono. I am also visited by Senbonsakura in my soul world regularly and she gets along rather well with my hollow and zangetsu my Zanpakto." he replied.

"Are you aware of what that means?" asked the old man.

Ichigo frowned . " Not really . I just assumed that it happened to all shinigamis in a relationship with each other." he answered.

"It's not Ichigo-san." said the old man too surprised to stand on formality. " In fact it only happens to true soul mates. Had we known this important fact , we would not have objected to your relationship in the first place. The fact that you can speak with his Zanpakto and it can enter your soul after only such a short time together speaks of how strong you truly are. It normally takes decades for that to happen on such a level. Its possible that you will be able to wield Senbonsakura as well."

Ichigo nodded. " I'm already aware that I can wield her." he replied surprising everyone. " She told me once and trained me in my soul world a few months after Byakuya and I got together."

"Why didn't you ever say anything?" asked Byakuya. " had I known that you could , I would have understood why I wasn't able to communicate with her since you left."

Ichigo shrugged. " I didn't know that it wasn't normal. As Shika was so quick to point out I didn't go to the academy and I thought that she had told you since she was your Zanpakto. She visited me almost everyday before I left and would spend hours speaking with Ogichi and Zangetsu. She likes it there and insists that I grow sakura trees there for her. I havent figured out how to do that yet though." he explained.

" I see." Byakuya replied.

" I will have to consult the archives on all this of course since it has been a while since any of us found our soul mates." one of the old man said. " Is there anything else you need to tell us?" he asked.

Ichigo frowned a bit. "Um … there are a few things but I need to check with Unohana to confirm before I say anything since I don't want to be wrong. I know that Byakuya cannot wield Zangetsu at the moment and I know that I am going to have more than one baby but I want to speak with Unohana about that first. My hollow, Senbonsakura and Zangetsu confirms it but I want to hear it from an outside source I guess." he explained.

The elders perked up when they heard that, overjoyed at the prospect of such a thing. " There hasn't been a twin in the Kuchiki clan for centuries. We must inform the others of the possibility. Ichigo-san , you must be checked by Unohana as soon as possible and the wedding must also take place before the end of the month. You must also begin to eat properly and take better care of yourself." said one.

Ichigo paled at that and looked at Rukia for help. He was really beginning to feel stressed out since coming back. He had been fine while he was away. Shika growled and then got up and stormed out. Fortunately Ichigo was allowed to eat in peace after that and when breakfast was over, he left with Rukia and Byakuya for work and checked in at his office. He saw the amount of paperwork waiting before writing a special note and handing it to his third seat.

"Go to the archives and remove all the books on this subject." Ichigo told him. " Tell no one about this understand?"

"Hai taichou." the man replied and hurried off to obey.

"I'll see you later Rukia." He told his fukutaichou before beginning to waddle off to the first squad building.

Rukia nodded and left for her fukutaichou meeting and Ichigo continued waddling along since it was now impossible for him to shunpo due to his increased girth. He would lose his balance midair and fall. He met Hitsuguya on the way who insisted that he walk with him to the meeting. It appeared that the young white haired captain was not only fascinated by his pregnancy but liked children. They were the last to arrive at the meeting and when they walked in, everyone turned to stare at them.

Ichigo greeted everyone before pointedly ignoring the stares and waddling to his place.

"Welcome back Kurosaki-taichou." the first captain said. " How are you both doing?"

Ichigo couldn't prevent the blush that covered his face. " Thank you. We're fine but I don't think that its just one Yamamato-dono. In fact , I was planning on checking with Unohana-taichou cuz I think that they're three in there."

"That's impossible." said Kurotsuchi in his annoying voice. " That's never happened here in the soul society among the nobles before."

Ichigo glared at him. " Well I have a feeling that it will. I'm sure Unohana-taichou will confirm it soon. Both my hollow and Zanpakto can sense them." he told them.

Kurotsuchi got that psychotic gleam in his eyes as he looked over at Ichigo. " if that's the case I would love to do a few experiments, perhaps I could replicate such a phenomenon."

The hollow mask immediately began to form over Ichigo's face as his Zanpakto flew through the air on a will of its own and over to Kurotsuchi, switching to bankai form before their eyes. "Come near me and my children you freak and you'll find out firsthand why you never mess with a mother and their children." he growled.

"Relax Kurosaki taicho." Unohana said gently. " No one is trying to harm your babies. The stress is not good for you or the babies."

Hollow Ichigo growled. " Stay away from us and our babies kurotsuchi." before the mask faded away.

