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Common Room Fantasy

Lavender Weasley was spending a quiet day at home, with the children off to school and Ron away at work at Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes where he worked as the first assistant product tester, just has he had since those heady days after the war.

Lavender poured herself a cup of tea and settled down at her kitchen table to enjoy it. She sat dreaming of all the possibilities life had offered her before she had chosen love over the possibility of a career. Of the plans she had made with Parvati in the dorms so long before. She loved Ron, and loved her family… but sometimes…

She was startled by the knock at her door. A visitor? Who could it be? Lavender looked down at the housecoat she was wearing, having not bothered with dressing that morning before she had started on her housework. With a shrug, she stood from her table and crossed to the door. Opening the door, she found Neville Longbottom standing on her front steps.

"Hello Neville," she said, the question obvious in her tone of voice.

"Hello Lav," Neville said with a smile. "Is Ron in?"

"No," Lavender replied. "He's at work, but he'll be home for lunch soon, you can wait if you'd like."

"That sounds lovely," Neville said with a nod.

"Would you care for a cup of tea?" Lavender offered.

"I would, thank you."

So, the two old housemates sit together in silence, enjoying the tea and each other's company after knowing each other for so long. After several minutes, Neville breaks the silence. "You're as lovely as ever Lav,"

"Oh, Neville, you do go on." Lavender said with a blush.

"No, seriously," the man insisted. "You were my first crush. I used to spend hours watching you in the common room. Ron is the luckiest man I know."

Lavender's blush deepened, but her smile showed how much she appreciated his words.

"I always thought," Neville continued, "that you had the most perfect breasts in the world. I used to dream about the day that you would notice me and we could… well I dreamed. Still do, I'd pay 100 galleons just to see your breasts.

Lavender was shocked for a moment, but could not ignore how his compliments made her feel. The more she thought about it the more appealing the idea of another man appreciating her body became… and what the hell… a hundred galleons? With trembling fingers, she opened her housecoat and exposed herself to his wide appreciative eyes for a few seconds.

Neville promptly thanked her and slid a stack of 100 galleon coins across the table to her. They sit there a while longer and he then said, "Lav, that was amazing! The most perfect breast I've ever seen. I… I… could I touch them? I need to touch them. I'll give you another 100 galleons if I could just touch you for a moment…"

Lavender, amazed by the offer sat and thought for a moment. Why not? She asked herself. She opened her housecoat again, and leaned into Neville's hands as he gently squeezed and kneeded her breasts, and for much longer than a minute.

Not long after Neville made his excuses and left, his longing smile warming Lavender's heart. That morning had assured her she was still a desirable woman.

Ron arrived home for lunch as he did every day. Lavender placed his midday meal in front of her husband, "Neville stopped by earlier," she said.

"Yeah?" Ron asked around a mouthful of mashed potatoes. "Did he drop off the 200 galleons he owed me from the Poker game?" Mistaking the look on his wife's face for disapproval of his gambling, Ron continued. "Don't worry, I was using one of George's marked decks and hustling him. No risk at all. I don't think the wally even knows he was cheated."