Now, since the little universe I created refused to let me go, here's a continuation of sorts for 'Interviewer Bias'. Basically, it's snippets of Scully's stay at Autobot Base. We see how parts of her report for the President came about, so there won't be much plot and overall action, but a lot of anthropology, if it's politically correct to call it that.

EDIT Jan 8, 2009: If you're looking for the new chapters - they'd be the second and third to last, so the 'conclusion' is actually the conclusion. In order to avoid further chaos, I haven't shuffled anything else around, so the chronological order only applies for parts 2 through 7.

Disclaimer: The 'bots and Scully are definitely not mine. Therefore I'm not making money with this. There are also some direct quotes from the (live action) movie in the introduction.

Usual caveats: I'm German. If I'm making mistakes, please bother to correct me.

They don't tick. Really.


Before time began, there was the Cube. It is not known where it came from, only that it held the power to create worlds and fill them with life. That was how the race was born.

For a time, the race lived in harmony, led by a Prime and his most trusted champion, the Lord Protector.

But like all great power, some wanted the Cube for good, others for evil. One especially, a Lord Protector named Megatron, desired the Cube for himself, hoping to create an army that would allow him to rule the universe.

And so the war began, laying waste to the once great planet and killing millions, until the Prime saw no other choice but to launch the Cube into space.

What was left of the warring factions scattered across the galaxy, hoping to find the Cube and rebuild their home.

And just when all hope seemed lost, message of a new discovery drew the race to a hitherto unknown planet called Earth.

The war resumed, and in the process, the Cube was destroyed and the usurper Megatron was killed.

Which brings us… here.

Nevada, August 2007