Well here goes nothing! My first Twilight fanfic! Do you want a teeny synopsis? Basically this is going to be yet another version of Breaking Dawn, very imaginatively titled Breaking Dawn. I know, original, right? I know there are a lot of these floating about but hopefully I can make this one a bit different from the others and still keep it canon and true to the characters that we all love! Maybe in writing this I can slake my, and your, thirst for more vampiric, lusty action until the real, and undoubtedly better version of Breaking Dawn hits our doorsteps in August! I can hope… Here goes nothing, wish me luck, and enjoy!

Chapter One: Breaking News

In the last year or so, during my time with the glorious Edward, I saw a lot of things that no human should ever see. Most of which involved a certain degree of heart-stopping terror. Okay, so I might be down one not so mortal flame haired enemy, but there still remained the ominous threat of the Volturi and their army of undead warriors; no small foe. I should have been terrified, quaking with fear at the prospect of another encounter with the five, incredibly powerful, members of Italian vampire royalty. Yet one seemingly small act was more horrifyingly menacing than any other I could possibly have imagined. Telling my, emotionally phobic, and far from verbose father, that I was planning to marry my boyfriend at only eighteen.

Actually, there was one thing scarier: telling my mother. The fact that my parents had married so young, straight out of High School in fact, and their marriage had been so short-lived meant that my mother was vehemently opposed to my marrying of anyone before the age of thirty. Informing her of my impending nuptials was NOT a conversation I was looking forward to. So far I had managed to convince her that my overwhelming love for Edward was nothing more than a teenage crush. Boy, I was about to shatter that illusion.

I was in Edward's Volvo; it was immaculate as always, with sheets of rain streaming down the window, as he drove far too fast towards my house, and the impending storm that would be whipped up by our announcement. I leaned my head against the window and peered into the swirling green that sped by. I let the vibrations of the engine soothe my head, aching with worry, and sighed softly.

"Are you okay?" Edward reached over and entwined his cool fingers with mine, our eyes met: his dark gold and filled with brimming with concern.

"Yes, as fine as I can be considering. You do realize that Charlie is going to be far from happy?" His fingertips stroked my hand; the feeling of calm this small action evoked reduced my frazzled nerves somewhat.

"I know, Bella. We can do this some other time if you would like. If you're not ready then…"

I cut him off; I was determined.

"Edward now is the only time. The sooner the better. I want to do this. We need to do this. I am ready."

"So eager for eternal damnation." He said, only half teasing.

"Eternal damnation has absolutely nothing to do with it. If you don't have a soul then no one does. You're perfect, you know that." I tried to lighten the mood. Edward scowled at me; obviously I had failed.

"Bella," he said, pinching the bridge of his nose between his thumb and his forefinger, "I lust after human blood. After your blood, and I love you. How can I possibly have a soul?"

I stole his hand back and kissed his palm softly before lacing our fingers back together again. I didn't have to think about my answer before replying.

"Because I love you with all my soul, and I know you love me just the same."

His stony expression softened and his eyes lighted with a smile as he glanced at the road before returning his gaze to me. With Edward's amazing reflexes and uncanny ability to read minds, driving came almost as easily to him as running, although he did find the lack of speed irritating.

"I love you." He said simply.

I thrilled at his words, never, as long as I lived, which would hopefully be eternity, would I tire of hearing him say that. The momentary brightening of my mood was quickly quashed as we pulled, slower now, into my driveway.

I groaned.

"Ugh. Kill me now." Edward chuckled, laughing at my choice of words.

"Come on Bella my love," he said still amused, "time to meet your maker."

He reached over to undo my seatbelt and gently nuzzled my neck as he did so. I shivered. "I hope you still do that after a century." He said.

"Without a doubt." I replied, smiling despite myself.

In seconds Edward was by my door, offering his hand, ever the gentleman, as I stumbled from the car. He caught me effortlessly in one arm and pulled me close, inhaling the scent of my hair.


"Edward!" I giggled, trying to push him off and failing miserably. He pulled me closer and squeezed lightly before releasing me.

"Later." He said. It wasn't a question. Before I could contemplate his meaning he had pushed the front door open and was nudging me into my living room.

Charlie was lying on the sofa, snoring aggressively, his face flickering with the glow from the television that was lit by scenes of a cop chase. Trust Charlie, he was never off the job.

"Oh well this is much better," I whispered to Edward, "you think grizzlies are irritable after hibernation? You should see Charlie when his sleep is disturbed." Although his face was in shadow, I saw his perfect teeth flash white as he grinned at me.

"Wake him up, Bella. No procrastinating!" I wanted to hit him, but I knew he probably wouldn't have even noticed, so I settled for poking my tongue out at him. "Mature." He said sarcastically.

I crossed the room cautiously and stopped beside my sleeping father. I took a steadying breath, a mental preparation. Briefly my mind turned to Alice, who undoubtedly knew how this conversation was going to turn out.

