Dragon Ball Alternate Dimension - Generation Z

A Dragonball Z Fanfiction by Aoikami Sarah

Note: Adonai and Soma Oujisama, Akiko Son Oujisama, Roland and Korosette Du Nord, Rojan and Okano Hoshi, Kashtan Son, Kalifura, Yaffa and Donburi are original characters.

This is the sequel to Dragonball Alternate Dimension.

Chapter One

Long Ago On A Doomed Planet…

"No!" the Queen stamped her foot.

"Kalifura," her husband growled as he began to lose his patience. "Just this once do as I say!"

"No! I won't leave you!"

The Chief Science Officer looked away from the arguing royals. "I should leave you, my Lord."

"No, Bardock. The Queen will be leaving with you shortly."

"Vegeta, I will do no such thing." She met his glare and stared at him defiantly.

"Then you will die." He approached her, his cloak flowing behind him. He stood nearly six feet tall and looked down on the four and a half foot Queen. His face contorted with anguish. "Go, now." Still she held her chin up and refused to budge. "Kalifura, I cannot lose my wife as well as my son..."

"We'll get him back!"

"No, Kali, we won't. Furiza is too strong. Please go. Time is running out. We are confronting him tomorrow," King Vegeta reminded her. Her lip twitched. She closed her eyes. Vegeta addressed his science officer. "Bardock, a moment please?" He nodded and backed out of the chamber.

Kalifura let out a breath she'd been holding once Bardock was out of sight. "I want to go with you. Why won't you let me die honorably at your side?!"

"Because I can save you. If you go with the children, there will be a new world for you to cultivate. They'll need a leader. You are the mother of their race; you'll be perfect." He reached out and took her thin arms in his hands. Kalifura's strength left her.

"Oh, Vegeta this isn't the way it's supposed to happen! The Saiyajin are too proud, too strong to be eliminated by the likes Furiza!" She fell against his chest and sobbed. He embraced her and closed his eyes.

"I know."


They walked down into the hangar. The children, all just toddlers, were already being loaded onto the ships. The Queen was led into the largest of these and the preparations were begun.

"Bardock? You have children, don't you?"

"Yes, my Lady."

"Are they aboard one of these ships?" she asked, thinking that she could show her gratitude for his help by keeping an eye on one of his babies for him.

"No my Lady. They're in the Planet Trade already."

Kalifura was visibly upset. "I'm sorry."

"It's not so bad, really," Bardock remarked lightly as he tweaked machines and pushed buttons. "They won't be here when we fight. They're both on missions right now. Radditz is one of the boys sent to accompany the Prince, and Kakarotto has been sent to a small, harmless world called Earth."

"How old is he?"

Bardock checked an item off a list he carried on a clipboard and frowned. "He's just a newborn."

Kali pouted. Her son was only seven. She hadn't seen him in two years and wondered how he was doing and if he would be allowed to live.

"My Queen, there are some major details about this plan that you must know at this point." The officer put his hand on what looked like a two foot tall egg with an embossed Saiyajin royal insignia on it. "Herein is the history of Vegeta-sei."

Kalifura's stomach twisted with anxiety suddenly. "Why is this necessary?"

"In case they forget."

"In case something happens to me, you mean."

Bardock's silence answered her. "Come this way if you please, my Lady."

She was shown to a gaping stasis pod in the main bay of the ship. A dozen others lined hers; most likely the children of elite soldiers, male and female, but the names on each pod were unfamiliar.

"Donburi?" she read one aloud. "What kind of a Saiyajin name is that?"

"It's not. When you reach the new world, all the children will be given different names. The planet itself will be known as Bistro-sei and the Saiyajin will be known as the Bistrojin."

Kalifura stared at him in disbelief. "What?"

Bardock cringed. His ruler was unhappy. "It is for the protection of the race. If Furiza hears about the exploits of the Saiyajin after this battle, he will travel across the galaxies to snuff them out entirely. We are sure of it."

She walked toward the scientist slowly. He cowered as she glared up at him. "What else, Bardock? If there's something else you've yet to tell me, you best tell me quickly."

He swallowed hard. "The tails, my Lady..."

She spun and ran to the nearest pod. Sure enough, to further conceal its identity, the infant Saiyajin inside was tailless.

"No!!" she cried. "That's not right! I will not allow it! I don't care what you say!" she banged her tiny fists on the glass and fought the tears. She uncurled her tail from around her waist and it wagged back and forth nervously. She spun back to face Bardock. "I have no intention of giving up my tail. I think I've lost enough already."

"I wouldn't dream of it, my Lady." Bardock pushed a button and the Queen's stasis pod yawned open. Other engineers busied themselves and readied the ship. Kalifura softened. There was too much to worry about. She followed the officer's instructions and eased into the egg shaped case.

"How long will it be until we get to this Bistro-sei?"

"At our current technological level, it will take two years to enter its solar system. You will be in stasis until the ship lands safely." He pressed buttons and the compartment made scientific sounds.

"Bardock?" she called out as the lid was coming down.

"Yes my Queen?"

"If you see him..."

"I won't," he cut her off, but pursed his lips and tried to give her a reassuring smile.

"Good luck."

"You as well, my Lady." He closed the lid.

The Queen breathed in the sleeping gas. "Vegeta..." she whispered. Her husband; her son; her home: all of which she knew she would never see again. Kalifura watched him walk away as the glass fogged up.


The countdown began and engineers frantically readied the ships. Bardock left capable men in command and raced off to join the fight which would surely begin soon. In the shadows a balding man hid and waited for the right moment. In a lull of activity he rushed towards the largest of the ships.

He was dressed in low-ranking armor and thousands of LEDs reflected off of his shiny cranium. He grinned evilly and eyed the stasis pods. The Queen's pod was the only one that was unmarked. The man flipped open a control panel and adjusted the settings from auto-wake to manual-wake and laughed lightly. He then turned to the egg-shaped time capsule and removed the royal emblem from it. Finally, he quickly forced the pod to the right of the Queen's open, ripped the sleeping child from it and blasted him into oblivion. As the man crawled in to the now vacant pod and set the automatic commands, he laughed louder and more evilly. "Look out, Bistrojin. Here comes Donburi!"

To be continued…