Dragon Ball Alternate Dimension - Generation Z

A Dragonball Z Fanfiction by Aoikami Sarah

Chapter Seven

Bra charged out the back door and gawked at her ship as it came in for a landing. It came in fast, but she had been waiting and watching for it for most of the week. At last, her patience and trust in her daughter had paid off.

Slowly, the ship set down. Roland, Akiko, Trunks and Bulma ran into the yard and waited with her. It seemed like an age before the door opened.

"Adonai! Soma!"


Okano and Kashtan waved to the happy parents. "And us! Woo hoo!" Kashtan laughed.

There was much hugging and some tears before Bulma reminded them of how angry they all were. "Where the hell is Vegeta?!"

Akiko, still hugging her sobbing daughter looked around. "Adonai, what happened?!"

Her son took a deep breath. "It's a very long story, and it's mostly my fault."

Shocked at his decent behavior, his cousins stood up for him. "No it's not," Okano put his hand on his shoulder.

Bulma glared up at her grandson. "Where is he?"

Adonai repressed a smile and cocked his head towards the ship. "He's still there."

Taking this to mean that he was still in the ship, she pushed past him and stomped up the gang-plank. "Bejiita?!" she screamed in Saiya-go. "Where are you?!"

The others stopped their conversations and looked to Adonai as the corner of his mouth curled up. He laughed almost identically to his grandfather. "We'd better get out of the way," he said as he guided the group indoors.

"You idiot man, where are you?!" Bulma yelled, looking around the interior of the ship. To her left, a video monitor flicked on.

"Woman? Is that you?" She spun around and began berating her husband's image. "Settle down. I'm sure you're giving me the once over, but this is pre-recorded so shut up and listen." There was a strange smile on his lips. "I know you would never agree to what I want you to do without taking an eon to get ready and primp yourself so, I'm inviting you this way."

To her surprise, the gang-plank withdrew and the door slid shut.

"What the...?!"

"I'm still on the planet once called Bistro-sei. We're in need of a genius scientist like yourself, so buckle up and enjoy the six hour ride." Still taken aback by the genius comment, Bulma stood and stared at the monitor. "Oh, and do try to be civil when you disembark. There will be a large crowd waiting and I want you to make a good first impression on your people, Princess Bulma."

Bulma clapped a hand over her mouth and flopped down into a seat. "Oh good lord, he's conquered a planet."

"The queen is also quite impressionable, so please don't fight with me until we're alone. My mother is a hard woman to please."

Bulma's eyes nearly fell out of her head. Vegeta's image smiled more and chuckled lightly. "I wish I could see the look on your face."

The engines started up and the ship began lift off.

"The children are fine. This wasn't their fault nor was it mine. I was abducted and taken here. But I'm free now and so is everyone else. It's absolutely incredible." He shook his head at the wonder of it all. "I can't wait till you get here. See you soon."

Bulma thought to herself that this must have been what he was like as a child. He was so excited his eyes glinted with joy. Vegeta waved and the recording ended.


Three weeks later the galactic travelers settled back into life as usual.

Korosette had a nice long talk with her parents about her artificial heritage and they came to an understanding about it – that although cloning would most likely be abused by the general public, there was something more sacred about a man and a woman creating their own child that made it right for them.

Kashtan got Korosette to tutor him and managed to pass his classes (with a D) and was allowed to finish the football season and help take the undefeated Orange Star Dragons to the championship.

Soma became more extroverted and managed to secure herself an actual social life. When she wasn't seeing her girlfriends she was hanging out with her cousins. She and Okano were especially close which made both of their mothers nervous. One afternoon Rojan held a family meeting between both sets of parents and explained something about the Rasha heritage that made quite a lot of sense to everyone. Rasha genes were predisposed to seek out close relations for the betterment of the race, not just to assure their families accession to the throne. Rasha who were inbred were more beautiful, smarter and stronger than those who were out-bred. Rojan could not vouch for out-breeding to other races as this was a forbidden practice in his culture but he was sure it didn't count as his out-bred friends were all very beautiful, smart and strong. If Soma and Okano were to fall in love (which it seemed they were already) it would be alright.

After learning this piece of information, Adonai kept to himself a bit more than he used to. Tasha had dumped him as soon as he got back, convinced that he had cheated on her. For the lack of his grandfather, Adonai spent almost all of his free hours training fiercely in the gravity chamber.

One afternoon as he was headed into the chamber his sister called out to him. He pretended not to hear her but she caught up with him.

"Brother, wait. I need to talk to you."

"I'd rather not," he said and kept walking.

She had to get in front of him in order to make him stop. "I need to ask you something. Have you been able to do anything strange lately?" He narrowed his eyes at her. "When I was on Bistro-sei I was suddenly able to warp through dimensions at will. Watch!" she said and vanished. For a second Adonai panicked. "See?" she chimed as she returned. "I was wondering if you could do something similar?"

"No, Soma. I'm not special like you are," he snarled and tried to move past her.

"The reason I ask is because I might not see you again for a long time!" she shouted. "There was a message today while we were at school. Great Grandmother wants you to come to Bistro-sei and I know you'll go and I don't want to have forgotten to tell you before you go!"

Adonai raised a brow. An opportunity to leave everything that made him upset behind – to see his grandfather again – was just what he'd wished for. "What did you want to tell me, Sister, that you're better than I am?"

Soma's face fell and he instantly regretted his words. "I wanted to tell you I love you before you go."

He stood and stared at her for a few moments before he could bring himself to be a man. Adonai reached out and hugged his sister. "I love you, too, Soma. I'm sure you and Okano will be very happy."

Soma broke down and cried against her brother's shoulder. When she was done, she muttered thanks, smiled and went back into the house. Adonai stood and looked up at the sky. He closed his eyes and thought about Bistro-sei. He thought about his grandfather, Vegeta and his great-grandmother the queen, Kalifura and all the other pure-blood Saiyajin on Bistro-sei and his desire to see them again was great. Then he thought about the girl he'd gotten to know on Earth, who he believed had betrayed him but who, when he left Bistro-sei, had a certain look in her eye that made it very hard to get on the ship and suddenly the air was warmer, the sky bluer and the sound of alien birds reached his ears.

Yaffa stood in the courtyard, paused in her work tearing down the execution platform. She was dressed lightly for the warm climate and her hair was pulled back. She was staring up at the sky and was astonished to see him but her eyes had that certain look that didn't seem surprised to see him again at all.