Third Chapter of A Father's Wrath. In this one a month after what has happened Orochimaru heads to Ame and discovers a certain group. Plus Anko questions Sarutobi about Naruto.

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Rain, it was said that Rain was caused by the tears of angels when someone died. The pale man with a cloak covering his body and a hood covering his head never really believed it. But with all the water dropping from the heavens onto the ground and filling up lakes. He was starting to believe it.

The Land of Rain, Amegakure it was a fitting name for the area. He had been here for barely three days and except for a few hours of cloudiness it was raining all the time. The man knew his history of the land. It seemed that there always was a war going on in Ame. Power struggles where common in the land and it was quite often that there were numerous rulers at one time.

Orochimaru walked over a bridge and peered down into the water. Transportation throughout the land was by either bridges or boat due to the deep water caused by the rain, there was very little roads that weren't submerged. Or if a man was brave or foolish enough he could try to swim but the water was unpredictable. Calm one moment, Raging the next.

Currently, the ruler of the land was unknown, He had defeated the former ruler and taken up command of the land. His laws was simple. And those who did not follow them would be executed. He also had spies everywhere and it was said that he could tell were people where at by the rain thus those who attempted to rebel against him would be killed before they knew it.

Orochimaru saw a tavern and not really thirsty by needing some information headed towards it.

It had a few patrons in it. A couple ninja, some guards, a few civilians who sat huddled next together. And a man who was wearing a cloak that had red clouds on it and a unique hat covering his head. He seemed to be reading from a book that Orochimaru couldn't tell what it was but it didn't appear to be one of those ridiculous books Jiriaya wrote.

When he walked on all attention was immediately focused on him. The ninjas and guards not recognizing him had their hands on their weapons as he walked by and he felt the stares of them all on him. Not listening to them he slowly sat down at a table near to the man reading from his book.

The owner of the tavern mentioned for one of the barmaids to attend to him. The barmaid, who was probably a lady in question walked over to him with a lewd smile.

"What can I get ya stranger?" She asked with a bit of a lisp to her voice. Orochimaru looked at her disgustedly, she had cheap makeup and perfume on and was wearing an outfit that revealed herself. She wasn't very pretty and her being close irritated him.

"A glass of sake." He said quietly and handed her a few coins. The woman with a wink at him took the money and went away. There didn't seem to be much going on here and after he had his drink he would leave.

"Dammit useless wench! Leave it there until I am done with it!" He turned his head and saw the cloaked figure was standing upright and yelling at a young girl who thought he was done with his bottle of sake. The man went on a tirade calling the poor girl all sorts of names and telling she was lucky that he already had gotten his amount of kills today or she would've been the next one sent to Jashin.

That made Orochimaru's eyes open a bit in surprise. A follower of Jashin here? That was a bit unexpected. The followers of Jashin where said to believe that life was a curse and that they would be healing the world by killing those who had life. It was said that to them, a slaughter and the piles of dead bodies was the most beautiful thing in the world to them. That cult like group was known to be extremely psychotic and dangerous and Orochimaru watching the man had to agree. The book he had must've some sort of bible that he was reading.

The man sat back down muttering curses and picked up his book and continued reading it. Seeing nothing else interesting Orochimaru watched him on as the barmaid returned and gave him his drink.

He downed it and grimaced. The sake had a bad taste. No wonder there was few people here. Suddenly to his annoyance he felt the woman place her hands on him.

"Ya know? With a few more coins I can give you a warm room and bed safe from the weather. Plus some additional company to entertain you."

A scowl formed on his face and he gripped the woman's hand and shoved her away. "I don't deal with woman who sleep for money!" He growled as he tossed her into a table which was the guards table.

The guards probably just waiting for something to happen so they could fight and to them one of the tavern's best ladies being treated so poorly was enough for them. They drew their weapons and prepared to attack him. Watching the scene was the Jashin follower who watched it with a bit of interest.

Seeing that he could be in trouble, Orochimaru drew a kunai but relaxed. These were just your average thugs they shouldn't be any trouble. They came at him full of arrogance seeing that he only had a kunai.

