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"So what is to be done with him sir?" Asked a white haired man to his former sensei. A man who was forced to take up the mantle of Hokage again just hours ago after the tragedy that had happened. He held in his arms wrapped in a blanket a child barely born hours ago who let out soft cries as he found himself in a strange new world that he had been brought into. If only he knew what would lay ahead of him his cries would be more sorrowful.

"Are we going to kill it?" Asked a blond haired woman who looked at the child.

The Sandaime didn't answer, he instead took a puff of his pipe and continued staring at the child who attempted to open his eyes and stared back into his.

His eyes, although blue in color were shaped just like the one who he thought of as a son and his greatest pupil. He also had dark hair and it would be long. His skin was light yet more like his mother's than his father's skin was. He did not know what the child would think of the man who was his father. Or what the father would think of his child.

"Sarutobi!" Shouted Jiriaya a bit annoyed with his silence. He was about to chastise him when a look from his former teammate silenced him with a glare.

Sarutobi ignored the two and thought back of what had just happened seemingly a lifetime ago but only happened a few short hours.


"I do not believe Orochimaru cares for his soon to be born child, or of Kushina." Said Namikaze Minato The Yondaime to the group as they were in the Hokage's tower. The three inside nodded at one another though Jiriaya was less acceptable than the others.

"He has been found guilty of crimes against the ninja code and of humanity, he cares nothing for life, his or others, he would turn the child into a sick, twisted, demented weapon of horror that he would use." Put in Tsunade the woman crossing her arms.

"Although I hate to say it, My once greatest pupil has go beyond the reach of any of us. Kami knows that we have tried. I fear what will happen to the poor child and of Kushina once she discovers what he will do." Mused Sarutobi sadly looking down at his feet. It pained him for the man who he once considered a son to him would do such things. The experiments, such as the cursed seals and his obsession with life had done much to him.

Orochimaru, one of the most gifted and powerful ninjas in the world, who was once considered for the office Minato currently held, would be having a child. The woman Uzumaki Kushina, who was once a lover of Minato had been pregnant for about nine months and she was due today, she would be giving birth soon. Minato had called this meeting but not telling Orochimaru. From what they heard Orochimaru had been with her the whole time during her labor. And that he seemed happy that he would have a child to call his own.

The people of Konoha feared him, not only was he a powerful adversary but his experiments had taken many lives. Mitrashi Anko, the student who had loved her teacher and would faithfully follow him, had been one of the victims though she had survived. It was fear that he would use any of them for his experiments that had caused part of Konoha to be paranoid of him, especially those with bloodlines abilities.

"Jiriaya, do you have anything to say in the matter?"

Jiriaya raised his head up and paused for a moment. He had tried his hardest to keep Orochimaru, the man who ever since his genin days who he considered a brother from slipping down the path he had taken but it seemed to be no use. Orochimaru had gone beyond the point of no return.

Or had he? When Orochimaru and Kushina first meet a year ago after she and Minato had decided to call it quits he had found her to be quite amusing with her attitude and she found his personality charming. Soon they were spending time together which Jiriaya feared would make Minato upset and think Orochimaru was using her to get back at him for taking The Hokage spot that he wanted. Yet something seemed to change when Kushina had gotten pregnant. Orochimaru appeared to no longer have his cold snake like demeanor, he appeared to be friendly like the way they once were, and his eyes weren't filled with malice and hatred and lust like they had been. It appeared as if the Uzumaki woman was having an effect on him and the foul air that had been around him seemed to be vanishing from him. Maybe Kushina was the one who had succeeded where they had failed.

"Jiriaya? Sensei?" Asked The Yondaime looking at him a concerned look on his face.

Jiriaya snapped his head into attention and responded. "…I have nothing to say."

The Yondaime sighed deeply and shook his head. "Then it leaves me with but one choice it appears. Once the child is born I will go there with a group of men and have Orochimaru banished from Konoha for life. Kushina and the child will stay, I'll talk to her and tell her why I did it. She'll understand."

The three nodded and agreed. It seemed the only thing they could do.

Minato stood up and prepared to leave when suddenly there was a loud roaring sound that shook the tower. The four raised their heads up in shock wondering what on earth could that be.

Minato rushed to a window and looked out and his eyes widened in shock and in horror at what he saw.

"It cannot be…" He whispered to himself his heart clutched with fear.

Standing over wreckage with both of its eyes filled with malice and destruction, The nine-tailed fox.

At the Hospital…

Kushina breathed heavily, the labor and delivery was more painful than she had thought it would be but it was finally done, the child was born and was being cleaned up. Her body was covered with sweat and she ached all over in pain.

"It's alright Kushina, it is over, our son has been born." Whispered the black haired man to her softly holding her hand.

She allowed a small smile at that news. "I'm never having another kid." She said to the father of her child.

"In due time you'll probably want another one." He said with a smirk.

The two smiled and he wrapped an arm around her holding her tight, thanking Kami that everything appeared to be well. He had no idea what would've happened to her if something had went wrong.

The two awaited their child to be brought to them when they suddenly heard a horrible sound. The sound of roaring that could be heard throughout the hospital. The building shook and lights flickered on and off as Orochimaru held onto her making sure she didn't strain herself.

Orochimaru then saw a ninja who appeared to have been burnt to a crisp being brought in. He went over to him and asked what happened.

The ninja looked up at him and responded. "A…m-monster…a f-fox w-with n-nine…tails…it is heading…this…w-way…" The ninja then slumped down and Orochimaru could tell he was dead.

For perhaps the first time in his life, fear gripped Orochimaru's heart and soul, it couldn't be. A nine tailed fox? That was the Kyuubi! He turned his head to look at Kushina who appeared trying to sleep. He quickly went over to her.