Zangetsu continued to hover threateningly over Kurotsuchi and Ichigo sighed. " Relax Zangetsu-san I'm okay. I wont let anyone harm our babies so you can return for now."

The sword hovered for a little longer and it was obvious that Zangetsu was thinking, before it flew back towards Ichigo, returning to Shikai form and then wrapping itself in its bandages before returning to his back.

For a minute no one spoke and then Yamamoto said. " Has such a thing ever happened to you with your Zanpakto before Kurosaki-taichou?" the old man asked. " I was not aware that that was a feature of your sword."

"Its not Yamamoto-dono." Ichigo replied. " At least , not that I know of. The first time it happened was during the war. It was right after Byakuya was stabbed by Gin Ichimaru and Rukia was knocked out by Aizen. In that moment it felt as if a part of me had died and a moment of pure clarity occurred in all three of us. Normally my hollow just wants to kill and destroy everything in its path just like every other hollow, Zangetsu wants the rain in my soul to stop and I am resolved to defeat whatever enemy I'm facing but that day it was all different. All three of us wanted vengeance and we all moved in one accord. I had finally become what Aizen had been trying to use the Hogyuku to do, create the perfect hybrid. While in perfect sync the three of us destroyed Aizen and the others and I can only describe it all as perfect synce. It took me a few months after to master it but now its done as a team as we're both in control and Zangetsu can now fight almost independently. For example , if my hollow and I fall unconscious he can keep fighting until help comes. It can switch forms as you all just saw on its own by gathering spiritual energy from the air and everything else around it. That was a feature it got from my hollow I guess. It can even create its own cero blasts now. We all act together but lately its taking all of my willpower to prevent it from killing Byakuya for what he did." he told them.

"Remarkable." Ukitake said speaking for everyone at the moment. "You said that you've had to prevent it from killing Byakuya. Has that happened lately?"

Ichigo sighed then he nodded. " Yes, it happened last night." he replied before he could stop himself.

Byakuya looked up at that and over at him . He had a bad feeling about this. "When last night?" he replied and Byakuya paled.

Seeing his reaction everyone became even more curious. " What happened if you don't mind me asking Ichigo?" Ukitake asked, not really liking where this was going at all.

Ichigo looked at the floor feeling humiliated. Added to that his hormones were beginning to act up again. "he hurt me again." he said softly. " Zangetsu and my hollow was fed up with his treatment of us and the way it was changing me and they wanted him gone so that he couldn't hurt me or hit me anymore." he said in disgust with himself and to make it worse he began to sob.

Ukitake and Unohana immediately hurried over to him and began to comfort him.

" S-sorry." Ichigo sobbed out. "I cant …hic…seem to…hic… help it…hic… lately. Everything…hic…makes me cry…hic... and I…hic keep craving… the strangest things. Do you have any ice-cream…hic … with pocky and sushi floating in it …hic?"

Unohana didn't bat an eye even though Ukitake and the others looked a bit green. " I'm sure that we can find some for you." she said comfortingly.

Ichigo nodded then looked over at her. " Um… do I … do I look fat?" he asked pitifully, too upset to care. " Is that why Byakuya is being so mean?" Unohana looked at him and before she could respond he began to sob. " That's why isn't it? He doesn't love me anymore cuz I'm not skinny . I mean look at me, I'm a belly with feet." he wailed.

"That's not true Ichigo-kun ." Unohana said comfortingly. " He's just a bit confused and he loves you , Right Kuchiki-taichou?" she said giving him one of her scary looks.

Byakuya came up to him and nodded , pulling the sobbing man into his arms. "Don't cry Ichigo , I… I'm sorry."

Ichigo allowed himself to be held for a second before the darkness that had been gathering deep inside him flared and he growled and shoved Byakuya away from him hard.

"No get away from me." Ichigo said angrily surprising them , including Byakuya. " You always do this. Pretend to care again until I don't do what you want then you hit me and hurt me all because I cant defend myself while I'm like this. I hate you , why don't you just leave me alone."

Ichigo sniffled and wiped away his tears before turning to Unohana. " I really hate being pregnant. Are you gonna get my ice cream now?" he asked hopefully.

"Are you okay now Kurosaki-taichou?" asked the 1st captain feeling a bit confused.

Ichigo nodded . " Hai yamamoto-dono ." he replied blushing a bit. " Its just that I could kill for some ice-cream with pocky and sushi and maybe some barbeque with raspberry tea." he said distractedly.

"We'll have someone bring it in for you." the old man replied. " Now about your Zanpakto. Does it have any other new abilities?" he asked.