He dodged a strike and punched one of them in the face. He then made a vertical slice with kunai and cut off one of the guards ears. He then moved out of the way of their attacks and leapt backwards putting some distance between them.

The thugs attempted to charge him but stopped when a scythe decapitated one of them.

"Enough!" Shouted The cloaked Jashin follower. "You pieces of shit go back to what you were doing, I'll handle this maggot! This is Akatsuki business!" He sneered at them and they quickly backed off. He then turned to Orochimaru.

"You, take off your hood, I want to see a man before he becomes a corpse."

Orochimaru frowned but seeing that not complying would result in trouble removed his hood revealing himself.

The man stared at him and then much to his surprise withdrew his weapon. "Come with me now! Our leader will be most interested in you, you might be of some use to Akatsuki." He ordered him.

Orochimaru confused but seeing he had little choice in the matter followed the man out of the tavern.

At Konoha…

Anko sighed finally able to see The Sandaime. She had been trying to get a meeting between him and her for the past month but due to the cleaning up and period of mourning, she wasn't able to. Granted she could've snuck into his room but odds where with all the ANBU protecting him if she had she would've been caught and killed before they recognized her.

It was the first month after the Kyuubi attacked and things were changing. Tsunade had left, taking her young apprentice Shizune with her. She didn't say why she was leaving but most thought it was because she was tired of all the bloodshed and war. And Jiriaya who was mourning the loss of his student appeared that he might leave as well. It was a relief to those who went to the hot springs if he did in their opinion.

So she had to wait until she could see him…She hated waiting as patience was never her strong point. But finally she was able to see him.

She entered his office and saw him looking over papers. She didn't see any guards but knew they were probably close by.

"Ah, Anko how can I help you?" He asked her looking up from his paperwork.

"I wanted to ask you about something."


"Where is Orochimaru?"

That made Sarutobi pause and stare at the young kunoichi. "Why do you want to know that?"

"He hasn't been seen ever since The Kyuubi attack, The last time I saw him was the day before. He seemed happy on that day and he seemed like the man who I once called my sensei. He isn't listed among the dead, and I've tried asking Jiriaya after I pounded him for trying to flirt with me, and Tsunade about him before she left. But they didn't tell me anything. Where is he? I want to know why he isn't here."

Sarutobi let out a sigh. "I'm afraid I can't tell you that Anko,"

Anko frowned and slammed her hands against the desk startling him. Although she knew she was acting wrong her patience had worn thin and she was tired of her questions being avoided. "Dammit old man! Tell me the truth! Where is he? Why isn't he here?"

Sarutobi looked into her eyes and knew she wouldn't stop until he told her everything.

"Orochimaru…has left. He left the day the Kyuubi attacked."

"What do you mean? Are you saying he ran off and didn't try to defend Konoha."

"No, as you know the rumor of him having a child turned out to be true. You remember Uzumaki Kushina don't you?"

Anko nodded, she and the fourth once had a relationship but they broke up about a year ago. It was also a year ago when Orochimaru who had harmed her with those experiments meet her as well.

"Orochimaru impregnated her with a child. She died giving birth to it."

"And the child?"

Sarutobi then stood up. "Anko what I'm about to show you is something that no one else can ever find out. Of all of Konoha, only me, Jiriaya, and Tsunade know this. Promise me that you will not tell a soul about this." He said in all seriousness to her. Anko realizing that this was heavily classified nodded her head.

He mentioned for her to follow him to a room. The two entered it and Anko saw a crib and in it was Naruto who was asleep.

Sarutobi went to it and gently picked the toddler up out of it so he wouldn't wake him up and brought him to Anko. She was a bit surprised to see it here. Though it probably would soon go to the orphanage soon.

"Do you know who this is?" He asked her.

Anko frowned slightly annoyed at him. "That's the Kyuubi child, you said that it's the Yondaime's son. And another thing I don't really buy that. Kakashi told me that if The Yondaime ever had a child he would tell the whole world about it. It didn't seem like him to hide it from all of us that he was going to have a son."

