Zordon of Eltar:

Book I The Ooze War

By John Evans


Most sentient beings in the galaxy knew the name Zordon of Eltar. For hundreds of thousands of years his name was synonymous with the forces of good. Many throughout the galaxy saw Zordon as a noble figure, always steadfast, wise, and never wavering.

No one knew that inside, Zordon was the same as any sentient being. He had not always been the noble master that many saw him to be. Over the course of his long life he had been a lover as well as a warrior. He had managed great triumphs, but also suffered massive defeats. He had felt joy, love, anger, fear, confusion, and sadness. He had made terrible mistakes that had resulted in some dear friends suffering terrible and painful deaths.

Now Zordon stared through the glass of the portable life giving tube that imprisoned his essence. He saw before him the young Andross, a man who Zordon was proud to call a Power Ranger. Zordon had watched Andross for most of his life on K-0-35, including the loss of his sister Karone to the evil Dark Specter. Zordon had also watched with pride as Andross joined with the Power Rangers of Earth to form a truly impressive fighting force. He was a fine leader and a strong warrior. Zordon felt honored that it would be this Andross who would carry out his final order.

Zordon knew that is was time for him to die. As hard to admit as that was, he knew that it must be done. This war on evil had been ongoing for countless millennia and now it was time for it all to end at last. As Zordon gave Andross the instructions to break his energy tube with his spiral saber, he could feel the wave of doubt coming off of the Red Ranger.

The various rangers throughout the years had always seen him as a strong and all knowing figure. He often wondered what they would think, had they been able to see him as he truly was; his wasted, shriveled body hanging lifeless in a time warp, stuck in a moment in time where injuries were causing his body to die.

He always hated how others were forced to take up a battle that he himself was too weak to fight. Despite his doubts and insecurities in the face of impending death, Zordon forced himself to be strong for Andross' sake.

For ten thousand years he had been away from the battle. For ten thousand years he had watched others wage the war that he himself had begun. But now, at long last, it was time for him to return to the battlefield. In one glorious moment he would burst forth from the time warp that had housed him for ten millennia and finally finish this long, bloody, terrible war.

He could feel the weight of his words sinking into Andross and could almost see the look of sadness on the red helmet covering the Ranger's face. All was almost lost when the evil Ecliptor ambushed Andross from behind. However the Red Ranger was able to break briefly from the battle to carry out Zordon's final wish. Andross raised his spiral saber and swung the most painful attack he had ever thrown in his relatively short life.

It has been said that at the moment a being dies, their entire life flashes before their eyes. This old adage proved true for Zordon of Eltar. The great leader took one final deep breath, and then he closed his eyes and saw it all one more time.