Prompt: Proposition

nothing (c) me

Implies a Jim/Silver relationship. If you don't like please don't read.



"I still don't get it; how many cards do I put down?"

Silver sighed and glanced over his hand of cards at the confused boy across from him. "As many as ya need," he explained for the fifth time. "Yer tryin' ta get te best hand ya can. If yer happy wit' w'at ye got ye can keep 'em all." Jim nodded slowly and raised his eyes to meet the cyborg's, who was plucking out cards with his mechanical hand. "How many are you putting down?"

A smirk crossed Silver's lips as he lay down three of his cards on the dining table; Jim quickly followed suit and thrust down three of his. They replaced their discarded cards and after several seconds of deliberation both men called 'check' and Silver addressed him. "Moment of truth, lad, w'at ya got?"

Jim didn't bother hiding his frustration as he tossed his cards lazily on the table, two fours; Silver bit his cheek to keep from chuckling as he revealed his own hand, an eight high straight. His cabin boy gave a charming growl and kicked the table leg. "This is stupid! You've won every single time!" He suddenly looked up at the cook and gazed in scrutiny at his mechanical eye. "You sure you're not cheating?"

"Now, Jimbo, don't be cruel! Here I be takin' time ta teach ya how ta play like an honest man and ye charge me wit' cheatin'! Besides, ye were te one usin' little Morphy to yer own advantage." His smirk broke out into a full grin as Jim blushed alluringly and moved to collect the cards. "I didn't ask him to copy your cards."

"An' yet t'ere ain't been no cheatin' since he left! Now shuffle and deal 'em out." But the boy shook his head and pushed away from the table. "I'm done; you've taken enough of my money!"

Silver glanced down at the meager pile of change that he had collected from his cabin boy, which was just enough to buy half a newspaper. "Yer just tired of losin' ta me," he challenged smugly. Jim immediately took the bait and Silver folded his arms as the teen stubbornly returned to his seat. "Fine, but we're not betting money anymore."

Silver grinned. "We can bet wit' chores."

"No way! You give me enough of those already!"

The man laughed and was suddenly hit by a strange, devilish idea. He stroked his chin as the option tumbled about in his mind; there was no way that the young man would agree, but then again Silver had been lucky all night and the risk would be worth the payout. "Well, ye've always got te clothes on yer back."

Jim's beautiful blush spread down to his collarbones and his usually reserved face held an expression of absolute bewilderment; the old cook immediately regretted the comment and was about to laugh it off as a joke when his pup spoke. "That's not really fair," Jim mumbled, eyeing the man's heavy coat. "You've got more clothes than I do."

Silver's eyebrow rose in amusement as he considered the boy's response; he had not necessarily said 'no' and judging from Jim's deep blush, plus the fact that he hadn't stormed out of the dining room, he didn't seem offended by the suggestion. "Fair enough," he agreed and pretended to be annoyed as he shrugged of his coat, followed by his hat as an added bonus for the boy. Jim nodded, seemingly content, and shuffled the deck.

It didn't take long for the hands to be dealt in what was turning out to be the most important poker game of the cook's life. Silver glanced down at the cards he had received; none of the card faces matched but three of the suits were hearts. It was the makings of a powerful flush and seeing as how Jim had not gotten anything better than three Kings all night it would be more than he needed to beat him. His steely face reflected none of his bubbling enthusiasm as he looked up to the boy. "Time ta bet."

Troubled blue eyes jumped to his and Silver's resolve melted ever so slightly at the pleading look; he would take it easy on the young man this round. "Check."

"Me too." Jim agreed; Silver discarded his two useless cards and noted that Jim lay down two as well. 'Still copyin' me.' He chuckled to himself. The boy drew his new cards and Silver repeated his motions. Two hearts! Heavens above, he had the perfect hand to get the cabin boy down to his knickers in one swoop, but whether it was out of mercy for his friend or the influence of his own deviousness Silver couldn't bring himself to end the fun so quickly. "Shirt," he said sweetly.

Jim started, having been absorbed in his cards. "What?"

"Shirt," Silver repeated. "I bet ya yer shirt." He started to show his hand but was stopped with a quick yell.

"Hey, hold on! What if I wanna raise you?"

Silver's façade slipped ever so slightly at the dare; Jim had not raised him once the whole night but something told him that the outburst was based more on irritation than confidence. "Do ya?"

Jim faltered for a moment, his mouth hanging open like a fish, before finally answering. "Ummm, yeah, I do. Pants." He spoke quickly without looking into Silver's eyes, obviously flustered at having been called on his bluff.

The man chuckled and shrugged; he had wanted to take his victories piece by piece but if Jim wanted to bear it all now he was not about to argue! "Alright t'en, cards down." Silver offered his hand first and grinned as Jim's face fell at the sight of the multiple hearts. "Wow…Good hand."

"Luck of te draw, Jimbo. Now pay up."

If Jim's blush deepened anymore the cyborg was sure it would become permanent. He leaned back and watched as the boy's hand drifted slowly down, down, down towards his belt; he was so entranced by the simple motion that he barely noticed when Jim's hand jumped to his own cards and flipped them over. "Not good enough, you scallywag!"

Silver blinked, his trance broken, and glared at the four Aces staring back at him. "Ye little whelp," he breathed.

"Don't be cruel, Silver." Jim mocked; every trace of the unsettled, inexperienced card player was wiped away and all that was left was a grinning shark who had played the cyborg like a randy fool. "You said yourself that it's luck of the draw. Now…"

His pup grinned and assumed Silver's previously victorious stance, leaned back and arms folded over his chest. "Pay up."