Sarutobi smiled sadly and slowly did a couple of hand symbols and pointed at the child.

Anko gasped in shock as to her surprise the child started to change. It's blond hair turned dark and become longer, It's skin became lighter, and it's eyes more slanted and more like…like a snake. The child still slept unaware of its features changing one thing that remained the same was the marks on his face

"How did you-"

"An Genjutsu, this is not The Yondaime's child. Can you guess who it is?"

Anko's eyes widened as it all came clear. "O-Orochimaru's," She could see the resemblance in the hair and the eyes. No doubt about it. That was her former sensei's child.

"Correct, Before she died Kushina told The Yondaime to use the child to stop Kyuubi, she believed that Orochimaru would understand, but alas he didn't."

"Then where is he?"

"He left after he saw Minato seal the demon inside his son, Witnessing that event and hearing about the death of Kushina shattered his heart. He left Konoha and vowed to return one day and reclaim his son."

Anko stared at the child that was the son of the man who had used her. The child then unexpectedly woke up and opened his blue eyes. Seeing Anko he then attempted to reach over and touch her. Anko backed away defensively from it. The child let out a soft wail sadden by that and looked like he was about to cry.

"I, I can't look at that thing!" She exclaimed turning her back to it.

"Anko," Replied Sarutobi. He then saw her reach up towards her neck, where the seal Orochimaru had put on her.

"I…I know it's wrong for me to hate the child. But, you don't understand what Orochimaru did to me! The lies, The experiments, the death of others. Except for Yamato I was the only survivor of his twisted schemes! Just by looking at that child I still remember what he did to me!"

Sarutobi walked over to her and placed a hand on he shoulder. She then felt another hand, a smaller one brush against her. She then looked down and saw to her surprise Naruto.

The toddler brushed his small hand against her interested in who she was. The child's eyes stared up into hers full of curiosity.

"I think he wants you to hold him," Replied Sarutobi with a smirk.

Anko frowned. Oh please, she was a ninja, not a nanny. Knowing he wouldn't stop until she did she reluctantly held out her arms and took him. The toddler pressed himself against her seeking warmth. She felt awkward, holding the son of the man who betrayed her. The Sandaime had a smile on his face looking at the two as the girl ran her fingers through his black hair.

She held him for a while until he started to fall asleep again. She then handed him over to Sarutobi. He recasted the Genjutsu on him and he looked like he did before.

"Not so bad is he?" Asked Sarutobi with a chuckle. He then turned serious. "Anko you cannot tell anyone about this. You know if they learned about this that Orochimaru was Naruto's father there would be a riot demanding his death due to not only having the Kyuubi but being his son as well. You know Orochimaru was feared and they would fear his kin for that he would do the same thing his father did. I do this so the child can be protected for now. Someday when he's old enough to protect himself I'll have someone tell the truth but right now he is young and helpless."

Anko nodded understanding. "What will happen to him when you have to give him up?"

Sarutobi sighed. "I'd have to give him to the orphanage, there he will have to live until he is old enough to be given a home. Though I suspect they will treat him poorly."

"I'll look after him." Said Anko. Sarutobi looked at her a bit surprised. "I can't give him a home with me and support the both of us but I can make sure he doesn't get picked on. I can make sure he doesn't get harmed by the bastards."

Sarutobi allowed a smile. "Seems to me that your beginning to like the boy."

Anko frowned. "Of course not, I'm just looking after him because it'd be the right thing to do."

The Sandaime nodded. He would need protection growing up, and Anko was just the right person to do the job.

At Amegakure…

Orochimaru followed the man, who did not give out his name yet seemed to hold some authority here as civilians and even high ranked ninja scrambled out of his way. The man was quiet except for whenever someone didn't get out of his way fast enough and he would curse at them.

Orochimaru wondered where he was being taken. He had a hand on his sword and was prepared to cast a jutsu should he be in danger which he didn't doubt he was in.

Soon the man came to what appeared to be a stone placed against water. Murmuring to himself he placed his hand against the stone and pushed against it. The water suddenly dried up and the stone gave way to a secret entranceway, a path of stairs leading downwards.