"Kushina, I'll be back in a while, just stay calm and don't panic. Our son will be here soon." He told her and then left the room and headed out of the hospital trying to pass the many wounded and soon to be dead.

He had to stop Kyuubi, not only for his life, for but Kushina's and their son's lives as well.

The Yondaime rushed out of the gates of the Hokage's tower not listening to the others telling him it was too dangerous for him as Hokage to go. Seeing that he wouldn't be stopped, Tsunade and Jiriaya themselves headed to the battlefield.

When they got there they looked around in horror at the dead bodies of countless shinobi and civilians. They also saw an odd sight, a single person they did not expect was there and attempting battle with the fox demon. He had summoned a giant snake and was on top of it and attempting Jutsu after Jutsu though they had no effect on it.

"Orochimaru…" Murmured Tsunade in disbelief that he would be on the front lines. What was he doing here?

"He's either finally gone mad or he's attempting to stop the Kyuubi from reaching Kushina." Replied Jiriaya. Tsunade looked at him a bit shocked at the words. She had half expected him to not be here, she even thought that he would flee the village leaving the others behind.

They then saw the Kyuubi pin the snake and crush and swatted Orochimaru away with a mere flick of its paw. He was knocked onto the ground and he appeared to not be moving. The Kyuubi annoyed that a mere human had stood in his way for so long prepared to crush him with his paw.

Jiriaya remembering the friendship they once had quickly ran and just narrowly before he was crushed managed to grab Orochimaru and move him out of the way. Orochimaru opened his eyes and looked surprised to see him.

"What are you doing here?"

"Saving your skin as always."

Orochimaru attempted to stand up and prepared to confront the fox again when they then saw the Yondaime appear. He was on top of the toad boss and held in his arms a child.

Orochimaru didn't need to see it to tell that that was his son.

"What! What are you doing?!" Before he could get to them he was suddenly grabbed by Tsunade. He attempted to fight her off but she was using all her strength to hold him. Jiriaya then grabbed him as well and he could not hope to match the equal strength of them.

The Yondaime looked at the Kyuubi and than began to do a series of hand jutsus that Orochimaru recognized.

(He wouldn't dare!) He thought to himself as he struggled to break free but to no avail.

"Kami forgive me…" Minato said to himself and to the child as he finished the hand seals.

The Kyuubi realizing what was happening howled in fury and tried to break free. The demon roared in anger as it slowly started to fade from existence. It disappeared from view and appeared to go into the newborn child.

The Toad boss let him down and with his last ounce of strength Minato placed the child down and collapsed dead.

"My son…" Murmured Orochimaru no longer struggling in disbelief over what had happened. What did this have to happen?

"I'm sorry Orochimaru, he had no choice." Apologized Jiriaya to him as they loosened their hold on him and he fell to his knees.

Sarutobi walked forward and saw the carnage. He had been busy trying to get people out of Konoha and was too late. He saw his three students, he saw the fallen Hokage, and he saw the newborn child which Kyuubi had been sealed into. He walked forward and carefully picked him up.

"Kushina is dead…she died due to the labor." He said outloud to Orochimaru who's face was blank. He looked over at him and saw how his eyes where empty and lifeless. He felt sadness for him despite what he had done.

"Come, we have much to do. All of you." He then turned around and walked away, Tsunade and Jiriaya joined him each looking back at their former comrade.

As they made they way they then heard him speak up. "I was going to change my ways," They turned around and saw him standing up. "Kushina had changed me, she made me feel happy, She made me stop doing those experiments, I…I was going to marry her after our son was born and we would raise him together like a family should. This wasn't suppose to happen!" At that his eyes narrowed in hatred and each could feel malice coming from him.

"Orochimaru please listen-" Started Sarutobi but got interrupted.

"Quiet old fool! Do any of you know the pain I feel right now?! How my heart has been torn from my chest and tossed to the ground by that damn Minato?" He spatted the name out full of rage. "Kushina is dead, and my son has been forced to have the Kyuubi inside him! You know this damn village of bigots and prejudice will never accept him for they will fear him, the same as they feared me!"

His snake eyes engulfed them all. "I will let all of you know this, I will abandon Konoha this instant! But do not think this is the last time you'll see me. Once I've gained enough power I'll come back and destroy this damn place! I will have my revenge, and so will Naruto!"

With that he disappeared before any of them could stop them leaving them all with his warning…

Flashback ends…

Sarutobi let out a sigh and looked down at the baby boy who let out soft cries. He could still hear Orochimaru's threat and wondered what would happen.

But first things first, he had to ensure the child's safety.

He placed the child on a table and removed its blanket revealing the whisker like scars on his face and the seal that was on his stomach.

Tsunade and Jiriaya looked on wondering what he was doing. Surely he wouldn't kill the child.

Sarutobi than began a series of hand seals and after doing do casted the jutsu. He looked down and saw the boy…Naruto was what Orochimaru called him, start to change. His black hair started to become lighter and lighter and soon turned into blonde. His eyes became more round like and no longer looked like Orochimaru's. And finally his skin turned more tanned and less lighter.

"He looks like Minato," Said Jiriaya looking at the child.

Sarutobi nodded. "Correct I did this to protect him, if the council and the villagers found out he was the son of Orochimaru we would be unable to protect him, by casting an genjutsu on him I can make him appear as if he was the Minato's child." He then turned to face them. "No one is to ever find out he is Orochimaru's child, for everyone else they will think he is the son of Minato. Only the three of us will know the truth."

Tsunade and Jiriaya nodded fully understanding. Sarutobi then looked over at the crying newborn.

"Welcome to Konoha, Uzumaki Naruto."

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