Ichigo nodded. " Hai there are a few more but I'd rather not share them with anyone for now. My reason being if we should ever have a traitor among us again they wont know all of my moves. Not that I'm implying anyone is a traitor here , its just that growing up the way I did taught me one thing. It taught me to be cautious around people and if something happens once it sure can happen again." he said simply.

None of the other captains could disagree with that as Aizen had learned all about them and then used it against them.

"I see , you have a valid point as always Kurosaki-Taicho." The 1st captain said.

"Hn. Since I'm not gonna all my secrets I'll reveal one more to you as an apology." Ichigo replied. " Would you like to meet them? Ogichi and Zangetsu-san I mean."

"You can externalize them that much?" asked a surprised renji.

"Hai." Ichigo said nodding. " Another feature of a hybrid I guess. Hold on a sec while I ask them if they wanna meet you. This is a partnership after all."

They all waited as Ichigo closed his eyes and waited for a response after warning Ogichi to at least be a bit polite. Then he held out his Zanpakto before him. He glowed with reiatsu for a minute before three beings suddenly stood there. One was a black and white version of Ichigo, one was zangetsu and the other was Senbonsakura.

Byakuya's eyes widened when he saw his proud Zanpakto standing there. " Senbonsakura-sama?" he gasped out.

Senbonsakura turned to him and sniffed. " Foolish child do you have any idea the amount of damage that you've done?" she hissed before turning up her nose at him and turning away.

"How is it that you were within Ichigo's soul?" asked ukitake surprised.

"I like it there and I'm still trying to figure out how to make it grow sakura trees so I can stay there permanently. Also since I'm currently angry with my wielder who will not be able to attain bankai for a while as punishment, I spend my time there." Senbonsakura said arrogantly. " Its also important that I maintain contact with our soul mates as he needs our energy right now."

"Why ?" asked the ever curious kurotsuchi.

"Because there has never been a case where two captains and especially a powerful hybrid gotten together to make a child before and its having unusual effects." Senbonsakura replied. " Its taking a vast amount of his reiatsu to maintain all three of our babies and we have to be very careful. We are even drawing on the stored reiatsu within those bracelets to help and through me , a bit of Byakuya's. From the amount of reiatsu going into these children we have come to the conclusion that not only will they be hybrids but they will be very powerful. We cannot wait to see what they'll be like as shinigamis. Even their Zanpaktos are already forming within their souls and we are rather excited . No other child will ever be able to match ours, noble or commoner." she said preening with an almost excited squeal.

"Che, the chick's right but that aint what's concerning me at the moment." said an annoyed Ogichi as he pulled out his version of zangetsu and turned to Byakuya. " Oi , ya wanna hit us now asshole? Take yer best shot so I can get a little payback. We wont kill ya but we sure as hell is gonna make ya wish we did. Ya deserve it fer hitting us and putting our babies in danger."

"Ogichi stand down , now is not the time." Ichigo said seriously. " We need to conserve our energy for the brats."

Ogichi growled. " But he keeps on hitting ya and if this keeps up we wont live long enough to have our babies." he said angrily.

"Stand down for now Ogichi." said Ichigo coldly. " We'll resolve all this later , after we give birth . After all we wont be pregnant forever."

Ogichi sheathed his sword as he got what the berry meant. "Fine but what about tha hitting and our babies future ? What about that eh? The last thing we want is for them to be raised as nobles. You've seen those children, their rude, selfish and spoilt. That brat we helped didn't even know where carrots come from. And what about that other chick who was married off to some brat she didn't know just because of the family's greed, what then huh? I sure as hell aint allowing them to force our daughter into anything they don't want ! Then there is the type of woman they turn out to be. That shika bitch is bat crazy , even more crazier than me on a killing spree. You really want someone like that around our babies?"

"No I don't." Ichigo replied. " But right now all I can focus on is making sure our babies make it to full term. As for raising them we'll figure it out."