"Follow me," Ordered the man to him as he went down. Orochimaru followed him and once he had gotten a distance the pathway darkened as the hidden passage sealed off. Adjusting his eyes to the darkness Orochimaru then saw torches that lit up by themselves.

The two walked for what seemed like to Orochimaru for miles until they finally came into a chamber. Orochimaru then noticed that sitting on a chair in the chamber was a man who he couldn't exactly see fully. Beside him was a blue haired woman. And he saw a man, or was it plant-like creature standing at the edge of the doorway. Behind them was a rather unique statue.

The man raised his head and saw the two. "Who is this Hidan, why have you brought him here?"

Hidan bowed and went into a prayer position. "This man I saw create a fight in the city. I stopped it after a few moments and went to kill him myself for Jashin until I saw who he was. It was then that Jashin spoke to me, telling me that the pale one could be of use to us. So I brought him here before you so he could help us bathe in the glory of Jashin!"

Orochimaru had seen fanatics before, but this guy took it to a whole new level. He had no intention of serving Jashin and would rather die than serve him.

"Enough Hidan, quit rambling and let the man introduce himself." Ordered the man.

"I am Orochimaru, former ninja of Konoha."

The man sat there impassively "The Orochimaru, one of the Three Legendary Leaves of Konoha? S-class nin who was believed to be one of the most powerful ninjas ever? That is who you are?"

Orochimaru shrugged. "Who else would I be, unless I got amnesia and lost my true name and took that name I am Orochimaru. But who are you?"

The man sat there and smirked. "I don't give my name to those who haven't earned my trust. But why are you here leaf? You're a long way away from Konoha."

At that Orochimaru scowled. "I left Konoha, I no longer consider it my home."

"So you are a missing nin are you not?"

"So it would seem,"

"A ninja of your skill would be a great use to us. I offer you a proposition. Join us, we could use a ninja of your knowledge and abilities."

"Why would I join a group that contains a foul mouthed fanatic and a half man half plant being?" He asked him.

The man smirked. "It would appear that you haven't heard of us? Well we prefer to keep ourselves a secret anyway. I am the leader of Akatsuki, a group of ninjas who seek to rule the world."


"Yes, we seek to rule the world. The world has become foolish and wrathful. We can fix it and make it peaceful once again."

Orochimaru frowned, sounded just like a Megalomaniac with delusions of grandeur that he would never achieve. He prepared to decline the invitation until the man spoke up again

"But don't think that we are unprepared for such a task. For you see our plan is to capture the Tailed Beasts." At that Orochimaru's eyes widened.

"What do you mean?"

"We seek to capture the demons, once we have all nine we would be able to fulfill our plan and take over the world easily. That is our plan, with them we could conquer the world with no problem at all as there is no force in this world powerful enough to defeat all nine demons."

The plan did sound good to the snake man and he would've agreed except for one thing. They would try to go after Naruto for he had the demon fox inside him. But then a thought came into his head. He could pretend to join the group and then he would be able to get his son. He wasn't sure if they knew about the Kyuubi attack but if he was to join them he would be able to sneak into there and get him. Once he had gotten him he could take him away from there and then he could take him far away and then Father and Son would be reunited.

"Your plan sounds possible to do so. But exactly are we suppose to capture the demons?"

The man waved it away as if it was nothing "Most of them are sealed inside other people, and we could send a team to get them easily as most of the vessels are hated. Also the person dies when we extract the demon from them."

That made Orochimaru frown, no way was he gonna let his son be killed by this group but he couldn't let them know that he was the father.

"Very well, I shall join your group."

The man nodded understanding. "Very well, but first we must test you."


"To see if you are capable of joining the organization and not a hindrance."

Suddenly a trap door gave away from underneath his feet and before he could react he had fallen through. He found himself going down through a chute unable to stop himself.

It then stopped and fell a short distance unto the ground. He went to pick himself up but then heard the loud stomping sound and then a great roar.

He heard a gate being opened and he then saw something step out of the lair.

Looking up he saw himself face to face with a great dragon.

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