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Taming the Beast

"This, o' course is a Manticore," Hagrid said as he guided his class to the paddock, " Manticore are native to the lands o' old Persia, an' were imported throughout Europe by the Greek wizards durin' their war against the Muggle Persian kin' Xerxes, 'cause they wanted to add to their armies beasties tha' they knew the Persian Army knew an' would fear."

"Yeh'll note tha' the Manticore is similar to the Egyptian sphinx, a close cousin. It has the body o' a red lion, a human head with three rows o' sharp teeth not unlike a shark, an' a voice like a trumpet. Other aspects o' the creatures vary between sub species. Some are horned, some are winged, an' some, like this beauty has both. The tail is similar to tha' o' a scorpion an' they have been known to shoot poisonous spines to either paralyze or kill its victims. Manticores traditionally devours their prey whole, leavin' no clothes, bones, or possessions o' the prey behind."

Hagrid looked over his class. "Now, I'm not goin' to sugar coat it fer yeh. This beauty is feelin' a bit grumpy this mornin'." He raised his right arm to show the shroud of bandages that covered all the exposed skin, and disappearing up the sleeve of his great coat. " Now, yer N. E. W. T. requirements fer Creatures say tha' yeh must be able to subdue a manticore. Yeh can use yer wand o' course, or if yeh prefer, yeh can use the shields nets an' swords fer the traditional methods. So, who wants to go first?

Lavender Brown looked up at the Professor who towered over her. "I'll go first."

The buxom blonde walked past the collection of nets, the pile of shields and the swords to enter the paddock, coming to a stop inside the enclosure, her wand still in her pocket. She looked at the huge beast and smiled.

The manticore started to snarl and pant. Maintaining eye contact with the witch, the beast raised its deadly tail and charged the seemingly defenseless woman. When the creature was five yards away Lavender opened her robes to reveal her devastatingly beautiful naked body.

The manticore stopped dead in its tracks, skidding to a stop in front of the young woman. It blinked owlishly, issued a sound that sounded far more like a squeak than any sound ever made by a trumpet, and sheepishly crawled up to Lavender, starting to lick her ankles. The creature continued to lick up her legs, first her calves, the back of her knees, then on to her thighs, and then higher still, causing Lavender to issue a startled squeak of her own. After several moments of Lavender lovingly stroking the back of the creatures head, it settled down at her feet, looking up to her in a worshipful manner.

Hagrid stared open mouthed at the scene before him, before turning to face his class.

"Well," he said. "I can' say I've ever seen tha' particular technique before. Who's next? Who thinks they can do better then?" Hagrid looked at the faces of his class. " What about yeh Harry? Are yeh up to it?"

"Sure, no problem," Harry replied, shrugging out of his robes and rolling his shoulders. "Get that damned Manticore out of the way."