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DOCTOR POV: I thought it would be nice to take her to Barcelona for a nice romantic Valentines Day dinner and maybe just maybe I will finally propose. I mean she been back with me for a year now. Like Jack has already told me several times, what am I waiting for? I mean I should do it now before she starts doubting me and wants to return back home with Jackie, Pete, and Old Mickey Boy. Yeah old Mickey Boy who's always waiting for me to screw up, so he can have her back. Oh I don't know what I am saying, of course she loves me. I also think that she's not doubting me, well a least not as much as I doubt myself. The big question here is do I trust myself, enough to ask her?


Look at him over there working away on the Controls of the Tardis.Acting as if Valentines Day is not a few days away. I know, I know usually he use that excuses that he lost track of time by being in the Tardis. But this year I got him a calendar and mark all of the important dates like my birthday, Christmas, Valentines Day, and etc. I just hope he remembers Valentines Day.

"Rose I was thinking we could go to Barcelona, you know the planet not the city, for Valentine's Day. I mean Valentine's Day is just a few days away. I was thinking we could celebrate it on Barcelona with all of those dog face people." Said the Doctor from the spot where he was working or a least trying to act like he was working, So it would seem like it was no big deal that he was asking Rose out for Valentine's Day.

Rose just stood over by the door way that leads to the rest of the Tardis, acting like she wasn't over joy by the fact that the Doctor wants to take her out for Valentine's Day. "Yeah sure, that's sounds fine." Said Rose!

"If you don't care for Barcelona, we could always go to your birthplace Cardiff. I mean it is your home and I wouldn't be opposing to spending Valentine's Day in Cardiff. Well a least this Cardiff since your mother not there anymore." Said the Doctor with a smug smile on his face.

"Oi, that's my mother you're talking about. Anyway Captain Jack's in Cardiff and we could always run into him now." Said Rose now with a smile on her face while looking right at the Doctor.

The Doctor spoke up and said "No maybe Cardiff is not the place to go, maybe Barcelona is a better place to go."

Rose spoke up and said "No now that you mention it I want to go to Cardiff."

"Okay fine we'll go to Cardiff for Valentine's day, but no Captain Jack okay." Said The Doctor with a funny look in his eye.

"You never know about Jack." Said Rose as she walks off towards their bedroom. Not knowing what the Doctor had already set up for Valentine's Day. After Rose left out of the control room, the Doctor grabs the Tardis phone and called Jack.

"Yeah Jack, Hi! She bought it, so is everything planned for the day."


"That's fine Jack!"


"That's great Jack, thanks for all of your help."


"Yeah I know she'll love it, again thanks for everything! Bye now Jack!" said the Doctor as he hung up the phone. He couldn't wait for Valentine's Day to get here and started on setting the time and date for Cardiff.