"Ch- Dad?" I gently shook his arm. "Dad, wake up, can I speak to you for a minute?"

Snuffling and grunting my father unwillingly raised himself from his slumber, lazily rubbing the sleep and tiredness from his hooded eyes.

"Yes, Bells?" Oh good, I thought, he didn't seem to be too annoyed.

'Dad, Edward and I have something we want to tell you. It's kind of important." Charlie's face drained of colour, before turning puce, his cheeks puffing. I thought momentarily of Harry Clearwater and gulped.

"Oh god. You're not… I mean, you aren't p-pregnant?" My father stumbled over his words, fear and anger evident on his face.

"No Dad!" I said, indignant. "We talked about this. I wasn't lying! Of course I'm not!" I protested, angered by Charlie's apparent lack of trust in my word when I told him I was still a virgin. Thinking of that awkward conversation still made me shudder.

Charlie's face returned to its usual shade, and his eyes lost some of their tension. He exhaled in a short puff.

"Good thing, Bella. Otherwise I would have to have killed your boyfriend here. Imagine the headlines: 'Police Chief kills daughters lover.' Not good publicity for the force." I smiled inwardly, but not at his joke: as if Charlie could ever hurt Edward. "So what is it that you two want to tell me?"

Here goes nothing.

"Edward asked me to marry him, and I said yes." I offered him my hand, showing him the beautiful engagement ring that Edward had placed on my hand earlier that day. For a moment Charlie was silent.

"You're getting married…to him?" Charlie said incredulously, moving from me to Edward slowly.

"Yes," I said, more confident now, "because I love him and he loves me."

'But Bella he LEFT you. For months! He broke your heart. How can you possibly know that he won't leave you again?"

This time Edward answered, wrapping his arm around my waist. "I left because I thought it was what was best for Bella. I didn't cope any better than she did. Ask my family. I didn't even do as well as Bella; at least she tried to carry on normally. I couldn't even do that. I love her, Charlie. I need her in my life, and I know she feels the same. I know you are afraid to lose her, but I promise, I swear on my life, that I will never hurt her again. I will protect her." Edward's voice was gentle, but forceful, and he spoke with conviction. My heart swelled again and my eyes met his.

Charlie looked deflated, now that was something I had not expected. An outright grounding for life and banned from seeing Edward had seemed a more likely outcome.

"Look Bella," he began, "I know you think you love each other…"

"Dad! We don't think, we know!"

"Ok, fine! I know you love each other, but you have to be sensible. You are both so young! You haven't even graduated yet. What about college? Edward could go Ivy League for god's sake! You aren't old enough to know what you want. It's too soon. I'm not happy about this at all. You're mother and I…" I had had enough.

"Dad, Edward and I are not you and Mom. We love each other. I love you, and respect your opinion, but I want Edward to be my life now. He's my life already, but this way it's more formal. Edward's very old fashioned; he doesn't want us to live in sin or something."

"But Bella…"

"No Dad. I'm doing this with or without your blessing. I just want you to be there for the wedding. It's important to me, and it's important to Edward. You have to accept that this is what I want now." I said with finality.

Charlie slumped in his chair, defeated. "I still think you're too young for this kind of commitment, but I want you to be happy. So I guess I will just have to accept that you are growing up far faster than I expected."

Relief washed over me in waves, with my Dad's consent, albeit reluctant, facing Renee was just that little bit less scary. "Thank you Dad. This means so much to me. I love you." Charlie stood up and reached over to me, pulling me into a hug that was surprisingly un-awkward, for him anyway.

"Right." He said gruffly, clearing his throat. "Just, y'know, erm, be safe." Oh God, I was going to die. I wouldn't even get as far as being bitten. My heart had stopped prematurely. My own father killed me of embarrassment. It was one thing speaking to me about the physical side, or lack thereof, of my relationship with Edward in private, a totally different kettle of fish if it was actually in front of him. I didn't have the energy to argue with him.

"Ok then. I'm going to bed; I'll tackle Renee in the morning. Thanks Dad. I'll just see Edward out."

I walked quickly to the door and slipped outside, pulling Edward along behind me by the sleeve of his jacket. I slumped against the door and threw my head back, closing my eyes.

"Well that wasn't too painful." Edward said nonchalantly. I rolled my eyes and stifled a giggle. He pulled me tightly against his chest; I could vaguely feel his cool skin through the thin material of his shirt. I snuggled in and inhaled his glorious scent; better than any other smell in the world. "I had better go now, I wouldn't want Charlie to think we weren't 'being safe'." I cringed.

I looked up into his eyes and saw they were bright with laughter. "Will you come up later?" I said with hope.

"Course I will. As soon as Charlie is asleep." He kissed my forehead and released me.

"Oh, Edward? What did you mean earlier when you said "later"?" Edward turned to wink at me and then he was gone.

I loved the wink. At least I had something to look forward to except the delightful conversation I was due to have with Renee the following day. Yay... Or not.