It was almost 2 a.m. when we decided to call it a night. We walked back to my car, all kinds of thoughts running through my head. I didn't want to say goodbye but maybe it was better if we went our separate ways. My heart didn't seem to agree. I started fidgeting with my car keys, desperately trying to prolong this moment. I knew it wasn't going to be easy. I absolutely had no idea how we were going to work out our differences. I was an Angel and he.. was an assassin. What about Nathalie and Alex? Would I put their lives on the line by accepting Anthony into mine? They were my best friends and my collegues. And what would Charlie think? Anthony did assist in a plot to kill him. We really hadn't discussed any of this!

If he would go back to his old ways, sooner or later we would end up fighting on opposite sides. I didn't think I could deal with that, not after what happened tonight. Why do I keep falling for the bad guy? After all the crappy experiences I've had one should think I would know better by now. But you can't choose who you fall in love with Dylan. The realization that I loved Anthony made me pause. Surely I wouldn't have felt miserable for 3 whole months if I didn't love him. Well, nice mess you've gotten yourself into.. I just knew these feelings wouldn't go away overnight. If ever.

One particular thought worried me. If I left him.. when would I see him again? He could be dead and I wouldn't even know it! He already cheated death so many times. One day he was going to run out of luck. I tried to dismiss that last thought since I was still getting over the whole rooftop issue. I often wondered if I could have helped him that night but I was paralyzed with fear and shock. I hadn't thought for one moment that Seamus would still be a threat until he plunged that sword through Anthony's chest. Seamus probably meant to stab him through the heart, but thank god he missed. I'll never forget the look on Anthony's face.

It was clear that I needed time to think this over. I couldn't deny my feelings for this man, but there were other things, other people, to consider. Our lives were so far apart. Maybe I was rushing into this romance a little too fast. The joy and relief at finding Anthony alive had clouded my common sense. This really wasn't so simple.. and it would be selfish and not that smart considering my track record with men. Yet, I had a feeling I could trust him. I definitely should give him the benefit of the doubt. Especially after tonight.

Anthony touched my hand to get my attention. I realized I had been quiet for several minutes. When I looked up I noticed his worried expression. I gently squeezed his hand and smiled. "I'm fine. Really I am. It's just.." I didn't know how to start, didn't know how he would react. He raised an eyebrow. This meant he wanted me to continue so I did, albeit relunctantly. "I feel we're moving too fast.. I need some time to think. About us. About this situation. But know.. Please know.. that I care deeply for you Anthony. Never doubt that." I laid my hand on his chest and his hand covered mine. I could feel his heart beating strongly underneath the crisp white shirt. If this was wrong, how come it felt so right.

Slowly withrawing my hand, I took a deep breath. "I need to go." Anthony just nodded. He seemed to understand. "I will see you again, right?" I had to ask, but he didn't answer me. His hand went through my hair, messing it up, before grabbing a handful. Our eyes were locked and his blue ones displayed a fire I hadn't seen before. And then his lips descended on mine with a ferocity I wouldn't have thought him capable of. It reminded me of Seamus, in a good way. When the kiss ended I felt slightly dazed. Wow. "Y-you will." He stepped back and I was certain he was going to leave. I was wrong. He searched his pockets and produced his notepad and fountainpen. He started scribbling down a bunch of things. Anthony moved closer and placed the note into my hand. I wanted to say something but he put a finger to my lips. He smiled and bent down to kiss me one more time, much more gently. His kiss was soft and loving. A warm feeling spread throughout my body and I closed my eyes to fully savour this sensation. It lasted only a few seconds before he pulled away. I knew he was gone.

Suddenly remembering the note in my hand I quickly unfolded the paper. It was his address. I felt tension leave my body at the sight of it. Now I could go and visit him whenever I wanted. It also meant that he trusted me. It felt as such a relief. I carefully folded the note and slipped it into my jeans pocket, not wanting to lose this important piece of information.

Soon Anthony.. Soon I will know what to do.


The entire walk back to her car I was wondering what would happen next. If I really wanted to be with Dylan, I would have to quit being an assassin. She wouldn't want to be with someone who killed for money. But for someone like her I was willing to walk a straighter path. God himself had given me a second chance. I was still alive, which was nothing short of a miracle. I had to take this chance at a new and better life. A normal life.. Well somewhat normal. Dylan would still be an Angel. Hmm.. a normal life.. Did I really want that? No more killing was one thing, having a relationship and possibly sharing a home, entirely another. I would have a social life.

Dylan was fumbling with her keys. She looked terribly uncomfortable. I wanted to say something to make it all better but didn't know what and I got the impression neither did she. I moved closer and touched her hand, briefly brushing my thumb along the side. She looked up and smiled, gently squeezing my hand.

"I'm fine. Really I am. It's just.." She had been silent for some time. I couldn't deny being worried about her. I knew she had alot on her mind and I already had a pretty good idea what was occupying her thoughts. I wasn't a fool by any means. I raised an eyebrow to let her know I wanted her to explain further. "I feel we're moving too fast.. I need some time to think. About us. About this situation. But know.. Please know.. that I care deeply for you Anthony. Never doubt that." She wanted time.. time to think.. I understood. The past couldn't be erased. It was impossible. I would give her all the time she needed, hoping that in the end she would come back to me.

She laid a hand on my chest and instantly I covered it with my own. I wondered if she noticed my anxiety. This was all very new to me. After awhile Dylan slowly withrew her hand. "I need to go." I nodded my consent and understanding. I needed to let her go. For now.

"I will see you again, right?" Yes! Or did she intend to just walk away and never look back? She seemed fine, but I knew a thing or two about body language. It was just a fa├žade. A brave face to conceil her inner turmoil. Always the tough one. I had to believe we would work this out, but there would be obstacles along the way. I inhaled deeply, focusing on the unique scent that was Dylans. I wanted to remember it as best as I could. After all I wasn't sure how long it would be before we would meet again. My hand seemed to have a mind of its own when I reached out to touch the copery curls, revelling in their softness. I enjoyed letting the strands of hair slide through my fingers.. I knew this kind of behaviour seemed rather odd to other people, but I never cared what they thought.

I wanted to hold her, kiss her. I needed her in my life. So I closed the distance and eagerly claimed her lips in a passionate kiss. Never before have I desired a woman as much as Dylan. Her lips were so soft and warm and full of promise. With much regret I pulled back. Knowing I still had a question to answer.

"Y-you will."

Soon we would be going our seperate ways. To make sure she would have a way to contact me I thought it best to leave her the address to my apartment. I moved away and I noticed Dylan's panic. Safe to say this was very hard for the both of us. I quickly retrieved my notepad and pen to write down the address. Having done so I slipped the note into her hand.

We regarded eachother thoughtfully and it was a moment I didn't want spoiled by words. So when Dylan opened her mouth to say something, anything, I quickly stopped her. Instead I bent down and captured her lips in a less passionate kiss, but one driven by a different set of emotions. It was wonderful. A beautiful ending to an extraordinary night.

I left her standing there with half parted full red lips and a dreamy look on her face. What a picture she made.

Goodbye My Angel.. Until we meet again.