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Macha loathes the sight of Haseo. She hates everything about him: his appearance, his voice, his attitude, his kindness...everything.

It was Haseo, after all, who beat Endrance. It was Haseo who sent Endrance into depression after he destroyed that miserable virus that stole her old form's name. It was Haseo who became Endrance's most precious person in the world... And Macha hated it.

Didn't he know she still existed? Didn't he know that she was still within him and that she needed his love again? Before, when he was weak and clingy and needy, he would stay with her, no matter what. He would help her, no matter how dangerous it would seem. He wanted her back after she was Data-Drained, even when he saw her true form. Macha was created to study unrequited love alone, but she could tell that what he did, he did out of true love.

But that was before. That was when he was weak, clingy Elk. The Elk who reminded her so much of the boy whose name escapes her, who would give her Aromatic Grass almost everyday, who would go to Morganna in order to have her back by his side. Now he was Endrance. Still clinging to the one he loved--first the accursed AIDA, then Haseo, but he was stronger than before. She remembered when he wanted to be stronger to be able to protect her. Now he only did it for Haseo.

Macha felt... She didn't know how she felt. She loved him, and yet, with the appearance of that little white cat that became what he wanted, followed by the boy who saved him from his depression, Endrance only cared about Haseo to the point where he only cared about what Haseo cared about. And she had leant him strength so many times, willingly allowing both of them to go through pain because she assumed that it was what he wanted. But it was just that bug's desire. And to him, the bug was Mia, and he wanted to make Mia happy. How funny, because she remembers a similar thing happening before she was pulled apart and reassembled in this world. How the Purple Cat, the Temptress in disguise, followed around the Bearer of the Key of Twilight that called to her, while the young boy whom she had seduced that would give his life for her becomes jealous and begins to hate the Bearer of Twilight for interesting her.

Now she was the one who desired love, only to be the one ignored by the one whose heart she wants back. She was now the one whose love was unrequited while he followed another person he would devote his life to. A person she had come to hate for stealing the one person she felt emotions for so long. But in the end, was it not Endrance who forgot about her, even though he swore to protect her? Wasn't it Endrance who replaced her with a data anomaly masquerading as a cat, then with a person who initially wanted to hurt him?

...Macha had never felt so betrayed...


Blu: Yeah, I know, it's short!! But, I was always wondering why Endrance kept saying that Mia was no longer with him. Mia is technically Macha, so she's always within him. For that, I start to get pissed off at how he immediately replaces Mia with an AIDA cat, then goes on to replace the cat with Haseo, who shows no romantic feelings for him whatsoever. He's basically doing what he wanted to do for Mia for Haseo and that is to protect and make him happy. I think Macha/Mia would be upset with that because it looked like she loved Elk to me (but maybe it's just me). Know that I'm not dissing HaseoxEn lovers out there; I'm just staying through to MiaxElk/Endrance. Hope you liked this story, so please review! It keeps me writing fluffy stories and angsty numbers like this!!