"Figure what out king havent you realized it yet? That noble bastard of yours will never allow us any say in raising our babies." said Ogichi angrily. "We already have to ask permission to speak to his fucking family as if we wanna anyway. He already threatened to take away our babies as soon as they're born if we don't do what he says so do you really think he'll grow a heart in that empty whole now? Add to that when has ever getting involved with the nobility done us any good? Lets start from tha top will we. The first noble we met was Rukia, she ended up almost getting killed and we had to take her powers to save her and our family. Then after that we met her brother who almost killed us and had to take on all of soul society to get her out of trouble. It's a damn good thing she's our fukutaicho cuz the chick's a trouble magnate. Then there is Yoruichi. Really great chick and all but she likes being a cat for crissakes. Messed up in da head much? She ran the hell away from her family and with the way things are going some day our daughter may do tha same . What then huh? Then there is the little brat we saved, she is completely clueless on anything but fine silks and expensive jewelry. The last thing we want is to have our daughter turn into another spoilt rich bitch like that Shika. The girl keeps running off her mouth about how shinigamis aren't needed and how we should all forget the war that so many of our comrades died in, where is this bitch's head at? Then Shukaku , she is so insane its scary . We'll have to keep our daughter away from that one so she doesn't blow up half of soul society. What about if our children get into trouble? What then ? Are we gonna allow them to execute them the way they almost did Rukia? You know us, our children will naturally be hell raisers. Then there was that exiled noble family we fought for the senju, need I say more. Lets face it , the only good nobles we've met that we like other than the troublesome Rukia is the white haired one and the flower wearing one. I think their names are Uki something and kyora…whatever. The point is that they seem to be rather eccentric and with those elders of his family nosing into our lives at every point, our children will be living in hell. Ya need to do something about this king and fast!" he demanded.

"What do you expect me to do Ogichi?" said Ichigo feeling tired. " You said it yourself. They're nobles and they're insane. Havent you figured it out yet? Most of the area forty six is made of nobles if not all , do you really think that their gonna help us. Especially against one of the four top noble houses? Nobles tend to back up their own kind even when they are wrong. They'll find some way to cover it all up and make us look like the bad guy. In the end they will no doubt issue an order that we must be killed and take our babies away as they wish to do right now. Are you stupid? Pay more attention , even now while its obvious we're being abused they will do nothing. Instead they'll say some crap like 'its not our way to interfere in the marital affairs of couples' . Don't you remember what happened when we first got together with Byakuya, all the sudden accidents? The poisons in our food that you had to burn out so it didn't kill us? These nobles rarely ever think outside the box Ogichi. They also have a way of twisting the laws to suit themselves and fight from the shadows. Look at what almost happened to Toshiro. All because he had the same Zanpakto as his friend they ordered that they fight to the death . It never occurred to them that had they both wielded the sword as a team they would have been almost as powerful as us. Look at the way we fight, it one goes down the other two will pick up the slack . They don't get things like that and are set in their ways. Anything goes wrong and they order an execution instead of actually finding out what happened. We left a few months ago because it wasn't safe here for our babies and it still isnt but do you think they'll see it that way? No, they'll say that we endangered a noble heir and brought shame to the great Kuchiki dipshits. It will never occur to them that I am in more danger here than there until something happens to us or our babies. I can bet on that as sure as I can use zangetsu to fight."

"Ahem." said Ukitake suddenly which caused both Ichigos to jump as they had completely forgotten the others in their heated conversation. " Its nice to know that you both like me. Still why do you think that no one will help you if you ask?" he asked.

Ogichi rolled his eyes. " Oh please are ya kidding me? We've already asked , long before we ran away but we were denied remember? Aint ya a noble? If we ask now they will do anything from confining us to one room to placing one of those red things around our neck. They arent even giving us a choice about if we wanna get married or not and they'll try to take our babies if we don't do what they want. We want to live alone with Rukia but do you think they'll allow that now, especially since we are carrying not one but three heirs to the Kuchiki clan?"

Ukitake flushed a bit at that as he knew that they were right. "Well you do have a point." he admitted .

"Exactly." Ogichi and Ichigo replied.

"I noticed that you refer to Ichigo's children as yours and that you have yet to try and eat us." the 1st captain said finally. " Most unusual."

"That's because they are ours too since they are in our body and will be able to wield our powers along with our partner ere shinigami ones. They will even have their own masks and special abilities like we do. As fer why I aint eat ya , why should I bother? Sure I'm technically a hollow but if I did ya would try to hurt our partner for something he didn't do and harm our babies. Beside we've evolved, our partners spiritual power is more than enough to sustain us. If we were gonna eat anyone we'd start with the kuchiki clan. The only reason we havent even considered eating those idiots is cuz they're so coldhearted they'd no doubt freeze our insides. We have more important things at worry about anyway like our babies health. We still hafta decide what to name them and all that." he said proudly. "And we're hungry is anyone coming with our ice-cream ." he said testily. "Our feet is killing us from standing so long too."

Senbonsakura who had been busy keeping a close eye on Ichigo nodded. " Yes, and a lower back rub would be nice. His back hurts from carrying so much weight. Our babies need to be comfortable and so does he. He'll make us proud parents." she said fondly. "I hope they at least have his orange hair too."

