Cloud parked his Fenrir outside the church. He carefully carried a small rosebush that had tiny little light pink buds. Once inside the church, Cloud walked over to the flowerbed. He dug a hole in an empty space and gently placed the rosebush in it. After patting the soil around it and watering it, he sat down beside the flowerbed. Even though Aerith wasn't there to take care of the flowers, they still bloomed and flourished.

Cloud touched the pink ribbon on his arm. He missed her like crazy…

It was painful to see happy couples on Valentine's Day, so Cloud had decided to go to her church to think.

She had told him that everything was all right, and it was, but not COMPLETELY right.

And sometimes, he still felt very alone, even though he had all his friends.

"Happy Valentine's Day, Aerith," he whispered to a yellow flower. Cloud felt something on his arm, and turned around.

There wasn't anybody behind him, but there was a little piece of paper.

Cloud peered at the handwriting. It looked oddly familiar…but…

You were never alone. I'm watching you: )



Cloud smiled and placed the paper in his pocket.