"All of you are missing the most important part of all this." said zangetsu who was tired of watching them bicker. " We don't know what Zanpaktos they'll be getting yet but we do know that at the rate their forming the babies will be born with them."

"What do you mean born with them?" asked a frightened Ichigo.

"We mean that you'll be delivering the babies holding their Zanpaktos due to the amount of power they have and a hollow mask on." said zangetsu.

Ichigo's eyes rolled over and he almost fell to the floor or would have had it not been for Renji and Byakuya catching him.

"He's fine." said zangetsu as he knew that they worried. " he's just fainted as we wanted him to. The other reason that we wanted to talk to you was to tell you that something inside Ichigo is changing and it worries us. He can manipulate his soul world in spite of how he's really feeling and there is something growing inside him due to the treatment he's receiving from Kuchiki-san."

"Growing?" said an interested Kurotsuchi. " What is that?"

"We have come to call it Negro cero doble as it feels like a double cero except its even more powerful and its black." Said a shivering Ogichi. " The only way we can explain its existence is to say that all the rage and anger at Byakuya is taking on a form of its own. Its why we wanted the noble ass dead before it got worse. I hate to say this especially to shinigami and all since I hate ya kind but now is not the time for that." then he bowed. " Please help him before he snaps. If he does I have no doubt that all of soul society will feel it. I-I'm afraid of what's inside him. He's so angry and hurt ."

That caused everyone to be really worried as it was uncommon for such beings as hollows to bow to Shinigami. It was obvious that whatever it was it frightened them.

"What do you have to say about it Senbonsakura?" asked Byakuya worriedly.

"Its simple pure energy, a pure dark reiatsu that was there from him becoming a hybrid and the Hogyoku that was used on him." she began. " But it didn't take form until after you began hurting him. I hate to say it Byakuya but he is much much stronger than us. Now that he's a hybrid and if he's able to master that black reiatsu of his, well soul society will always have him as a trump card in any battle. With him on our side, we wont lose at all. Then there is our babies, under his care and lessons they will be extremely powerful and with them the soul society's future as a strong group is more than assured. He's special , you need to treat him that way before you ruin everything ." she said simply. "And you need to stop calling him a mongrel. We both know that none of those noble disgraces that call themselves women could ever create the type of powerful children that he's currently carrying. Let him choose how they'll be raised and back him up as if you do , those children will make our enemies shiver in fear the way they do their mother at the very sound of the Kurosaki-kuchiki name. This boy has been hiding most of his true strength inside himself and what he did to aizen and Gin is nothing compared to what he can do. The soul society got lucky when they got him on their side. Never before have I seen so much power . Also since he's so young he will only get stronger, he is worthy of the kuchiki name and more. Never forget that. He's waking up now and wont know about this conversation so don't mention it." she warned just as the berry began to stir. "Please help him."

They all nodded just as Ichigo woke up. Upon noticing the stares Ichigo flushed and looked away for a minute. Then he noticed he was in Byakuya's arms and his flush increased.

"Ichigo-kun how are you feeling?" asked a worried Ukitake.

"I'm fine, sorry for the trouble." he said as he tried to stand up on his own. "Partners you ready to return now?" he asked.

"Hai Partner ." they all replied including Senbonsakura.

Ichigo arched a brow at that. " Aren't you returning to Byakuya?" he asked.

"No , I'll be staying close to our babies and feeding them my energy to help you." she replied. "After you give birth you will need to practice wielding me out in the open. When you do I can take you to the next level of power." she said proudly, then she turned to Byakuya. " Do anything to upset him and I will remove myself from your care permanently and make it so that only he can wield me." she warned before turning back to Ichigo with a gentle smile. " Now you eat your snack and go see your squad since I know how much you missed them."

Ichigo nodded with a blush as the way she spoke to him reminded him of when his mother was alive. " Hai Senbonsakura-sama." he replied respectfully which surprised many since Ichigo was rarely respectful to anyone.

They all knew that he must really like the blade to speak to her that way. Now that they thought about it he spoke to Unohana-taicho the same way as well. Then the three guests disappeared back into Ichigos soul to argue about yet another thing.

"Well that was a revelation." said the first captain. " Ichigo you will be looked over everyday by Unohana- taicho to ensure the safety of both you and your babies. Everyone else is dismissed except for Kuchiki-taicho."

"Hai Sotaicho." they all replied .

Unohana walked over to Ichigo and led him out to the fourth squad. Byakuya watched them go before turning to the first captain.


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